The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 16, Tomorrow, You’ll Be Beneath Me

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Editor: Silavin


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Cracks spread like spiderwebs on the pavement. If they weren’t Qi Condensation experts, their knees would be crushed, unable to walk again.


The two grimaced as they looked up to see Zhuo Fan standing before them.


“You again!”


The couple knew Zhuo Fan was the only one among the group who had the power to attack them out of the blue.


“Even if you beg on your knees now, I won’t ever let you go.” Sun Yufei glared scornfully at Zhuo Fan, howling with rage.


Pa, pa!


Two hits echoed and Zhuo Fan kicked them without hesitation.


“You want me to kneel? You think too highly of yourselves.”


Sun Yufei and Cai Xiaoting were dumbfounded, even forgetting the pain from the kick.


Slapping them to help Luo Yunchang out of a predicament, was something they could understand. To make amends, they were ordered to kneel. Yet, the steward still had the guts to strike them. Was he not afraid they would never be allowed to leave Cai Manor alive?


Captain Pang was enraged by the two’s act, but he looked at it from a different perspective and felt it was better to endure, or the Luo clan would be perishing here.


Luo Yunchang smiled dejectedly. Others didn’t understand Zhuo Fan, while she gained first-hand knowledge of his violent character in the forest. He never once acted like a servant. He just did whatever he wanted. She just could not cope with the fact their Luo clan had such a servant.


Yet, Luo Yunhai’s attitude changed completely. He now looked at Zhuo Fan with worship and adoration.


This damnable slave’s nerve that always bullied him wasn’t limited to picking on his masters, but even on others. He just didn’t know fear. In that instant, the image of the damnable slave turned into an almighty hero coming to rescue the Luo clan.


“Who dares to act impertinently in the Cai clan’s domain?”


A man’s rebuke echoed as he appeared before them.


Luo Yunchang’s face dropped. She pulled her brother so close that even he could feel her anxiety.


Cai Xiaoting was overjoyed, “Dad, you’re here! He is looking for trouble with our Cai clan.”


Knowing Clan Head Cai Rong came, Zhuo Fan eyed him more carefully.


Cai Rong looked to be in his fifty, tall and sturdy, and a powerful aura emanating from him.


“8th layer of Bone Tempering.” Smiled Zhuo Fan.


Cai Rong’s eyebrows jumped as shock flashed over his face. He never thought possible for a youth to see through his cultivation.


“Good eyes!” Patronized Cai Rong, “May I ask who you are?”


“Luo clan’s steward, Zhuo Fan!”


Cai Rong was startled and observed him closely.


He heard from Luo Yunchang that Luo clan had a new steward, since the old one turned traitor, but he didn’t think it’d be one as young as Zhuo Fan. And he also gave off a strange energy.


If it were any other time, a fox like him would never mess with an unknown variable like Zhuo Fan. Such a pity there was now a power in this city he could offend even less.


“Uncle Cai, you must bring justice to us victims.” Sun Yufei revealed the red print on her face while glaring at Zhuo Fan.


Cai Rong understood the situation in an instant. He placate her, “Don’t worry, uncle Cai is here now.”


He then turned solemn as he looked at Luo Yunchang, “Yunchang, I took you, siblings, out of kindness. It is fine if you do not reciprocate, but why look for trouble?”


Luo Yunchang shuddered, lost for words.


Zhuo Fan stepped forward with a smile, “You even bully a lady at your age, Clan Head Cai. I needn’t say anything more. Moreover, stop preaching kindness. No need to mince words, you did it out of benefit, or you wouldn’t have annulled the marriage. ”


“Alright, since you want us to be hostile, I won’t be lenient.” Cai Rong’s face changed, “Today, I will have to settle this for Yufei. You need only handle my palm attack. I won’t take advantage of you and only use two tenths. Let life and death be decided like this.”


Two tenths?


As his pupils shrunk, Captain Pang shouted, “Coming from you, it’s even stronger than a 9th layer Qi Condensation expert’s all-out attack. You clearly want us dead!”


“Uncle Cai, I beg you. Yunhai is still a child, he is innocent!” Yunchang implored.


But Cai Rong snorted, then smiled at Sun Yufei.


“Alright, I’ll go first.” Zhuo Fan’s mouth perked up.




A great red palm appeared in the air. Cai Rong didn’t expect for Zhuo Fan to attack first and turned serious as he sent his own palm attack.


At contact, the blood palm scattered and Zhuo Fan fell back ten steps, yet was unharmed.


“A 2nd layer Qi Condensation can withstand two tenths of my power!?” Cai Rong’s heart was in shock, “But your survival all came down to luck.”


“Ha-ha-ha, the only reason I’m still alive is because I don’t believe in luck.” And he pointed at Cai Rong’s hand with a grin, “But power.”


Cai Rong’s eyes squinted. His hand was bleeding from the previous exchange.


How could this be? [He is just a 2nd layer Qi Condensation cultivator while I am an 8th layer Bone Tempering cultivator. That’s a whole stage difference!]


“Furthermore,” followed Zhuo Fan, “You really think that was two tenths? That wasn’t even a tenth.”


Cai Rong began to recall what transpired.


Despite the abruptness of it all, he indeed wanted to release two tenths, but when he released the palm, his blood fell in disorder and the result was obvious to all.


“Also, take a look at your son.”


Zhuo Fan pointed at Cai Xiaoting. Cai Rong saw his son spat a mouthful of blood.


“Dad, w-what’s happening?” Cai Xiaoting panicked. He wasn’t wounded yet he puked blood.


“Zhuo Fan, what the hell did you do?” Cai Rong roared.


Zhuo Fan replied with a sneer, “I only wanted to tell Clan Head Cai I can take your son’s life anytime. Please take it into consideration.”


As Cai Rong was hesitating, Zhuo Fan pointed again, eliciting another mouth of blood form Cai Xiaoting.


“Alright, I believe you.” Cai Rong wiped his brow of sweat as he spoke in a shaky voice.


He didn’t know what trick he pulled on his son, but Zhuo Fan was prepared for his intervention. He was now regretting. If he knew the Luo clan had such a shrewd and decisive steward, he wouldn’t have taken things this far.


“Then, I will bid you farewell here. Clan Head Cai.” Zhuo Fan sneered as he cupped his hands then pulled Luo Yunchang and walked away.


Zhuo Fan laughed all the while, “Today you love to bully me, tomorrow you’ll be beneath me.”


“Uncle Cai, are you letting him go?” Sun Yufei said with resentment.


Sighing helplessly, Cai Rong muttered as he watched Zhuo Fan leave, “Instead of offering shelter, I invited an enemy…”


Shaking his head, he helped Cai Xiaoting walk inside. After a few steps, his eyes flashed as he turned to Sun Yufei.


“Yufei, we need to end Zhuo Fan as soon as possible. He will endanger your Sun clan.”


“Humph. you don’t dare to attack him because of your son. My Sun clan isn’t afraid. I will let him have a taste of what it means to offend the Seven Noble Houses!” Sun Yufei spoke with hatred.


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