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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 1296 (First Ending), Star Path

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“Sword Heart, why do you work for him? You know he’s heartless, so what do you gain from it?” The Emotion Sovereign asked.


[That’s why I was feeling threatened. He can’t be beaten because he’s the pinnacle of the sword path.]


It was like fighting your own father, impossible to fight.


Sword Child predicted this, but the news still came as a shock.


[Now everything is ruined, curses…]


“Emotion Sovereign, we’re only Sovereigns not human. I am the Heavenly Sovereign’s sword and he is Zhuo Fan’s creation. We can’t betray our masters.”


“You don’t betray, but did he ever trust you? What about your path? Why are you a half Sovereign? Who took your crown?” 


The Emotion Sovereign saw him silent and sneered, “Heavenly Sovereign was scared you’d turn so he took it to destroy you the moment you have a change of heart. Yet you still help him? Weren’t you on good terms with Sea Ao? Why choose Heavenly Sovereign in the end?”


“Because Heavenly Sovereign is right. People’s hearts change and I’d become tainted. I might proclaim my loyalty, but I can’t even guarantee that I won’t change. It was the right thing to give Heavenly Sovereign my path. That’s what I believe!”


“Coward!” Emotion Sovereign spat.


The Heavenly Sovereign sneered, “Sword Heart has been with me for so long, my only friend. We both believe in the Heavenly Daos, that humans aren’t reliable with their unpredicted nature. It doesn’t mean anything even if I have his path. It’s better for him to follow the Dao than let his heart decide. Once the heart changes, it will cause a great disaster. This is why humanity must be purged for the Heavenly Daos to live on.”


“Humph, you haven’t won yet!”




The Heavenly Sovereign smirked but then another boom echoed in the sky.


Stars fell, breaking this domain’s limit and striking Sword Heart.


Sword Heart felt the immense pressure and took out a sword and slashed at the sky to crush the incoming attacks. But the stars’ power made his arm numb.


“Sovereign Yun’s Starfall?”


Sword Heart gasped, with the Heavenly Sovereign muttering, “Impossible. Sovereign Yun died ages ago. Even if there’s a trace left, he still can’t unleash such a strong Sovereign power. Is it…”


The Emotion Sovereign smiled and made a sign, “Heavenly Sovereign, you’ll regret it now in not letting Sword Heart keep his Sovereign path. He can’t contend with Sovereign Yun’s star power. With his path in the eye above, he can’t block the Sovereign Yun’s path as a mere half Sovereign.”


The two turned to Sword Heart to see him pushed back.


“For every one of the ten Sovereign paths, one needs a certain mindset to use it. Taking over somebody won’t work. The emotion path needs the pinnacle of emotion, true and pure emotion. That’s the only way for you to last this minute and control the emotion path like back then.”


The Heavenly Sovereign spoke, “So that means, the body you’re using has deep emotion for Zhuo Fan, willing to die for him.”


The Emotion sovereign nodded.


The Heavenly Sovereign then turned to the stars, “This is Sovereign Yun’s path. His mindset is for the people of the world. It must be a direct descendant to be in tune with his Dao Heart. But only if they would sacrifice themselves for Zhuo Fan could they unleash so much of its power, at Yun Sovereign’s level. But why does this kid have so many willing to die for him?”


“Heavenly Sovereign, this is the human path’s strength. You can never know it’s might, you who control the Heavenly Daos. Also…”


The Emotion Sovereign glanced at Zhuo Fan, “You know very well your little brother’s grace. He’s nothing like you, ha-ha-ha.” 


“That’s why he diverged on his journey to Heavenly Daos, pulled towards your human paths.” Heavenly Sovereign sneered, “Just a few seconds. You don’t have the time to escape my world. You’ve lost!”


The Heavenly Sovereign’s eyes shone in bright gold and made a sign.


The Emotion Sovereign shook and staggered back, looking pale and red as blood seeped out just like it happened to Zhuo Fan.


The Emotion Sovereign was on the brink.


“Kid, don’t just stand there! Leave with Zhuo Fan!”


“Uh, yes!”


Sword Child blinked awake from the impressive Starfall and rushed away with Zhuo Fan while Sword Heart was stuck dealing with the stars.


The Heavenly Sovereign didn’t mind, flaring his power once more and striking the Emotion Sovereign’s chest, causing her to cough blood.


“Ha-ha-ha, It’s over and you lost. I’ll be taking my pawn back. It’s the end of  humanity’s Sovereigns…”


The Emotion Sovereign looked at the huge eye in worry.




A blinding white light shone out of nowhere, breaking through the barriers of this world and landing on the courtyard.




The Heavenly Sovereign was startled, with the Emotion Sovereign roaring at Sword Child, “Kid, get Zhuo Fan’s soul inside the light. Hurry!”


Sword Child threw Zhuo Fan’s soul inside.


Zhuo Fan’s soul took human form in the light. Chu Qingcheng’s eyes glimmered with hope, reaching out. Zhuo Fan did the same, but as they were about to touch, he was turning into motes of light. 


Chu Qingcheng was worried thinking something happened to him.


The Emotion Sovereign consoled, “Don’t worry, this is Sovereign Yun’s star path. The soul inside will turn into a star and be sent elsewhere. Not even a Sovereign can hope to chase after it.” 


The Emotion Sovereign looked at Heavenly Sovereign’s dark face.


“So you still want to gamble.”


“Not gamble, but survive, along with the rest of the people.”


“Fine, I’ll let you take that faint hope away. But you will lose in the end. I have what I need. A wounded soul won’t make a difference.”


“Oh? We’ll just have to wait and see, ha-ha-ha…”  The Emotion Sovereign smiled as she collapsed, turning into fading motes of red light.


Zhuo Fan gasped, “Senior, is this your wish, or Yuyu’s?”


“This girl isn’t a fool to pay so much for another’s man. I bewitched her to control her body. It’s despicable, but it’s all for the greater good. Farewell, Zhuo Fan.”


Bali Yuyu’s dead expression vanished as well, gone into red motes.


Zhuo Fan turned into starlight and flew through the curtain of white light.


The Heavenly Sovereign, Sword Heart, Sword Child, and Chu Qingcheng were left alone.


The four looked conflicted at the two’s disappearance.




Sword Child held Chu Qingcheng and flew away. Using this chance to break out of the Heavenly Sovereign’s world through the gap.


Sword Heart sighed, “Should I stop them?”


“No, I said I’ll let them go and I will. I’m a man of my word.”


The Heavenly Sovereign shook his head, “Did the Emotion Sovereign’s last trace die with the girl’s last words?”


“Yeah, but she didn’t leave any good parting words, sounding just like the Emotion Sovereign.” 


“Nothing good comes from humanity. A pity for the ignorant.”


The Heavenly Sovereign sighed, “This only proves that the Heavenly Daos have to destroy humanity and their path. Sword Heart, start the last step. Once I remove the bewitching, we will go to Heavenly Rebirth Lake and break the last barrier to bring back the Daos. We’ll succeed in recreating the world.”


Sword Heart nodded, “Understood!”


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