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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 1288, Ultimate Freaks

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An old man came out of nowhere, with a short and red mustache. He was surrounded by a red glow, his eyes so sharp that even Dragon Sovereign felt pierced by his gaze.


Dragon Sovereign’s eyes shook.


[He’s not a pushover, but an ancient power…]




More explosions resounded everywhere and powerful waves swept the battlefield.


Zhuo Fan’s group got blocked by one of them and its radiance, unable to advance.


Once the dust settled, he saw seven figures of different ages holding incredible power.


They looked plain, but they were ready to unleash devastation the moment they struck.


[Half Sovereigns!]


Zhuo Fan was grave, his legs going numb. He didn’t know that the Sacred Mountains had seven Half Sovereigns.


They were at the level of Dragon Sovereign, peak Saints, yes, but worlds apart. For these people’s understanding of Dao reached the peak, unlike average peak Saints. Their power was tremendous.


[Didn’t Dragon Sovereign say there’s no one like that in the Seven Sacred Mountains?] 


He had gone to 6th Sacred Mountain and saw no one similar either, that was why he threw the Dragon Breath Pill.


Why then would the seven half Sovereigns come out only now?


Zhuo Fan stood there, unmoving.


The seven were too strong and the dragons and spiritual beasts sensed that. They no longer advanced.


Just as they were about to finish off the Sacred Mountains, these seven interfered to stop the mad chase.


The disciples looked behind and gaped. 


[Did we have such experts? How come I didn’t know that?]


They were too dumbstruck to even think of fleeing.


“Dad, they feel familiar.” Sword Child neared him and whispered.


Zhuo Fan squinted and nodded, “Yes, it’s like…”


“The aura of the five divine swords.”


Danqing Shen, Murong Lie and the others were grave, “We have trained on our insights on the divine swords and are most familiar with this energy. Vaulting, Soaring, Sealing Heaven, Sundering, Decimating, they are all here. Only they are far deeper than our energies. They must be a level above us. It’s not cultivation, but sword insight.”


Sword Child nodded, “Yes, as I am a unity of the five, I can sense the sword path they wield, almost physically.  That’s why they’re half Sovereigns. My Apocalyptic Sword path has the cultivation of half Sovereign and I can fight, but this isn’t the right time. Dad, should we fall back?”


“It’s not for us to decide.”


Zhuo Fan squinted at the seven. The others nodded and sighed.


The war stopped only if the strong wanted to stop. They had the power to run amok the battlefield, but now that the seven half Sovereigns appeared, they lost all dominance.


But were they on Sacred Mountains’ side? What did they want? To help the Sacred Mountains or were they a third party?


Everyone was tense…




A sudden explosion shook the skies as a large body crushed the ground.


Everyone gasped at the wounded Dragon Sovereign, their strongest attacker.


He was wounded and barely got to his feet. Zhuo Fan recognized what made those wounds.




The red mustached elder floated down. Zhuo Fan turned grave.


[Curses, another half Sovereign!]


The six Mountain Lords came back looking smug.


They could tell these experts were here to help them. Who knew what karma they sowed to deserve such boon in this late hour. 


[We got eight unstoppable experts to help us now, ha-ha-ha!] 


Dragon Sovereign roared and glared at the red haired elder, “Who are you? Why are you helping those fools?”


The red-haired elder stood like the other seven, silent.


Zhuo Fan saw the disregard and looked around for a way out.


They didn’t come to kill them, that was certain, just to stop Sacred Mountains from being utterly destroyed. They might get to withdraw at least.


None here wanted to fight them anyway.


“Uh, Dragon Sovereign, I think we should…”


“I don’t care who you are, the grudge with the Sacred Mountains ends today. Those six must die!” Dragon Sovereign roared over Zhuo Fan’s advice, going at the eight for an attack, “Dragons, tear them apart!”




Zhuo Fan shouted, but it was too late.


The red-haired elder gave him a glance.


Then they moved.


Huge Sacred Bodies appeared, each holding a sword, be it in flames, be it of frost. The red-haired elder held a red blade shaking the heavens with its aura.


Dragon Sovereign found himself surrounded by the eight of them as they slashed.




The huge Dragon Sovereign’s eyes shook, his eyes burning, but then blood spilled everywhere as the eight strikes landed.


Dragon Sovereign was split apart, unleashing a torrent of blood. Some of the flesh froze, another was void of blood, and others were charred.


The audience gasped in disbelief.


[T-this can’t be happening!]


Dragon Sovereign, the strongest dragon, was dead in an instant.


Zhuo Fan knew this was coming and his heart sank, for the eight outnumbered Dragon Sovereign.


Fighting eight at the same level was suicide.


Dragon Sovereign wanted to win with numbers but he misjudged the eight. They weren’t just half Sovereigns, but had deep insights into the five sacred swords. 


Like the Sacred Mountains’ disciples, they were the Sword Sovereign’s men.


It was obvious Dragon Sovereign would die so easily. Now that he was no more, the dragons were no longer a threat.




The eight returned before the crowd, withdrawing their Sacred Bodies and waited.


Danqing Shen nodded, “The five sword paths!” 


“Yeah, their pinnacle!” Zhuo Fan sighed, “The Invincible Sword would’ve reached it as well if he came here. Curses, having eight Invincible Swords blocking me is insufferable!”


The others nodded.


In the mortal domain, one Invincible Sword was bad enough, but now there were eight. 


They were certain that even if they were half Sovereigns themselves, they still couldn’t do anything to these freaks.


They were geniuses, but these eight were ultimate freaks like the Invincible Sword, one in a billion.


They could see that despite the same sword path, they were leagues beyond their level.


Danqing Shen’s group clenched their fists.


The eight were the peak of sword arts they wanted to surpass…


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