The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 162, Dire Straights

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Editor: Silavin


Rumbling Blood Bat, a seldom-seen peculiar spiritual beast.


In the world of spiritual beasts, the strong preyed on the weak. The higher the level, the stronger they were. Yet, this creature was an exception. It was no stronger than a 1st level spiritual beast and had neither claws nor fangs.


It had a shocking trait though. the Rumbling Bat Wave. It was a sound attack that struck the soul. It would leave one in a coma or, worse, annihilate one’s soul.


After using it, it would then go and bore its fangs into the victim, sucking blood away. It may be a mere 3rd level spiritual beast, but few were capable of surviving its sound attack.


Not even a 4th level spiritual beast could stand up to a flock of ten Rumbling Blood Bats.


Who cared how tough you were? Who cared how skilled you were? You’d still die from this creature’s sound attack if your soul lacked heart.


This creature that bared Zhuo Fan’s escape was one that could strike fear even in 4th level spiritual beasts.


Jumping out of the hole, Zhuo Fan looked up at the ten bats. He was finally sporting a serious expression. Then looking at the speaker and saw Vicious Pill King.


He was holding a gourd, smiling at Zhuo Fan.


“Now I see. This must be your final move!” Zhuo Fan squinted.


He’d seen the old man carry the gourd for a while now. But only discovered it was a beast holding item.


When cornered by Iris Overseer, Chu Qingcheng, and Long Jiu not too long ago, he was still putting a tough front because of the Rumbling Blood Bats in his gourd.


It was smart of them to back off and not to attack then, or they would’ve been doomed.


This old man wasn’t to be pushed around. Even after using blood essence four times, he still couldn’t be underestimated no matter how weak he appeared.


Zhuo Fan’s eyes flashed in admiration.


Long Jiu’s group just came out through the hole and saw him standing amidst ruins. They turned to the sky and paled, “Rumbling Blood Bat! And ten of them?!”


They all turned grave.


Just when they thought Zhuo Fan had free reign of the skies outside the arena, he was met with ten Rumbling Blood Bats. Zhuo Fan was now cornered by two Profound Heaven experts and a 4th level spiritual beast equivalent flock of bats.


Not even a Profound Heaven expert could pull an escape out of this, least of all, a winged Bone Tempering expert.


Their hearts were now stretched taught.


“Ha-ha-ha, Elder Yan. In the end, you are the most reliable to block this brat!”


Laughing freely, Huangpu Qingyun floated next to the old man. Then, he stuck up his chin at Zhuo Fan, “Kid, let’s see you run now!”


Hell Valley’s 5th elder landed beside them, eyes flashing with cruelty.


Sighing, Vicious Pill King looked on with regret, “Song, uh, Grandmaster Zhuo, I am in awe of sir’s wondrous refining skill. I am pained to have you as my enemy. But I am bereft of any choice!”


His words stirred the sympathy of many clan delegates, as well as the alchemists participating today.


The demon Zhuo Fan, who offended Hell Valley, was Grandmaster Song. Such sorrow!


A cruel death awaited all who dared oppose the Seven Noble Houses. But an exalted alchemist to find his end in such a wretched way, was lamentable.


The least the crowd could do was show deep respect while sending off this great man on his final journey…


But Zhuo Fan only snickered, “He-he-he, Elder Yan, you think too highly of your batsies. They can scare a 4th level spiritual beasts, but in the end, they’re a flock!”


Zhuo Fan vanished as he took flight.


The bats flapped their wings and opened their snouts. The air rippled and a visible wave traveled at Zhuo Fan.


Zhuo Fan sidestepped. The wave hit the ground but nothing happened. Yet, the stones around turned to dust.


The people began to fear the Rumbling Blood Bat even more. A normal Bone Tempering expert struck by this wave would’ve died in anguish.


But Zhuo Fan relied on his uncanny speed to dance among the attacks. He was almost out of their encirclement.


“Damn, Zhuo Fan is too sly. He noticed that the ten bats are unable to coordinate and slipped through the gaps in their attacks. Let’s block him together, 5th elder!”


Huangpu Qingyun cried in panic, to which, Vicious Pill King dismissed his words, “Second young master, don’t worry. You’ll only make it worse if you charge along with the blood bats. I will make sure he won’t have anywhere else to run.”


Vicious Pill King opened his gourd and made a hand sign.


A screech came from within it, followed by another flock of bats flying to the gap Zhuo Fan was aiming for, shutting it tight.




