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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 1311, Heavenly Sovereign Appears

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The five sacred beasts appeared as well with their mighty auras, making the Sacred Bodies crumble.


The eight fell back in shock.


They had no chance against the might of the beasts at the level of Sovereigns.


Half Sovereigns were the closest to the Sovereign Stage, but far beneath them.


“Yunhai, Elder Li, Elder Qiu…”


Gu Santong noticed the familiar faces among the bodies with clenched fists.


Kunpeng sighed, “How foolish. Why could you do something so pointless? I shouldn’t have said so much, telling you to just wait instead…” 


“This is humanity, the human path!”


Sea Ao’s only eye shook and roared, “Sword Sovereign, get out here right now! Look at all the dead people, they are the humanity you yearned for!” 


Sword Sovereign looked outside and turned heavy.


Heavenly Sovereign spoke, “Sword Heart, the old man is calling you. Go and break it, the once humane sword path…”




A prismatic glow entered Sword Sovereign. He shook and gasped, “Heavenly Sovereign, you’re giving me my path?”


“You’re my heavenly sword. Yours is mine. As I refine the ten paths, they include yours as well. Now that the enemy has come, I’m at a critical moment and can only rely on you. Go lead the eight fools, and block those beasts!”




Prismatic glows flew out of Heavenly Sovereign’s room and into the half Sovereigns.


The eight shuddered, their powers surging like a flood and making the world tremble.


“This is the power of the Sovereign Stage!”


The red-haired man cackled, “Heavenly Sovereign didn’t lie to us. When he stole the other’s paths, he will grant them upon us, helping us break through and fulfilling our life’s wish.”


The others were laughing out of joy.


Only the five sacred beasts stared coldly.




Sword Sovereign appeared before them, holding a white sword and pointing it at the six.


Sea Ao’s lone eye glared with hatred, “Tie Jianxin, you’re finally here. I considered you a friend. Why did you attack me?”


“Loyalty stands above. I can only say sorry.”


“Humph, when you trained your path with me, you said it was a human sword path, while leaving Heavenly Sword path behind. So I found someone for you, one that achieved the path you trained in that cave.”


Patting Sword Child’s shoulder, Sea Ao taunted, “Heavenly Sword path against human sword path, which is stronger, which is weaker? You must be eager to know the result. Go ahead, give it a try. Is the sword path your heart created stronger, or the sword path you learned by Heavenly Sovereign’s side?”




Sword Child held a pitch-black longsword pointing it forward, “I am a demonic sword, you, a Heavenly sword. Before the showdown between dad and Sword Sovereign, we will settle our fight!”


“Ha-ha-ha, there can only be one who can wield the sword path. Since we’re both sword path Sovereigns, we must fight!” Sword Sovereign shot for Sword Child. 


Sword Child flew forward as well and the two swords met thousands of times in a blink. 




The two pulled back and explosions cracked the sky, leaving black holes. Even the stars and sun were gone.


The people gasped, with the Emperor lands forces falling back. Not out of fear, but knowing help has come. Stopping Heavenly Sovereign depended on them.


A leaf floated between the two, swirling in the breeze. As it barely touched the ground, the two jumped into action.


Clanging sounded all over the place, the only sign the two were even fighting. The five sacred beasts and the eight half sovereigns were the only ones able to see their sword energy clash.


The half sovereigns grew excited, shouting at the sacred beasts, “They say your strength is that of a Sovereign. Now that we’re at the same stage, I ask for your guidance.”




Kunpeng raised an eyebrow, “You’re not even close!”


Red-haired man sneered, “We’ll just see about that!”




The red-haired man shot for Kunpeng, while the others moved as well. The five sacred beasts shared a look.


The two sides clashed, unleashing a wild shockwave. The audience only saw it as one clash, resulting in the eight half Sovereigns spurting blood and being flung to the ground.


“H-how can this be?”


They were stunned, “We’re Sovereigns, so why did you beat us?”


Kunpeng spat with disdain, “You call that a Sovereign? More like a faker. You think it’s that easy to be one? A true Sovereign takes years upon years understanding their path to become the sole master of it. You all walk the sword path and are using other Sovereigns’ paths. They don’t fit you and you expect to use it to its full ability?”


“Heavenly Sovereign said that as long as we have a Sovereign path, we can be one. How…”


“He lied. How else did you think he could earn your undying devotion bewitched and trapped in his domain? Weren’t you all the peak of the mortal domain in your time? How could you fall for such a cheap trick? Greed must’ve blinded you, ha-ha-ha…” 


Kunpeng laughed at them and they were left utterly confused.


Another boom echoed and revealed the upright Sword Child and Sword Sovereign’s lone arm bleeding.


Sword Sovereign smiled, “You won. You are now the Sword Sovereign!”


“No, you let me win.” Sword Child looked confused, “Why? You could’ve beaten me if you went all out?”


Sword Sovereign looked at Sea Ao.


“Sword Heart!”


A cold voice echoed and a golden eye appeared in the sky, “You still chose the human path!”


Kunpeng fell back in shock, “Heavenly Sovereign?”


“Heavenly Sovereign, I owed it to Sea Ao from then. I didn’t betray you. I lost to the human sword path I understood before.”


“I just knew your sword path wasn’t a pure Heavenly Sword, or else he couldn’t have controlled your Sovereign path all those years ago. That’s why I didn’t let you guide this garbage even with your almighty sword path. I made the right choice.” 




The half Sovereigns shouted, “Heavenly Sovereign, is that all we amount to you?”


“What else are you? Though you’ve done well, compared to bugs. Now you can’t help me and the paths you have are a waste. I’ll be taking those back.”


They shuddered and the eight got flung into the sky, making them cry out as they vanished in the eye.


Sword Sovereign was dragged as well. Sea Ao reached him in time, holding his hand, “Tie Jianxin, tell me the truth. What do you mean by returning the favor?”


“I am Heavenly Sovereign’s Heavenly Sword, I can never betray him. All I could ever do was pass my path. It’s up to Heaven if he can combine the ten paths.


He sent a sword energy from his finger and pushed Sea Ao back. Sword Sovereign was absorbed in the huge eye as he smiled, “Brother Sea Ao, goodbye. I hope you won’t be destroyed with the world…”


“Tie Jianxin!”


Sea Ao roared, his eyes shaking. Sword Sovereign was swallowed with his path.




Mirror Moon Cottage erupted and a white figure flew out and stepped on a mountain. He looked down on them all with disdain, “Beasts, you’ve caused enough havoc. Now you’ll deal with me!”


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