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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 1312, Half Supreme

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“Heavenly Sovereign!”


Kunpeng winced as he turned to the familiar figure, “You left Mirror Moon Cottage. Did you remove the bewitching?”


Heavenly Sovereign smirked, “With Emotion Sovereign’s path and my ability, I can now remove her bewitching. But you’ve been buzzing in my ear for long enough to bother me from refining the paths. Your persistent social call left me with no choice but to get rid of you first.”


“The question is, will you come at once or one at a time?” Heavenly Sovereign mocked.


Kunpeng’s beard shook, “Facing Heavenly Sovereign alone is disgracing Sovereign’s honor…” 


“Hypocrite!” Heavenly Sovereign laughed, “Old man, you haven’t change a bit, no, you’re actually more humane now. Stop throwing excuses and just come all of you!”




Heavenly Sovereign flashed among the five beasts.


They started and struck as one, golden flames, azure flame, Qilin strength, all were unleashed upon Heavenly Sovereign.


Heavenly Sovereign turned into a shadow and vanished, appearing above young Sanzi, “So you’re Qilin’s son. Ha-ha-ha, sorry, but I killed your dad. And I’m more sorry for what happens next, killing you as well.”




He poked Gu Santong’s back, the incredible power slammed him into the ground, with the earth around crumbling like a deck of cards.


Gu Santong coughed blood, looking pale.


“That’s Shadow Sovereign’s art and Tyrant Emperor’s endless power!” Kunpeng gasped, “He refined two paths already and can use their strength!”


“Even without Divine Eye of the Void, I’ll still crush you with raw power!” Heavenly Sovereign cackled. 




A black sword wave shot for his head.


Heavenly Sovereign pointed with two fingers and destroyed it with his attack. A sword wave reached Sword Child, sending him hurtling into the ground. Blood gushed out of his shoulder.


The hardest Sovereign weapon was hurt just like that.




Kunpeng gasped, “That’s not Sword Sovereign’s path. His sword path doesn’t have that much power. He can’t have Sword Child so wounded in one strike.”


“Ha-ha-ha, it is and isn’t. I have taken Zhuo Fan’s Demon Transformation Art, including the Apocalyptic Sword. Demon Transformation Art’s greatest asset is combining all paths. Sword Sovereign’s path combined with Zhuo Fan’s sword path, as in Heavenly Sword and demonic sword, added to the mix my power, will become the strongest sword. I hardly need to do anything just to kill you all, ha-ha-ha…” 


Kunpeng was grave. Heavenly Sovereign was far more dangerous now. He had been toying with them so far, yet that proved the sheer gap between them.


Kunpeng took a deep breath and roared, “Into your main form, sacred beast, the World Reversal Formation!”


Kunpeng turned into the Vaulting Kunpeng, a creature five hundred meters big that blotted the sky. Sea Ao and the rest turned to their beast form as well.


Gu Santong struggled to stand, turning into a Qilin.


The sacred beasts howled, shuddering the skies and quaking the earth. The Emperor lands cultivators ran away from this incredible fight.


Only Heavenly Sovereign looked on with disdain.




The five sacred beasts had Heavenly Sovereign surrounded, spinning around him and unleashing tremendous power as a vortex formed. 


Heavenly Sovereign kept watching with scorn.




Multicolored powers whistled at Heavenly Sovereign, turning into a deadly black energy right before they reached him.




“He-he-he, yes, the destruction power you crave. We’ll send you off to hell!” Kunpeng shouted.


The other four beasts stared at him with hope, hope that it was enough to combine the powers into the Supreme strength and wound him.


Heavenly Sovereign begged to differ.


“Destruction power, ha-ha-ha. I might be excited if it were ages ago, but now you are useless to me.”


“Apocalyptic Thunderflame Eye!”




Heavenly Sovereign’s left eye flashed with black thunderflames, while his right eye shone in four golden halos, “Thunderflame Space Crusher!”




Crushing explosions rumbled all around as the power of annihilation faced the five sacred beasts’ combined power. The tremendous shockwave flung the five sacred beasts back, with the black power flashing for thousands of miles and erasing everything. The slower Emperor lands cultivators were gone from this world in a blink.


The place was devoid of life for thousands of miles.


Kunpeng bled from the mouth, his voice weak, “That’s Zhuo Fan’s Apocalyptic Thunderflame Eye. Y-you…”


“I told you, I’ve taken everything you have.”


Heavenly Sovereign smirked, “This younger brother of mine finally did something for me, bringing back this type of destructive power. My patience in keeping this pawn around has borne fruits at long last. This power is part of yours as well. By sending you off with the same strength you have is quite poetic, ha-ha-ha…”


Heavenly Sovereign shouted, his eyes sinister, “Starting with you, sly Kunpeng! Thunderflame Void Annihilation!”




The terrifying thunderflame turned into a huge beam of blackness, shooting straight for Kunpeng.


Kunpeng was horrified and his heart sank.


[I’m done for, dying at Heavenly Sovereign’s hand.]




The beam scattered right before impact, vanishing into nothing.


Heavenly Sovereign paused and looked at the familiar figure.


A man in white held an outstretched palm, thwarting Heavenly Sovereign’s attack and revealing identical eyes.


“Father!” Gu Santong and Qiao’er shouted in joy. Kunpeng shouted, “Zhuo Fan, you’re back at last!”


“No, he isn’t Zhuo Fan!”


Heavenly Sovereign sized him up and mocked, “Younger brother, you relied on the reincarnation path and Zhuo Fan’s broken soul to return. Which path do you have now, I wonder, the emotional Heavenly Dao or the destruction path?”


Zhuo Fan looked calm, his smile faint, “Heavenly Sovereign, you’ve got it all wrong. I am Zhuo Fan, not your brother. I walk the demonic path, not the Heavenly Dao!”


“You didn’t use my younger brother’s emotional Heavenly Dao’s power?” Heavenly Sovereign’s brow shook, “All the lives you walked may be related, but you’re never the same. When one returns, the other must vanish. My foolish brother said he’d come to stop me, so how could he be the one to fade away? And this power, how is it that you wield it?”


Zhuo Fan smiled, “Wrong again. He vanished and I returned, only because he believed I’m better fit to stop you. Even if you’re at the Supreme Stage, I’m the only one who can fight you, not him.”


“What’s that supposed to mean?”


“Sovereign Stage is tantamount to gods of legend. But with demons and gods at odds, only a demon can fell a god.” Zhuo Fan smirked, “A god destroys the world to cleanse it, but a demon rises from humanity and will not let you succeed. Demons and gods have always been at odds, this is Heaven’s Will. Master Nine Serenities said he gave his path to your brother, but I believe his dying wish has been to stop your destruction and fall into the demonic path, becoming what you see now today.”


“Humph, how can you ever stop me? A worthless demonic path can’t reach the Supreme Stage!”




Zhuo Fan smirked, “I can’t say for sure, though I’ve felt something else. A threshold that none has felt since the beginning of time, not you, not your brother, ha-ha-ha.”


Heavenly Sovereign gave him a long look, “Another threshold? Humph, enough stalling. You’re barely a half Supreme right now and you spout about something higher? Zhuo Fan, I don’t know if your path is from my younger brother or not, but Heavenly Dao is heartless, it’s power set. When I become Supreme, the world’s end is nigh. Now that you’ve brought the path of reincarnation, you’re only helping me.”




As his words fell, a huge eye appeared in the sky, “Give me the last path, Zhuo Fan!”


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