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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 1307, Nine Path as One

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“Heavenly Sovereign, he’s now trapped behind the barrier. He won’t escape!”


“Ignore him. So long as he’s trapped, he can’t be a threat to me.” The Heavenly Sovereign looked heavily at Sword Heart, “We’ll now go to war with the old fools of the human path. Let’s deal with them and then find that heartless younger brother of mine, humph.” 


The Heavenly Sovereign vanished and Sword Heart went after him.


An hour later, on a flat expanse with no man in sight for miles and miles, ten figures waited.


The Heavenly Sovereign arrived, ignoring all but the man in white, “Younger brother, I thought your emotion center was broken and you don’t care about anything. How come you still side with humanity?”


“Emotions might be gone, but the heart remains, the senses remain.”


The man in white took a deep breath, “I am now blocked from feeling the true love of the world, but having once walked the path of emotional Heavenly Daos, I could never forsake the world.”


“Is this why you never formed the destructive path?”


“It can be so.” The man in white nodded.


The Heavenly Sovereign smirked, “What a blunder. I always took you for being dead inside, not minding anything or anyone, but not once did you give up the world. What’s even more surprising is to find you so shrewd, fooling me without the slightest tell.”


“When I heard of your plan, I was about to advise against it, but then this idea hit me. I know you too well to try to change your mind when you’re dead set on something. So before I reveal my stance, I thought of playing a little useful trick.” 


“You leaked my plan to those fools and hinted that I’d leave a record of my void path behind, colluding with the beasts to steal it. It was to find a weakness, wasn’t it?”


The Heavenly Sovereign’s lip shook in anger, “Too bad, but the three beasts are trapped. You won’t get the chance to find anything about my power. Once I’m through with you, I’ll take my time finding the right way to the destruction path.”


The Sovereigns’ hearts sank. The Heavenly Sovereign’s power was beyond anything they imagined, sealing the three sacred beasts like nothing.


Only a one-eyed man stepped forward, shouting, “Heavenly Sovereign, you’re too full of yourself! Your Divine Eye of the Void lost to me once already!”


“Well if it isn’t Heaven Sealing Sea Ao. You didn’t go to steal with the others, helping these guys instead? Do you plan on sealing my eyes again?”


The Heavenly Sovereign mocked, “Time changes everything, especially if it is as long as a thousand years. As you are now, without your eyes, you still plan on sealing mine? Ha!”


Sea Ao raged, giving a glare to Sword Heart, “Tie Jianxin, our friendship for decades was for nothing. I helped you train your sword by gathering what you needed. Why did you turn your sword on me?”


Sword Heart lowered his head.




A huge sound echoed and Heaven Sealing Sea Ao shuddered. His body shook hard as purple lighting flared in his direction and made him spew blood.


The Heavenly Sovereign’s right eye shone in two golden rings while his left eye pulsed purple. He smirked, “The Berserk Purple Lightning sure is amazing, complementing my Divine Eye of the Void. Ha-ha-ha, Berserk Void Annihilation!”


The purple lightning wrecked havoc on Sea Ao’s body as he struggled to fight it.


“Lightning Field, True World!”


The Heavenly Sovereign’s right eye shined with twelve halos. A boom shook the skies and purple flickered, resulting in Sea Ao vanishing.


The others gasped in shock, with an old man in black crying, “Heavenly Sovereign, what did you do to Sea Ao?”


Zhuo Fan’s eyes shook as he turned to the old man. He was one and the same with the one in the image. 


The Heavenly Sovereign shocked Zhuo Fan with his next action.


“Nine Serenities, I only sent him where he belongs. I’ll deal with those beasts once I’m through with you bastards.”


The Heavenly Sovereign chuckled in disdain, “Did losing your pet get you all shy? So human Sovereigns need dogs to be threatening.”


They all were grave and furious, while their hearts sank in despair.


In a blink, they were unable to even react as the Heavenly Sovereign got rid of Heaven Sealing Sea Ao.


[The Heavenly Daos is stronger than the human path…]


With morale at an all time low, the man in white stepped forward, “We’re standing here today not because of the strength of the Heavenly Sovereign, but the path within our hearts that we will never betray!” 


Nine Serenities and the others grew determined.


[We’re human path cultivators and we’re not about to stand and watch it die! It matters not the strength of the enemy.] 


It was something they had to do.


“Is this why you’re going against me?” The Heavenly Sovereign stared at his younger brother, “Even without your emotion center, you still walk the path of emotional Heavenly Daos and refuse to form the supreme destructive path.”


The man in white nodded, “The world chose me to carry the destructive path, but I believe in choosing my own path, the one in my heart, not destruction. Just how the Emotion Sovereign cut out romantic love, and opened herself to the world’s peak emotion, I broke my emotion center and the world felt dead to me, without love or any emotion. It was also why my emotion is noble and I decided to go against heaven and have humanity stay on top.” 


“Since you’ve decided, there’s nothing more to talk about. Our paths are different. There’s nothing to discuss about conflicting paths, even as brothers.”


The Heavenly Sovereign sighed inside and charged, “As Heaven’s Will wished the world’s end, I shall carry its duty in destroying the human path’s Sovereigns. This world doesn’t want you!”




The other side flew to meet him, determined to go through with this, “No matter what you think as the purported Heaven’s Will, the human path will survive. Heavenly Sovereign, you’ll have to go through us to remake the world!”




Explosions echoed all around, shaking the sky and crumbling the earth. The ten Sovereigns met with such force that the space warped and broke apart to reveal black holes. It lasted three months and killed every creature in the radius of millions of miles.


Once the world stopped shaking, there were no stars, moon or sun, only endless darkness. The space law couldn’t keep up with their relentless onslaught.


Sword Heart and the human Sovereigns were wounded and tired, panting hard and bleeding.


Only the Heavenly Sovereign’s eyes were just as hard, despite the slight soreness.


“It seems Heaven wins in the end. The human path falls, ha-ha-ha…”


The Heavenly Sovereign’s eye shined in eleven golden halos, “Cleanse!”




A huge golden eye appeared in the black sky, unleashing a deadly aura. The others looked bleak, with Child Sovereign saying, “We couldn’t beat him, we lost…”


A ripple spread through them and they just crumbled, gone from this world. All that remained were prismatic motes, their souls, sighing at the end of the world.




A sudden wind picked up that pulled the souls to the side, shielding them behind the man in white so that Cleanse wouldn’t hurt them. Even Sword Heart’s path flew to his side.


“What’s happening?”


The Heavenly Sovereign looked oddly at Sword Heart, who was just as baffled, “I don’t know. My path is out of my control.”


“Elder brother!”


The man in white smiled, “We both touched upon the Sovereign Stage, but I have no Sovereign path, weaker than you. But luckily, I comprehended two things when I felt the destructive path. Firstly, before the world turns to hell, there’s destruction and cleansing. Secondly, that the holder of this path can offer themselves so that the world gets another chance. I have always believe the world that nurtured all creation wouldn’t be so heartless.” 


The man in white released black energy that wrapped around him and ate him alive.


While the nine Sovereign paths fused, becoming a huge prismatic palm and shooting at the huge eye in the sky…


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