The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 186, Grandmother’s Tactic


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Demon Purging Decree was the Seven Houses’ act, which held as much power as the emperor’s edicts. Yet, it was far more cruel.


Even if the emperor was subjected to some offense, his edict would involve the Seven Houses, at the most, in dealing with the offender. But the Demon Purging Decree rendered a constant kill order on the target, in which, the Seven Houses would deploy all their assets, including their Venerables, in hunting him down.


The target would be exterminated with extreme prejudice. It wasn’t limited to the target either, as it included the place he visited, be it a village or a city. They were all burned to the ground. 


Driven by fear, everyone else would start hounding the target as well, until he had nowhere to hide in the whole of Tianyu Empire. 


In this manner, the target would slowly grow weary, unable to cope, and ultimately perish.


As this was a drastic measure, the Demon Purging Decree was issued only if voted unanimously by the seven House Lords. If one House failed to participate, it would be tantamount to betraying the Imperial family and being labeled as traitors.


Yet, Zhuo Fan only killed people from four Houses, becoming bitter enemies with them. Even if he had all seven of them breathing down his neck, it would still not warrant such a cruel and vicious act as the Demon Purging Decree.


Since this act implied the slaughter of innocents in cold blood.


Three centuries ago, the Seven Houses would have refrained from using it as well, but that little monster was too hard to deal with. While this time, it was used on a mere Bone Tempering cultivator!


Everyone was frowning, sinking into their thoughts.


“What does everyone think?” Huangpu Tianyuan smiled.


Yan Bogong, You Wanshan, and one other nodded, “We agree to Estate Lord’s decision. The brat has to be put down at once!”


Long Yifey muttered, “However, using Demon Purging Decree at this time is overkill. This implies an empire-wide call to arms and an explanation has to be given to the Imperial family. Furthermore, Zhuo Fan is hardly at the level of that little monster three centuries ago. It doesn’t make sense to use the Demon Purging Decree for just this.”


Xie Xiaofeng nodded.


“Humph, of course you’d say that, Pavilion Lord Long. At that time, Veiled Dragon Pavilion was willing to take the blame for the kid. You must be practically joined at the hip with that devil by now,” You Wanshan snorted.


Long Yifey roared, “You Wanshan, cease your baseless accusations! When your two elders died in Windgaze City, we were in the dark too. Would you have believed us if we just told you it wasn’t us? We might as well settle this now so that rumours won’t spread saying that Qianlong Pavilion is afraid of you. How is it that now, your story has changed into us taking the fall for Zhuo Fan?”


“He-he-he, you know full well who’s taking the blame. Are you to tell me you are that oblivious to what happens in your own backyard? Windgaze City is your domain!”


“Ha-ha-ha, you knew full well that was our domain yet you sent elders in. They were seeking death!”


“Say that again!” You Wanshan slapped the table and jumped to his feet. Long Yifey did the same in answer to his challenge.


Huangpu Tianyuan snorted in anger.


One that shook the entire place. You Wanshan and Long Yifey felt their ears ringing and a heavy force pushing down on them.


Shock set in as well. Huangpu Tianyuan’s power was incredible. Despite all being peak Profound Heaven Stage experts here, they were a cut below him.


The two were reduced to only glaring at each other as they took their seats.


Eyeing them coldly, Huangpu Tianyuan said, “Remember, this is the Regent Estate!”


The two apologized but were wary nonetheless.


“Edifice Lord Chu, what is your decision?” Huangpu Tianyuan smiled.


After a brief reflection, Chu Bijun responded with a smile, “I wholly approve of Estate Lord’s decision. This devil ruined Drifting Flowers Edifice and has to be put down.”


Long Yifey and Xie Xiaofeng watched each other baffled.


[Hey Grandma, we are allies here. Don’t go kicking us to the curb!]


Huangpu Tianyuan was shocked at her casual response.


But then Chu Bijun showed an expression plagued by worry, “Estate Lord, we may issue the Demon Purging Decree, but you have to move like lightning and destroy him. You must know that he has the Bodhi Root in his possession, Drifting Flowers Edifice’s greatest treasure. If he is pushed into a corner and eats it, it will boost his power and will ruin us.”


Chu Bijun’s words struck a chord. Huangpu Tianyuan sighed, “On second thought, it is best we don’t unleash such a calamity as the Demon Purging Decree on the people. “


[En… wait, what?]


You Wanshan’s side nodded out of instinct but soon came to and was flabbergast. He thought to himself,


[I say, Estate Lord, didn’t you tell us to follow your lead? We even agreed to enact the Demon Purging Decree. Why are you then so whimsical? Are you going back on your words to trick us too?]


