The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 194, Total Victory


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Who knew when Zhuo Fan got there? Surely not them. But his seamless interjection in their discussion unnerved them all.


“Ha-ha-ha, lighten up. I’m the same as you, I came here to welcome guests!” Zhuo Fan waved the awkwardness away with a smile.


Though his smile looked dreadfully cold to the rest.


It was practically common knowledge four houses, Regent Estate included, came here explicitly for Zhuo Fan’s head. Yet, the four Venerables and the three elders were inside trying to break the arrays. All while he was standing just outside for the heck of it.


The Sun and Cai people looked at him, feeling his toying with the seven houses was worthy of applause.


Swallowing dryly, Cai Rong ventured a nervous reply, “Z-Zhuo Fan, I have always had the Luo clan’s benefit in mind in all my actions. Hear me out please, and leave quickly. If the Venerables come out, you won’t stand a chance!”


“Oh, I never knew Elder Cai would, after betraying the Luo clan, care so much for me. Ha-ha-ha, I’m touched!” Zhuo Fan raised a mocking eyebrow.


Cai Rong reddened, feeling the condescending tone, but he didn’t snap back. His reply was one of genuine concern, “Zhuo Fan, Luo clan’s misfortune has come because of you. Why did you come back? I am concerned for your wellbeing. Don’t let your talent go to waste. Quickly escape!”


Cai Rong was very concerned but still urged Zhuo Fan to leave.


Even when facing the Demon Archon, who was such a thorn in the seven houses’ side, this third rate clan’s head was filled with uncertainty. Or he’d long since captured Zhuo Fan and handed him over.


The Sun Clan Head was thinking along the same lines.


But since youths were rash as usual, their kids couldn’t see this logic. Cai Xiaoting stood with his chest out as he shouted, “Dad, he’s only a 5th layer of Bone Tempering cultivator. Why waste time and just go deal with him alongside Uncle Sun? Get his head and the seven houses will hail us as heroes, ha-ha-ha…”


“Quiet, fool! You know nothing!” Cai Rong glared at his son.


Sun Clan Head sneered as well. He didn’t know what Zhuo Fan did to get on the seven houses’ bad side but the old fox in him knew something was up.


It was best to stand down until all was made clear, lest he wanted an untimely death.


Zhuo Fan raised an eyebrow, “Oh? Taking my head you say. That’s a good plan!”


“No no no, that was never our intention!”


Gesticulating like mad, Cai Rong was on pins and needles, “Xiaoting is a foolish child. I promise you, we aren’t your enemies. Please leave quickly. Leave before the Venerables are back!”


“Ha-ha-ha, them coming back?”


Zhuo Fan’s tone was unbridled, “I set those arrays and know them like the back of my hand. If even one man escapes, my head…”




With a loud noise, a figure flew from Poison Dragon Array, so poisoned that his body had seven colors on him. His mouth was tight yet black blood kept flowing from his lips, ears, and nose.


It was hard to figure out who he was, but Cai Rong knew as he cried, “Pill King Hall’s Elder Yan!”


Zhuo Fan’s cheek twitched. He just got into his role of showing off and then, this guy had to come out just to spite him.


Fuming mad, he stepped right before Yan Zhenglan.


The fearful Elder Yan was only thinking of escaping when he found someone just ahead. But then dread set in when he saw his face, “Z-Z-Zhuo Fan?”


“How did you get here?” Zhuo Fan’s mouth trembled, but anyone could feel the coldness in his voice, the rage boiling deep within.


Yan Zhenglan shivered, “I-I took advantage of Yan Song not paying attention…”


“It would’ve been so much better if you died inside. Now, your corpse’s going to be in pieces!”


Sighing, Zhuo Fan’s Lightning Wings crackled and shifted into sickles.


Yan Zhenglan’s shock was still prevalent on his face as he fell in six pieces, soaking the ground in blood.




Gasping, the others were shocked out of their minds.


Now, they knew why the seven houses wanted to end Zhuo Fan so desperately. A Profound Heaven expert fell apart instantly thanks to Zhuo Fan’s skill.


Even wounded, how could a Bone Tempering cultivator kill a Profound Heaven expert?


Cai Xiaoting felt weak in the knees, tumbling down. He hated himself for those brash words he spoke just now. Telling his dad to deal with this freak was the same as sending him to an early grave!


Cai Rong and Sun Clan Head were soaked in sweat.


At least, these old foxes had their wits about them from the start and weren’t rash. If they had been anything else, their meat pile would soon be joining the elder’s on the ground.




Flashing before them, Zhuo Fan looked quite awkward, “Uh, just forget the last part. Alright?”


