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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 1290, Invitation

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Danqing Shen looked at them cluelessly, asking, “Steward Zhuo, what’s going on? Isn’t Sir Shui Jing on our side as your master?”


“Not necessarily.”


Zhuo Fan muttered, “I only call him master because of how I see him, not due to both of us accepting it as such. That was also just a chat I had, not truly an imparting of teaching. It’s why I said he was sort of my master.”


Danqing Shen grew tense, “What does that mean? Steward Zhuo, speak clearly. Shui Jing’s people are too strong for us to handle. We need to know how to treat them.”


“We’re no different than strangers. It’s best you keep your distance.”


Zhuo Fan nodded, “This is an old story. When I was in the Radiant Stage, an ant in the Sacred Domain, I was cocky as a kid and pissed off a lot of people. I ended up severely wounded when I had the misfortune to find Mirror Moon Cottage where Sir Shui Jing saved me and healed me for two weeks. In this time, Sir Shui Jing played the zither and chess with me, talking about demonic path. I had little understanding of the demonic path and was finally catching a glimpse of its meaning, that it was not just about fighting and stealing. If not for those two weeks, I wouldn’t be here, instead ending up erratic like Four Scheming Demons.”


Danqing Shen nodded, “Sir Shui Jing has been kind and taught you so Steward Zhuo sees him as a kind of master.”


“No, I was just some brat then and had no right to call Sir Shui Jing a friend. I just listened to his lectures. It’s more right to say I was close to Elder Yuan, since we exchanged our thoughts and experiences on the demonic path. While with Sir Shui Jing, I had no path to begin with and could only listen.”


Zhuo Fan looked at them, “I’m calling him master because in those weeks he taught me the way of the world, how to read the big picture. He said random demons are cannon fodder and never rise above. If I wanted to become a true demon, I needed to know the devil in humanity and control it so one could walk free. It was then I walked the demonic path, and I considered him my mentor, though he doesn’t think much of the demonic path, which is why he’s sort of a master as he walks another path.”


Danqing Shen nodded, “And then?”


“I healed and left there. When I became the head of the Eight Emperors, I wanted to give my thanks to him, but couldn’t find him.”


Zhuo Fan felt at a loss, “Many times I think back and feel it was a dream, that there’s no Mirror Moon Cottage or Sir Shui Jing. But now I see that it’s all real. It’s not me who sought him, but him coming for me.”


Zhuo Fan’s eyes shone, looking at Sword Heart.


Sword Heart stared at him with a smile, “Zhuo Fan, Sir Shui Jing wishes to see you. The usual place.”


“I know.”


He gave a hard nod, turning to the rest, “I’m going to see my mentor. If I don’t come back, you are to take the Luo clan and retreat. Don’t mess with anything in the Sacred Domain.”


Danqing Shen gasped, “You think you’re in danger?’


“Who knows? I’ll need to meet him first.”


Zhuo Fan sighed and flew towards the place in his memories.


Sword Child wanted to follow, but a huge figure barred his way, Sword Heart.


Sword Child stepped back in fear.


It wasn’t due to power, but instinct, something he couldn’t control


Sword Heart smiled, “There’s no point for you to go. Sir Shui Jing will always see the one he wants and those that want to see him won’t ever get the chance.”


“I’m dad’s sword. I’m not leaving his side!” Sword Child spoke hard.


Sword Heart nodded, “Same here. I am Sir Shui Jing’s sword, but I don’t protect Sir, because there’s no need. I just want to kill enemies.”


Sword Child clenched his fists, feeling familiarity and danger from him. 


“Since we’re free, let our swords have a chat.”


Sword Heart showed a smile at the child’s cautious gaze, “Sir Shui Jing might be interested in you and could let you return to Zhuo Fan.”


Sword Heart flew away.


Sword Child went after him.


The two sides and the eight experts were left behind looking at each other with cold eyes.


He Yunshan put on a thin smile, “I wonder what Sir Shui Jing wishes to talk about with Zhuo Fan. Ha-ha-ha, Sword Heart took the child as well. Could you, sirs…”


“Assemble in Sacred Mountains’ hall!”


The red-haired elder shouted and the seven experts urged the Sacred Mountains’ side to go there.


He Yunshan didn’t ask and followed their bidding since none could beat them.


Danqing Shen paused, then gathered the Luo clan’s forces to go home and wait.


They were restless, worried for Zhuo Fan’s sake.


From what Zhuo Fan said, he expected the worst from Shui Jing’s invitation. This only made them more worried.


Zhuo Fan had always faced someone who he could strike at and handle with a preemptive strike. But this time he was passive in this invitation.


“I hope Steward Zhuo is overreacting and Sir Shui Jing will be amiable.” Danqing Shen shook his head with a sigh.


The others looked grave…


Crossing mountain ranges, Zhuo Fan relied on his memories to reach the familiar valley with the pavilion. 


Taking a deep breath, Zhuo Fan nodded, “I finally found it, just like before. But why did I come here then but couldn’t find it again?”




Zhuo Fan parted the veil and entered the pavilion with cupped hands, “Sir Shui Jing, I come at your invitation.”


“Zhuo Fan?!”


Zhuo Fan blinked, crying at the familiar voice, “Qingcheng?”


Chu Qingcheng skipped over in a rush, throwing herself in his arms from joy, “Did you come to find me? How did you know I was here?”


“I didn’t. I came to see Sir Shui Jing.”


Zhuo Fan hugged her, happy, but then he calmed down, “I see, it was Sir Shui Jing who rescued you.”


Chu Qingcheng frowned, shaking her head, “I don’t know, since I fell unconscious in the 6th Sacred Mountain then I woke up here.”


“That means Sir Shui Jing did it. Only he has such incredible skill to do it. But why did he bring you here? Is it…”


Zhuo Fan squinted, “You’re alone here? Where is Sir Shui Jing?”


Chu Qingcheng blushed, glaring at him, “What did you say? You expect me to live here with another man? Humph!”


“Uh, no, that’s not it at all, Qingcheng. I was just asking where Sir Shui Jing was.”


“Not here. He only met me the first time then was gone for months.” Chu Qingcheng muttered, “Zhuo Fan, let’s just leave. This place is strange. I just can’t seem to leave no matter where I go.”




Zhuo Fan raised an eyebrow and looked from where he came to find it had changed. Everything looked symmetrical and identical. The stony path he followed was now gone.




Zhuo Fan used his left eye, the black thunderflame burning strong, and the air twisted.


Apocalyptic Thunderflame Eye could burn even illusions and could make an exit and shed light on what was happening…


Silavin: Starting the next chapter, we have two ending. The first one that will be released is written by the author. Meanwhile, the second one is written by Starreader cause the ending by the author leaves us unsatisfied.


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