The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 206, Leadership


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After ironing out a few more details regarding the alliance, Zhuo Fan and the rest parted ways, taking Luo Yunhai back to Blackwind Mountain. When he stepped through the gates, he shouted, “Old Pang!”


Captain Pang just returned and was already rushing to Zhuo Fan, “Brother Zhuo, orders?”


“Call everyone handling clan affairs over. Also…” Taking a long look at Luo Yunhai, he whispered something in Old Pang’s ear.


Old Pang nodded and went straight to it, leaving a clueless Luo Yunhai staring at Zhuo Fan.


Shortly after, Luo Yunchang, Lei Yuntian and the rest clan officials gathered in the meeting hall. Even Li Jingtian and Yan Song, who watched over the two of the four 5th-grade arrays were present.


Zhuo Fan was in the seat of honor with one leg over the other and sipping tea. They were all baffled. Why would this guy call everyone over? Did something happen?


Zhuo Fan’s casual disposition clearly pointed to the opposite.


Snickering, his eyes roamed over everyone present, “I have summoned you all here today to bear witness to the official entitlement of the next Clan Head. It’s been two years since the three clans have joined and Windgaze City ultimately coming under Luo clan’s rule. We, the Luo clan, are destined to enter the seven houses. Now that there’s infighting amongst them, it presents us with the best chance to rise. But a snake cannot live without a head, and today we shall settle this matter! “


“Aren’t you the snake head? And now you want to make it official, going after a power play here?” Lei Yuting rolled her eyes.


In any clan, this line would’ve earned widespread shock, while in the Luo clan, only a chuckle.


Even Luo Yunhai and Luo Yunchang found it funny. They had absolutely no worry Zhuo Fan would snatch the Clan Head position all for himself.


After all, Zhuo Fan was the one who called the shots in Luo clan’s affairs, and even brought two strong elders over.


If he’d ever wanted the job, he’d have done it when the Luo clan was at its weakest, at its most vulnerable. Why the hell would he wait till now?


As such, to the Luo siblings, everyone was a potential traitor to the clan, but never Zhuo Fan. Because everything he had been doing was all for them.


Tapping his teacup, Zhuo Fan smiled, “Ha-ha-ha, I don’t fancy myself a Clan Head. I can’t bear the thought of staying cooped up as one for my entire life. So I’ve asked for you to witness this kid’s title as the next head be in effect!”


Zhuo Fan turned to Luo Yunhai, who was staring blankly.


At this point, Captain Pang brought four men into the hall, the four traitors of Windgaze City. Zhuo Fan had made sure they were kept alive just so Luo Yunhai would be the one to pass judgment.




Captain Pang barked and the four fell, “I never liked any of you since the moment I saw you, but this time you only got yourself to blame!”


Cai Rong and the other three shivered with heads lowered from dread.


Zhuo Fan waved and a steel essence great saber sank into the stone floor. The four flinched, so scared they almost peed themselves.


[Is Zhuo Fan planning on executing us?]


Chuckling, Zhuo Fan turned to Luo Yunhai, “Yunhai, as a future Clan Head, it is your duty to punish these traitors!”


The others jerked. Now they realized what Zhuo Fan was going for. He had Luo Yunhai handle Luo clan’s traitors and show his valor as Clan Head. But was he really going to make a child kill?


They all felt restless and Luo Yunhai couldn’t stop shaking. He had always stuck to Zhuo Fan, copying his demeanor, showing off all the same, but not once did he stop to think the day would come he’d soak his hands in blood. Not this soon at least.


“Zhuo Fan, you’re too much! He is but a child. How can you make him do such cruel things?” Luo Yunchang rushed to hug her baby brother while looking at Zhuo Fan with reproach.


Captain Pang couldn’t take it either, smiling wryly, “Brother Zhuo, is there a need for young master to handle these pests? Let me do it and spare young master for dirtying his hands.”


“Quiet! Are you the next Clan Head? Cai Rong is a Clan Head himself, and only a Clan Head can settle him!” Zhuo Fan glared.