“Yep, you bet. Don’t know what you’re talking about Steward Zhuo. Ha-ha-ha…”


“Yeah, my ears must be playing tricks on me!”


The four of them shook their heads till they were dizzy. Zhuo Fan smiled.


With a second sound, another figure popped out of Poison Dragon Array, but this time, it was Vicious Pill King. He took in the pieces of Yan Zhenglan, and the cold faced Zhuo Fan, catching the gist of it all.


Scratching his head, Yan Song giggled, “Thanks, Steward Zhuo for helping me get rid of that one. It would’ve been much harder for me alone!”


“Elder Yan, you let one escape with your skill?” Zhuo Fan smiled coldly.


Yan Song’s scalp felt numb, “Steward Zhuo, I was careless. He was also an alchemist, so…”


“Elder Yan, do you have any idea what I was just about to promise these guys? A head… ha-ha-ha. So tell me, whose head is it going to be?” Ignoring his words, Zhuo Fan’s cold glare stared him down.


Shivering, Yan Song knew this time, it was serious.


Steward Zhuo was flaunting before these guys but then, his show deflated like a balloon, and so did his prestige. Of course he’d be pissed.


Swallowing dryly, Yan Song had a cruel smile for them, “Steward Zhuo, that’s easy! Isn’t it just some heads? Aren’t there four heads lining up for the taking?”


“Good point. With them dead, no one will know about your blunder!”


“Yep, yep…” Yan Song smiled and nodded.


Cai Rong’s group was scared out of their wits. They kneeled and begged forgiveness. While also cursing them inside, [What kind of damn unreasonable freaks are these people?]


What they didn’t know was this vicious demon wouldn’t have made a name for himself if he was reasonable.


Shaking his head, Zhuo Fan waved, “Forget it. Don’t scare these shrimps. Elder Yan, what of the other two?”


“Dead!” Yan Song was solemn.


Nodding, Zhuo Fan turned to the four, “Alright, take these four in. I want to leave them for that snot-nosed brat to handle. And teach him how to be a Clan Head!”




Vicious Pill King pointed in finger at them and the four were chained, soon flying behind him as he entered Poison Dragon Array.




A ripple spread and the Blackflame Array in the South opened to reveal Luo Yunchang and the rest. Li Jingtian was leisurely walking behind them.


Zhuo Fan eased a breath seeing everyone safe. The battle was now over.


“Big bro Zhuo!”


Luo Yunhai cried and skipped over for a fierce hug. His tears soaking Zhuo Fan’s clothes.


Zhuo Fan noded with a smile, feeling warm and fuzzy inside.


Looking up, he found Lei Yuntian and Captain Pang looking at him with fervent gazes. The two nodded, and Zhuo Fan laughed, “Old Pang, I’m relieved to see you still kicking!”


Captain Pang knew what he meant and laughed as well, “Steward Zhuo, if I am to die, I will do it fighting for the Luo clan. Never will I waste away in training!”


Then Zhuo Fan turned to Lei Yuting with a smile, “Miss Lei, how are the people I asked you to train?”


Lei Yuting huffed and gave him a sound slap in return.


Zhuo Fan was stunned. [What did I say?]


But then he saw her teary eyes.


“Damn you, bastard! You finally came back and instead of asking if I was fine you went straight to business?” Lei Yuting wailed.


Zhuo Fan blinked, [That does make a lot of sense.] So he smiled, “Ha-ha-ha, Miss Lei, how have you been?”




Then another slap graced his face. Zhuo Fan was now floored. [What the hell? I asked how you are so what’s the problem? You want me to pay respects to your whole family?]


Lei Yuting glared instead, “Too little, too late!”


Reeling from the blow, Zhuo Fan was almost coughing blood at this point. [This girl’s too fickle I can’t make sense of her heart!]


The others smiled at his misfortune. Li Jingtian joined them, never having seen the cunning Steward Zhuo so soft hearted.


Shaking his head with a sigh, Zhuo Fan really couldn’t get her. [It’s best I don’t talk at all.]


When they separated, Zhuo Fan looked to see Luo Yunchang fumbling towards him with a pale face.


Zhuo Fan frowned, “Young miss, are you hurt?”


Luo Yunchang only locked eyes with him, as if to see straight through his heart. Ice cold hands touched his face, as her eyes stared at him with emotion, “Zhuo Fan, welcome home!”


Luo Yunchang’s eyes closed and collapsed in his arms.


“Young miss!” The others were worried.


Zhuo Fan stood there in a daze.


The Luo clan was considered his clan since rebirth. But he never once saw it as his home. When Luo Yunchang said those words, they struck a chord in his thawing heart…



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