The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 164, Discerning Field

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Soul suppression!


It was an ability anyone with a powerful soul could use to put pressure on those weaker than him, until they could not even stand. Zhuo Fan didn’t reach that far but was enough to instill fear in his enemies.


This in turn caused them to feel shocked.


Although both were body cultivators, they were nonetheless still focused on training their souls in preparation to enter the Radiant Stage. The best example was Huangpu Qingyun, who trained in Imperial Tyrant Body Art, refining his body with dragon power but also able to use dragon soul to refine his own soul.


Their souls were strong, even for Profound Heaven experts like them.


However, reality showed Zhuo Fan’s soul exceeded theirs by so much, that they felt fear. The only explanation was that this kid had the soul of a Radiant Stage expert.


This thought crippled their hearts in fear. They stared dumbstruck at Zhuo Fan to such a degree that not even they could think it possible.


His cultivation was merely in the Bone Tempering Stage yet could go toe to toe with a Profound Heaven expert and even have his soul in the Radiant Stage. Was such an outlandish coincidence even possible?


Zhuo Fan picked up on their thinking and smirked, “I believe thanks are in order. Without the Rumbling Bat Wave’s torment, I would’ve never have gotten such a timely chance at breaking through!”


The azure fire in his eyes died out and Huangpu Qingyun’s heart seized with it. He felt a deep fear from the core of his being.


[That has to be it!]


The two were now certain Zhuo Fan just entered the Radiant Stage with his soul. His soul was indeed strong but not quite there yet to kill with intent alone.


The reason for his still position before, was because he was in the middle of advancing.


[This freak cannot be allowed to live!]


Yelling inside, Huangpu Qingyun signaled 5th elder with his eyes. 5th elder picked up on his decision and got ready.


They had to end him now while they still had the chance. Or when he grasped how to kill with intent, it’d be too late!




With no preamble, Huangpu Qingyun shot towards Zhuo Fan. His body lit up in a golden glow and was preparing a punch.


5th elder also took out his hammer, aiming at Zhuo Fan’s head.


Zhuo Fan was suddenly overshadowed as if a mountain was about to fall on him. Suddenly, in front of him was Huangpu Qingyun with his majestic fist, holding enough power to break mountains and cleave seas.


In face of such devastating assault, Zhuo Fan was unphased. Two azure glows flickered in his eyes and all he did was slant his head, and the might fist hit nothing but air.


The golden light traced passed his ear, blowing up a whole street of houses, yet powerless enough to not touch a single hair on Zhuo Fan’s head.


Regarding the incoming hammer, Zhuo Fan simply jumped and was out of its range.


The hammer boomed into the ground, caving the earth for 20 meters around, yet only enough to reach Zhuo Fan’s toes. He was barely standing at the edge, at peace, as if all was natural in the world.


Huangpu Qingyun and 5th elder were nervous, going at him again, with a flurry of fists and a rain of hammer blows. There were so many blows. Each was so fast that it should have sealed any means of escape.


However, Zhuo Fan lightly sidestepped around the attacks without even the use of Mystifying Phantom Step. Simple footwork was enough to get him out of any and all danger.


Throughout these hundred blows, Zhuo Fan had danced in but a 2 meter circle, while Huangpu Qingyun and 5th elder were powerless to even ruffle his clothes.


This spectacle was unheard of, much less seen, eliciting cries from the crowd.


Two Profound Heaven experts were rendered moot in the face of a Bone Tempering Stage cultivator. They attacked a hundred times but not once succeeded. Even if this was staged, it was not possible to have such uncanny accuracy.


While it was impossible to make sense of it all, it was all so clear to Long Jiu and the rest. But they were all so shocked, so astonished, that they only stared bugged eyed for a long time.


They were clear of this being a Radiant Stage cultivator’s ability, the Discerning Field!


Within its range, the user could detect the most minute change. It was also easy enough to detect an attack’s course.


This was the reason behind all his perfect evasions. While he was under a barrage of blows, his heart was as still as water.


“This brat had reached a whole new level of freak. That’s a Radiant Stage’s ability, yet used by a Bone Tempering cultivator…” Long Jiu was astonished, yet his heart was pained.


How many elders of Veiled Dragon Pavilion worked their whole lives to reach the Radiant Stage, to feel its power for themselves, yet were unable to? Long Jiu was no exception.


However, this up and coming Zhuo Fan, still wet behind his ears, beat them to it. It was a sense of defeat mixed with admiration that made it so hard to swallow.