A dozens of times stronger ripple sent Zhuo Fan barreling into the ground, leaving another huge hole.


When he crawled out, he sucked a cold breath at the sight.


The sky was filled with Rumbling Blood Bats. A rough estimate would give around a hundred.


If 10 were enough for a 4th level spiritual beast, then a hundred would even kill a 5th level spiritual beast.


A bolt of fear went through the crowd, including Huangpu Qingyun. They were so frightened they couldn’t speak.


Not even a Radiant Stage expert could come out of this one, least of all this Zhuo Fan freak.


“Holy! Just where did the old coot find so many Rumbling Blood Bats? They don’t grow on trees!” Long Jiu’s mind was in a haze, “Not even the brat could get out of this one.”


“What?” Xiao Dandan jerked, “You’re saying husband has no chance?”


Nodding gravely, Long Jiu sighed and pointed.


When Zhuo Fan was falling, Vicious Pill King made other signs and had Zhuo Fan surrounded by the hundred bats.


If he dared fly, the bats would blow him back down.


This barricaded area seemed to belong to a different world, covered by a hundred rare Rumbling Blood Bats. They tightened the space so much that it became smaller than Drifting Flowers Arena.


“Damn it!” Zhuo Fan frowned as he jumped in the sky again.




Like a pillar coming from the heavens above, Zhuo Fan was sent into the ground without delay. His knees were touching dirt, blood seeped from his mouth, and all the rocks around him were blown away as nothing but dust.


“Ha-ha-ha, a hundred blood bats is so strong that even the kid’s unyielding body is wounded. His death is in sight.” Huangpu Qingyun laughed, watching Vicious Pill King with newfound respect, “Elder Yan, you’ve surprised me. I never knew you hid such wonderful things.”


“Second young master, you jest. These bats were gathered over the past thousand years by the Pill King Hall. I was only allowed to use them because of my modest contributions to Pill King Hall.”


Vicious Pill King then turned a sad look to Zhuo Fan, “Second young master, Zhuo Fan is, after all, a grandmaster alchemist. He may deserve death, but leave his corpse intact.”


“Humph, I really wanted to tear him apart, but since it’s Elder Yan’s request, I will let it go.” Huangpu Qingyun waved, pleased inside.


Nodding, Vicious Pill King made the hundred Rumbling Blood Bats open their snouts again.


All of them struck with sound attacks at the same time.




With a wail, Zhuo Fan felt his head about to explode and his mind fading. His soul was damaged.


If not for the refining he had been through, he would’ve long had his soul scattered.


“Blast it! I still had a way out but now it’s useless. I should’ve used it when I had the chance! These bastards better hope I won’t get out of here or I will slaughter them all.”


His head hurting like hell, Zhuo Fan gnashed his teeth and held on to his dear life. His bloodshot eyes and veiny forehead let the crowd in on the suffering he was enduring.


“Humph, he is a freak alright. Anyone would’ve hit the dirt by now, but he’s still holding strong.” 5th elder exclaimed.


Huangpu Qingyun laughed, his eyes sharp, “So what if he’s a freak? He’s just slightly tougher than the average man. He’ll soon drop dead anyway. This is for the best. Killing him here will show the world what end awaits any who stands against Regent Estate.”




Zhuo Fan’s wail never ceased, akin to a flogged wild beast. The rocks he had been clutching had long been crushed to powder.


Vicious Pill King didn’t indulge in taking revenge, only feeling endless regret. His greatest and most respected opponent would find himself dead in such a wretched way.


The alchemists around also sighed. But there was no one there willing to stand up to the seven houses.


Xiao Dandan’s face was covered in tears, pleading Chu Qingcheng with her eyes. She bit her lip, about to intervene, but Long Jiu pulled her back.


“Not even we can save him from the hundred Rumbling Blood Bats’ onslaught. We will only throw our lives away. Let it go, there is no point…” Long Jiu sighed at Zhuo Fan’s sorry state. Already thinking about how to abandon the Luo clan.


His alliance was with Zhuo Fan. Without him, the Veiled Dragon Pavilion had no reason to help the Luo clan. With Zhuo Fan dying, the alliance agreement would fall through.


[Sigh, brother, don’t blame me. I will look after your clan, but cannot uphold the alliance any longer. It just isn’t in the house’s benefit!]


Long Jiu sighed, while the rest lowered their heads in resignation.


Zhuo Fan was in dire straits, with no one appearing to aid him…


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