Huangpu Tianyuan treated their looks of doubt as air, sighing once again in abject sorrow, “I only proposed the Demon Purging Decree to see if there’s any compassion left in your hearts. Us seven are the peak of Tianyu’s power, we have to lead by example, to stand united in upholding peace in Tianyu. If we adhere to the Demon Purging Decree and bring disaster to our people over one kid, for our selfishness no less, wouldn’t that be too despicable of us?”


Long Yifey and Xie Xiaofeng bobbed their heads. They were clueless as to why Huangpu Tianyuan shifted gear like a teenager, but they agreed in a heartbeat.


You Wanshan’s side had their faces twitching. And Huangpu Tianyuan’s amiable smile almost had them spurt blood.


[Curses! Are you playing with us?]


[Did you just use us knowing our motives earlier to paint us the villains while making you the benevolent hero?]


[This damn Regent Estate is a den of bastards.]


You Wanshan’s side glanced at each other, looking as if they swallowed a fly. 


They all then started to discuss how to deal with Zhuo Fan, but came up empty. Huangpu Tianyuan then adjourned the meeting, for the House Lords to get some rest.


When Chu Bijun left, Huangpu Tianyuan never let her out of his sight.


“This damn hag is back to her old tricks!” When all left, Huangpu Tianyuan spoke faintly.


Nodding, Leng Wuchang smiled, “Yes, hitting us right where it hurts. The hag saw your motive with a glance and threw a wrench in your Demon Purging Decree. From what I’ve seen, the Drifting Flowers Edifice may be the weakest House, but Chu Bijun isn’t easy to deal with. At least, far more troublesome than Long Yifey and Xie Xiaofeng working together.”


“Indeed. With this hag back, the Drifting Flowers Edifice is going to be a hard pill to swallow!” Huangpu Tianyuan sighed.


You Wanshan’s group suddenly appeared in the hall. 


Already knowing they’d come, Leng Wuchang waved them off with a smile, “I know what’s on your minds, but please relax. We have no ill will towards any of you. Estate Lord only changed his decision on the spur of the moment.”


Startled, You Wanshan’s group held Leng Wuchang in even greater admiration.


“Sir is an outstanding strategist. It is indeed why we came here yet you could tell with a single look!”


“Please, you’re too kind. I only have people’s best intentions in mind.” Leng Wuchang smiled.


“But Sir Leng, Estate Lord, how are we to get rid of Zhuo Fan?” You Wanshan frowned.


Hell Valley and Zhuo Fan’s grudges were bone-deep. They only cared about seeing Zhuo Fan dead.


Huangpu Tianyuan and Leng Wuchang laughed.


“Valley Lord You, a pup has you running scared? Look at you shaking in worry over there, you are bringing disgrace to the Seven Houses,” Huangpu Tianyuan mocked him.


Leng Wuchang’s eyes flashed, “Valley Lord You, haven’t we already sent a team to intercept him?”


“And if it fails? Isn’t this the reason for the Demon Purging Decree?” This was You Wanshan and the others’ biggest worry.


Huangpu Tianyuan rejected, “You think a mere Bone Tempering kid is worthy of the Demon Purging Decree? The decree is only a means to an end, a convenient excuse.”


You Wanshan blinked baffled.


Leng Wuchang looked unperturbed, “I may not know much about him, but three Houses each sent two Profound Heaven experts after him. The chance of success is over 90%. But just now, it became 100%!”


“Oh, what makes you so sure of success, Sir Leng?” Huangpu Tianyuan raised an eyebrow. Even he was curious.


Leng Wuchang grinned, “Because our guest Venerable volunteered as well.”


“He’s going too, whatever for?” Huangpu Tianyuan was startled.


“Why else? He must have heard of the kid’s exploits in Drifting Flowers City and plans on taking Zhuo Fan’s cultivation method for himself. That martial fanatic knows when to be serious only when these things are involved.”


“Humph, what a fool. He is Regent Estate’s guest Venerable, with Imperial Tyrant Body Art at his disposal, and yet here he is coveting an outsider’s cultivation method,” Huangpu Tianyuan snorted. 


Leng Wuchang shook his hand indifferently, “It doesn’t matter. With Elder Li’s character, he’ll definitely kill the kid afterward. The brat’s fate is sealed.”


You Wanshan’s group was overjoyed at the news.


Now that a Radiant Stage expert set his eyes on Zhuo Fan, he would die for sure no matter how skilled he was.


Yet to their complete lack of knowledge of the situation, that giddy Radiant Stage expert who went to rob and kill, got turned instead.


Even Leng Wuchang would be so shocked his eyes would pop out of their sockets…


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