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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 1291 (First Ending), Showdown

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Black flames spread out and sizzled Zhuo Fan’s surroundings, but nothing changed as he withdrew them.


Chu Qingcheng panicked, “How is it? Can you break the barrier?”


“If there was a barrier.”


Zhuo Fan frowned in doubt, “This doesn’t look like a barrier, or illusion. My thunderflame would’ve destroyed them by now if there was.”


Chu Qingcheng hesitated, “This is really strange and absurd!”


“Qingcheng, did Sir Shui Jing say something to you?” Zhuo Fan asked.


Chu Qingcheng pondered and nodded, “He did vow on Dao Heart that there’s no barrier or array. He also said that it’s my heart keeping me here, not him.”


“Heart trapping oneself?”


Zhuo Fan paced around, “Humans are plagued with complex desire and could never see their real selves beyond them. You need to remove them and clear your heart to see clearly…”


Zhuo Fan took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Chu Qingcheng cocked her head.




A hum was heard and Zhuo Fan’s surroundings had ripples spreading out, each twisted reality, even himself.


Chu Qingcheng was baffled, but then a hand took her hand and left with her.


She cried at the sudden force, stumbling. When she straightened, the surroundings left her speechless.


The valley was gone, as was the waterfall and pavilion. They were now before a small courtyard with a building and a side room. 


Chu Qingcheng blinked at a loss, “T-this…”


“This is the valley you couldn’t leave.”


Zhuo Fan smirked, “It’s nothing but a courtyard, stuck running circles in it. No matter where you went, someone kept deceiving your perception. Inability to break the hold kept you here.


Chu Qingcheng gasped, “There’s a skill like that? Then how did you…”


Zhuo Fan’s right eye shone in three golden halos.


“Maybe I have the same skill as the user.”


Zhuo Fan smiled as the rings faded, patting her hand.


A zither played that drew Chu Qingcheng’s attention and made her fearful, pulling on Zhuo Fan, “It’s him, that Shui Jing who trapped me.”


“It’s fine. What comes comes.”


Zhuo Fan led her to the sounds, arriving behind the building before a youth in his twenties playing the zither. 


Chu Qingcheng was scared, hiding behind Zhuo Fan, who bowed, “Greetings, Sir Shui Jing!”


The zither didn’t stop, with Shui Jing looking up at him.


“These years have helped you broaden your heart and mind, escaping the hold on your heart so soon. Very good!” Shui Jing smiled.


Zhuo Fan smiled, “You’re too kind, sir, I still have a long way to go. I didn’t even realize when Sir tampered with my heart. Sir is the true expert.”


“Ha-ha-ha, you’re not as cocky as before. You’ve matured a lot.”


Shui Jing nodded and stopped playing. He waved to a chessboard, “It’s been ages since our last game. Allow me to see your progress.”


Zhuo Fan nodded, “With your permission.”


He sat down with Chu Qingcheng next to him, looking at Shui Jing’s mysterious smile.


Pieces fell on the board, each fighting to overcome the other side. An hour later, the pieces looked entangled. 


“You’re much calmer now and have lost your recklessness.” Shui Jing placed a white piece.


Zhuo Fan nodded and placed a black one, “I am grateful for your lecture. Gains and losses matter not, one needs to see the big picture to succeed. I will never forget that lesson.”


“You not only held it close, but built on it. You’re an entirely different person.”


“You’re too kind, sir. It’s all thanks to you.”


“It’s a shame the same quirk remains.”


Shui Jing gave him a look and sighed, “You like to take risks and employ schemes. That’s very dangerous for a big player. The higher you go, the shrewder your opponent will become, just like you, if not better. By trying to be clever you’re only revealing your weakness to be destroyed.” 




Shui Jing placed a piece, hard, removing many of Zhuo Fan’s. The outcome was obvious.


Zhuo Fan’s face was dark, “Yeah, sir is right. I started off as a nobody, unable to contend with the big players. But why do you, big players, still bother with a nobody like me, Heavenly Sovereign?”


“You finally figured it out?” Shui Jing replied with calm.


Only Chu Qingcheng gaped, “The Heavenly Sovereign? The strongest of the ten ancient Sovereigns? No way! Didn’t they all fall? Even the Nether Sovereign could only wander the Nether Sea as a lost soul. How can the Heavenly Sovereign still be alive?”


“Yeah, they have fallen, so how could the Heavenly Sovereign they all fought against still survive?” 


Shui Jing chuckled, always staring at Zhuo Fan, “What makes you so sure?”


Zhuo Fan spoke, “Ever since I got sir’s Divine Eye of the Void, I felt apprehensive, afraid that one day you’ll come after me and ruin me for stealing it. But then I thought to myself, that this was all a stage, as the other Sovereigns showed themselves to me and taught me. I didn’t think myself special for this many big players to value me so much. So I was thinking that maybe all of this is a set up.”


“Yes, you’re far stronger and can see the lining. Go on.” Shui Jing waved.


Zhuo Fan said, “Those freaks just now must be from the mortal domain. I could feel the aura of the sacred weapons on them. That moment I felt all was lost, that I would run into sir and you would butcher me. But when I heard they were your men, all became clearer. Heavenly Sovereign, you don’t want to kill me, but use me. You wouldn’t have helped me otherwise, guiding me on the demonic path.”




Shui Jing clapped, “Well said, but that’s on the basis that I’m the Heavenly Sovereign. And if I’m not him?”


“Moon mirror fades to void, to nothing, which is the void path!” Zhuo Fan laughed, “Sir, you’ve stated who you are a long time ago. It’s just that none ever thought of it from that perspective. Who would’ve thought that the first Sovereign would now be toying with people as Shui Jing? The skill you used to trap me and Qingcheng in the courtyard was the Divine Eye of the Void 3rd stage, Mirage World, right?”




Zhuo Fan’s right eye shone in three halos, “But since I’m still weak and ignorant still in the void path, I can only create illusions in a certain area, while sir is able to implant them in people’s minds. I only escaped because I know some of the void path.”


“Zhuo Fan!”


The Heavenly Sovereign smiled, “You’ve done well going to the mortal domain this time. I’m impressed.” 


“Thank you, but there’s still something I’ve yet to understand. When you saved me and led me on the demonic path, it wasn’t just a coincidence, was it? I just can’t understand why all the big players are interested in little old me?” 


Zhuo Fan shouted in the lion’s den. The Heavenly Sovereign would’ve flattened him if his use ran its course. The fact he was breathing proved he had value and it was now his turn to leverage that to find out the truth.


Zhuo Fan had seen many things and the confusion within him only grew deeper. Now he found the courage to have a showdown with this Sovereign…


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