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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 1313, Void Eye

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A terrible pressure befell the world and anyone in it. The people felt their knees shiver.


The earth cracked in more and more places, the mountains crumbled, as the impossible weight crushed everything. Then a pulling force like no other sucked all the pieces into the huge eye.


Zhuo Fan and the five sacred beasts were pulled as well, unable to stop.


“Blotting the Heaven!”


Zhuo Fan held his hands together, releasing a colorful and soothing aura.




It spread once it reached the heavens, expanding until it blocked the Heavenly Eye and its power.


The rubble and the sacred beasts fell on the ground, shocked by Zhuo Fan’s power and how easy it was for him to stop Divine Eye of the Void.


The ten paths mingling within his body brought about a huge change, one that would make him victorious…




Their hopes were dashed with the sudden explosion as a tornado swept everything.


They finally righted their huge bodies and witnessed Heavenly Sovereign and Zhuo Fan in the eye of the storm clashing fists.


“Tyrant Sovereign’s fists…”


Kunpeng gasped, “What ungodly power and it comes from both of them using it. With both at the half Supreme Stage, not even Tyrant Sovereign could’ve unleashed so much power. Just the aftershock sent us flying.”


The others nodded, with Gu Santong looking tense and worried, “Can father win against Heavenly Sovereign?”


“It’s hard to tell…” Kunpeng sighed, watching the two duke it out with sweat trickling down…


The two fists boomed with every clash. Zhuo Fan and Heavenly Sovereign gazed into each other’s eyes. Then, a black whisp leaked from Heavenly Sovereign and sent Zhuo Fan flying.




Kunpeng gasped and cried, “They both hold the The Ten Paths to Heaven yet Zhuo Fan lost the exchange!”


“Humph, of course, since their essence lies in the Sovereign paths. As I have them, not even the inheritances he got from those fools can match!”




Heavenly Sovereign shot straight for Zhuo Fan, laughing, “Beasts, did you think getting ten Sovereigns’ inheritances would be enough against me? You’re only helping fulfill my goals!”




He flashed in Zhuo Fan’s face and clawed his chest, “Hand over the last rebirth path. Fulfill your role as a pawn!”




Zhuo Fan faded like a shadow.


“Shadow Sovereign’s Shadow Escape?”


Heavenly Sovereign smirked, “Stop stalling. I know the path’s tricks better than you ever could.”




Heavenly Sovereign became a shadow as well and the two flitted across the skies with none able to track them. Sometimes they clashed, sometimes they hid, everything going way too fast.


Zhuo Fan had roamed all over the place, unable to get rid of Heavenly Sovereign, frowning as the latter closed in.


He chose to stop hiding and just as Heavenly Sovereign’s shadow got close, he popped a thousand miles away.


Heavenly Sovereign showed himself as well, using the same move to give chase, “Humph, Child Sovereign’s Heavenly Cloud Step? Are we playing now? A shame the skills you got from them are mastered by me now. There’s no escape!”


“You only mastered their paths, while ignorant of their mindsets and hearts when walking those paths.  You will never understand the essence of those skills.” 


“And? I’ll reach the Supreme Stage so long I have the ten paths. I don’t need to understand some pathetic human paths.”


“And that’s why you will never know the purpose of the human path. How hearts turn from good to unspeakable, or turn over a new leaf to do good in their lives. Just as how they are weak as ants yet still dare throw their lives against the Heavenly Sovereign!”


The figures slowed down and Zhuo Fan became calm, “You know nothing, even with the ten paths. You’ve only grasped their strength and not the journeys.”


Heavenly Sovereign took advantage of this moment to get closer, sinking his claw into Zhuo Fan’s chest with fervor in his eyes, “That’s all I wanted, without the worthless experiences of some bugs, ha-ha-ha…”




He ripped his hand out of Zhuo Fan’s body and spilled his blood as a prismatic glow shone in his hand.


“Damn it, he got the reincarnation path…”


Kunpeng panicked, despair setting in, “With all ten paths he’ll become Supreme and destroy the world. It’s all over…”


Kunpeng slumped to the ground, powerless. The other beasts were shocked.


[The world will end.]


Zhuo Fan had a calm gaze, “Heavenly Sovereign, you’ve been ensnared by demons…” 




Heavenly Sovereign snickered, “I follow the void path. No demonic path can touch me! Even if I do have demons, I first need to have a heart. Where else would the heart demons be?”


“Greed becomes a demon, fervor becomes a demon, conceit becomes a demon. You have many of them. Since no one could handle you, I will do it for them.” 


Heavenly Sovereign mocked, “You? Ha! You’re my pawn, your path came from me. The ten paths you’ve yearned are now with me, including the reincarnation path.”


Heavenly Sovereign looked at the prismatic glow in the sky dissipated and the Heavenly Eye exerted its pressure on the world, “Ha-ha-ha, now even the reincarnation veil you set up with the past is gone. The world is mine! What can you possibly do to me?”


“Heavenly Sovereign, demonic path always follows the iron rule that only evil can fight evil. As a demon preys on lesser demons, a bigger demon is needed to defeat him. The appearance of a demon crushing five people demands my arrival. For I am all the demons in the world!” 


Zhuo Fan was solemn, “This is my duty and mission. This is my final warning, stop.”


Heavenly Sovereign mocked, “Are you insane? I’m Heavenly Sovereign, moreover the Supreme that will destroy the world. And a mere Demonic Emperor thinks you can to stop me? The ten paths…”


“You can have them, I don’t care. You can be Supreme, I don’t care. For I have lived for thirty two lives, and I haven’t come for that.”


Zhuo Fan had a big smirk on his face, “In the Heavenly Rebirth Lake, I finally realized what I truly wanted and understood my karma with you. You are not my match. I let you be the ruler of the Martial Emperor Continent, or…” 


“Or what?”


Heavenly Sovereign flung his arm, “Arrogant fool, you are weak and still dare preach me? This is what I taught you back then. Don’t you dare throw it back at me. I’m this close to the true Dao. No one can stop me from taking the last step.”


Heavenly Sovereign swallowed the prismatic glow and Zhuo Fan just watched.




The Heavenly Eye sent stronger fluctuation, while its golden halo grew brighter. Heavenly Sovereign closed his eyes as an eerie power swirled around him. His hair fluttered as black shone in a creepy light.


The huge eye shuddered and vanished. Kunpeng looked taken aback, watching as the blue sky turned white with thirteen silver rings shining throughout the world.


“Divine Eye of the Void 13th stage, Void Eye!”


The wild hair fell, turning from black to silver. Heavenly Sovereign opened his eyes, one white and one black. Gone was the Purple Lightning Gold Eye and the Divine Eye of the Void. On his forehead, another eye opened, pale and shining in thirteen silver rings, like the sky…


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