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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 1299 (First Ending), He’s Dead

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The thick spiritual energy flooded the surroundings of the mortal domain cultivators, making them sit down on the spot to cultivate at this incredible opportunity.


A month later, Wu Qingqiu and the others ignored everything as they cultivated at the Thunder Pavilion.


They opened their eyes to find themselves stronger than the Invincible Sword of before.


“What did the array do?”


Everyone looked around with joy, Wu Qingqiu crying, “This doesn’t feel like our home, like our entire world changed. Zhuo Fan had been obsessed with it for a century, but what did it do? It’s incredible…”


Wu Randong stood up looking grave, “The Palace Lord said that this array will connect two worlds, that they would combine at its activation. All this incredible spiritual energy we’re enjoying comes from the other side.”


“The place with the Devil Mountain Zhuo Fan mentioned?”


“Yes!” Wu Randong was grave.


Wu Qingqiu nodded with an excited look, “This is why Devil Mountain’s disciples were all-powerful, they had the best conditions. It’s all thanks to Zhuo Fan that we get to enjoy the same treatment when he combines the two worlds.”


Wu Randong wasn’t happy at all, “I don’t know for certain, but there has to be a good reason why the Palace Lord had us wait for the very last moment until he gave us the signal to activate the array. The two worlds might be one now, but we better go find the Palace Lord to help him out.”


“Right, we first got to find him. But…” Wu Qingqiu frowned, “Where do we start? Where do we go…”




Wu Randong considered, “I had the disciples of the five lands spread out. With the worlds combining, there have to be common points that should show us the way.”


“I hope so!” Wu Qingqiu sighed, “By the time we find the limit of that world, brother Zhuo might be gone…”


A blue figure flew high in the sky, going at incredible speed.


An angry shout came, “Damn coot, traitor, stop right there!”




A golden flame startled the man in blue. Looking back, he threw an azure fire at the golden flame.




The clash resulted in a grand explosion of flames. The mighty power shook the heavens and broke the earth. The sky sported black holes for thousands of miles.


Even peak Saints weren’t capable of such destruction.




The two separated from the clash.


“What are you doing, you crazy old man?” Kunpeng cursed dragon ancestor.


“I’ve yet to pay you back from before!”


“What did I do to you? Pay me what?”


“For treason!”


Dragon ancestor gnashed his teeth, “If not for you selling Thunder Phoenix out, we wouldn’t have been stuck in the mortal domain for so long. With all our powers…”


“Humph, combine our strengths? You think that’s enough against the Heavenly Sovereign?” Kunpeng cut him off with a sneer, “Ignorant fool, you have no idea how bad things were last time. You’re only standing here whining, you big worm, because of Thunder Phoenix and my faking weakness trick.”


Dragon ancestor blinked, “Trick? What?”


“That is what Thunder Phoenix did willingly. I never sold anyone out.”


Dragon ancestor shook, baffled, “What? Is he insane? Giving himself over to the Heavenly Sovereign?”


“He wasn’t insane, but upright. To save everyone, his sacrifice was worth it. What the hell do you know?” Kunpeng glared and sighed.


Dragon ancestor was utterly confused, his rage gone.


A cold aura came over that snuffed out the remaining flames around. The two cried out, “Sea Ao, you’re out!”


“Ha-ha-ha, I am. I got tired of wandering the same North Sea. Now that the Heavenly Sovereign’s barrier is gone, I’m free to stretch my legs. Don’t mind me, duke it out, he-he-he…” 


The space warped and a one-eyed old man appeared with a grin.


Kunpeng sighed, “Old dragon, Sea Ao, allow me to explain what happened while we go find Zhuo Fan. He had the mortal domain removed because he believed us. He must’ve met with the Heavenly Sovereign. We must save him before the Heavenly Sovereign kills him and all our suffering will be for naught.”


Kunpeng flew away.


“Tch, what suffering? Hiding on a mountain while we were stuck in our prison!” Dragon ancestor huffed, but still chose to follow.


They had a common enemy and he took precedence over any betrayal.


Sea Ao shrugged as he joined them.


They flew for three days, and arrived at the limit of the mortal domain with the Sacred Domain. They entered the new world and Kunpeng shrieked while dragon ancestor roared.




Birds flew over and dragons growled as they came in joy.


“Greetings, sir Kunpeng!”


“Greetings, Dragon Ancestor!”



“What about me?” Sea Ao felt sour being left out.


Kunpeng snickered, “Sea Ao, don’t mind it. This isn’t the sea so they aren’t your people.”


“Right, then let’s go to the sea!”


“Would Zhuo Fan go there though?”


Decimating Dragon Ancestor glanced at the spiritual beasts and dragons, “Listen up, we’re looking for a human called Zhuo Fan. Find him!”


One dragon hesitated, “Ancestor, is he the same Zhuo Fan the Luo clan have as steward?”


“He was a steward of a tiny clan in mortal domain. He looked to enjoy his spot too.” Kunpeng nodded, “Do you know where he is?”


The dragon bowed, “Ancestor, sirs, Steward Zhuo said he’s your representative and worked with us to attack the Sacred Mountains.”


“Oh, the punk knew to steal authority. First he let us rot then he used our name? Preposterous!”


Dragon ancestor raged, “Where is that punk? I’ll string him up and chop him to pieces!”




The dragon started, “He isn’t Ancestor’s representative? Curses, he played us! He had two sacred beasts and one calling himself Ancestor’s inheritor so we believed him. We even let them go to Dragonizing Pool. We’ll go right away and execute those liars!”


“What liars? You can’t tell sacred beasts’ aura from fakes? That inheritor is also an Old Dragon’s disciple!” Kunpeng glanced at dragon ancestor.


Dragon ancestor nodded, “It must be Ye Lin. They are indeed under me. I was just being angry, but that doesn’t mean you can just go wild on them. Try to keep your heads on your shoulders.”


“Uh, right…”


The dragon flinched and tensed.


[I never knew Ancestor likes to joke around. He almost scared me. Thank god I didn’t try anything with them.]


“You still haven’t said where Zhuo Fan is. Take us there!”


“Yes, just…” The dragon hesitated.


“What now?”


“I can only take you to the Luo clan, because we can’t find Steward Zhuo.” 




“Because he’s dead.”




The sacred beasts cried out, with Kunpeng slumping, “It’s all over. Our efforts are for nothing…”



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