He saw Zhuo as his brother, but he could not cast out all the envy he had. Why were they so different? Why couldn’t he do it as well?


Xie Tianyang sighed as well, “By the looks of it, our little freak came out of his shell and became a full-fledged abomination. I wonder if he even has a limit. Will I ever be able to reach him?


“Ha-ha, it doesn’t look like it…” Xie Tianyang shook his head in frustration.


The others sighed and nodded.


Back to the battle, Zhuo Fan skipped around calmly, escaping the enemies’ range. The only thing off about him was the azure glint ever-present in his eyes.


Huangpu Qingyun and 5th elder were already panting. They could guess as to the reason as well, but knowing didn’t enable them to solve it.


Zhuo Fan, a Bone Tempering cultivator, was armed with the Radiant Stage’s Discerning Field, leaving them powerless to even land a glancing blow.


“You little prick, fight me if you dare! Come on, be a man for a change!”


Perhaps his mind was taxed, or his patience long overdrawn, that 5th elder started cursing Zhuo Fan. He was now regretting doing it.


[Since two great Profound Heaven experts can’t finish a mere Bone Tempering cultivator, you’re asking him to stand still? If this isn’t ridiculous then what is?]


[You might as well ask him to tie himself up for you while he’s at it.]


His words were met with profound disdain from the crowd. The seven houses picking on others was a common occurrence, but never had they sunk so low.


[Humph, now I know why Grandmaster Zhuo killed You Guiqi. That old coot was so insufferable that he couldn’t take it anymore. Hell Valley must be the most shameless of all seven houses!]


Many whispers traveled, and none were good, holding some hint of scorn, whether open or otherwise.


Huangpu Qingyun glared at the senile fool, [If you want to disgrace yourself, fine. But don’t go around dragging me into your mess. Just what is Hell Valley’s requirement for elders these days? Shamelessness?]


Zhuo Fan only quirked an eyebrow and smiled a nod, “I guess that’s fine. Since I don’t plan on going anywhere either, I suppose I might as well give you a sound defeat. You see this spot, I won’t move from it!”


Zhuo Fan then planted his feet a tad deeper into the ground, his face filled with zest, “Just like in refining earlier. If my feet leave this spot, my head will be yours!”




The crowd gasped in fright.


[The heroism of Grandmaster Zhuo is so unmatched it got to his head! There was nothing to fear while refining since you had that amazing ancient secret refining art. It is all because of that, that you managed to keep your head!]


[But this is another matter entirely. You, sir, a Bone Tempering cultivator, although stronger than average but is still a Bone Tempering cultivator nonetheless. For the love of god. You are facing two shameless and despicable Profound Heaven experts head-on. They won’t go easy on you just ’cause you’re weaker.]


[If you’re still doing with all this into account, then, it’s your funeral!]


Huangpu Qingyun and 5th elder jerked but turned bewildered.


“You little prick, what are you playing at?” Huangpu Qingyun eyed him cautiously.


And the crowd rolled their big white eyes, with some close to spurting blood.


[Grandmaster Zhuo is rooted to the spot and all that’s left is to tie him up. Yet, you fools are overthinking it saying it’s some sort of scheme of his?]


[Humph, guess there’s no frickin’ relation between a man’s nerve and his cultivation.]


[A Bone Tempering cultivator has more guts to face two Profound Heaven experts, while you two are more scared than a mouse. You don’t get to see this every day!]


The people could no longer stand for how despicable they acted and scorned them despite being from the seven houses.


Huangpu Qingyun’s face was aflame, finding his own words somewhat faint-hearted. But it was best to be safe rather than sorry in that punk’s trap.


Laughing, Zhuo Fan didn’t even try hiding it, “Of course I have one. But nothing overt, just something necessary.”


Zhuo Fan took out a bottle and snickered, “Don’t forget, I’m an alchemist.”


He popped the cork and a blue gleaming pill landed in his hand with a shake.


“5th grade pill, Bursting Pill!”


Vicious Pill King’s cried. And Huangpu Qingyun was also panicking as he flitted back tens of meters, “He’s gonna blow!”


The scene was thrown into chaos as people scampered all over the place for cover. They feared a Bone Tempering cultivator’s detonation would reach them.


Long Jiu’s group was startled and perplexed. The situation wasn’t that dire to warrant such an extreme decision as blowing himself up.


To be truthful, the Bursting Pill was in fact only useful when one did detonate himself!


The people looked at Zhuo Fan’s calm face, still sporting that cryptic smile of his…


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