Captain Pang jerked back and kept to himself.


Everyone was clear what Zhuo Fan was doing, to establish Luo Yunhai’s authority in the clan and start him on the path of Clan Head. It was high time for everyone to no longer think of him as a helpless child!


Li Jingtian and Yan Song slightly nodded. Zhuo Fan may be somewhat obstinate, but his every action was for the good of the Luo clan!


If Luo Yunhai, the nominal Clan Head, would have someone else solve all his problems, he would no longer need to even think and would waste away.


Zhuo Fan was doing all this so the Luo clan would have a worthy successor!


All understood how much thought Zhuo Fan put into this. Luo Yunchang’s heart was bleeding but steeled herself, pushing Luo Yunhai towards Zhuo.


Zhuo Fan eyed him coldly, until the child swallowed dryly and sweated bullets.


“Big bro Zhuo, don’t joke around. I’m just a kid…” Luo Yunhai laughed dryly. But Zhuo Fan’s face was unchanging, pitiless, “A child without a parent has long stopped being a child. If you don’t do this, I promise that you will one day go through the massacre you went two years ago. At that time, you will regret not grabbing power!”


Shuddering, Luo Yunhai was brought back to those cruel times of seeing his Luo clansmen murdered around him – the screaming, her sister scrambling for their lives – and his eyes gradually hardened.




Luo Yunhai lifted the great saber from the floor with a ringing. Seeing him approaching, Cai Rong’s group was scared witless.


Yan Song’s Yuan Qi had the four rooted on the spot, unable to make use of their own cultivation. They were so powerless even a three year-old could take their lives!


They watched Luo Yunhai get poisoned by Zhuo Fan’s guile and were filled with dread!


“Yunhai, listen to me. Don’t you remember Uncle Cai taking care of you? Our clans are longtime friends. I even gave you shelter…” Cai Rong pleaded, appealing to the child’s innocence.


Cai Xiaoting bobbed his head, “Yeah, don’t you remember big brother bringing you so many toys when I visit your Luo clan? Don’t do this to us…”


“Yeah, yeah, and sister…” Sun Yufei went with the flow, but no matter how much she racked her brains, nothing came out, only a mournful cry, “Shit, sister never met you. I’m done for…”


Sun Clan Head sighed as tears streamed down his face. Never had he imagined their mighty clan in Windgaze City would live to see the day when a snot-nosed brat would cut their line short.


All the other around them looked on with derision!


[These bastards have no shame, no morals. They’re willing to stoop to any low as long as it keeps them breathing!]


Yet, Luo Yunhai was steadfast, bringing the blade behind them. The screeching echoing from the blade being dragged was their requiem, making their hearts shudder with its tempo!




Finally behind them, Luo Yunhai lifted the great saber way up. They heard the whoosh of the blade and the fours felt a chill crawling down their spine.


[I’m dead!]


They knew Luo Yunhai brushed off their words. They could already imagine their heads falling, closing their eyes and gnashing their teeth in preparation!


Zhuo Fan watched everything coldly as Luo Yunchang turned her head away. The others were about to witness their Clan Head’s first act of exacting punishment to traitors!




A cold glimmer flashed and the four felt a chill, yet no pain at all, nor any blood was spilled. When they opened their eyes, they saw a strand of hair slowly floating from each of them.


Luo Yunhai’s childish voice sounded with a hint of power, “Luo and Cai clans are friends. My ancestors taught us to be steadfast and righteous. You were never kind to us, but I cannot be cruel to you! I heard how the ancient people cut their hair instead and, with the power invested in me as the Clan Head, I have severed your threads. But henceforth, our clans shall be strangers. And the next time you bring harm to us, your heads will roll!”


“As for the Sun clan, I spared them on account of Cai clan, as you are joined by marriage. So stop treating the Cai clan with such contempt. He was after all an elder of our Luo clan, and I hope not to see them in a bitter state after being driven away! “


The hall was still grave. All watched Luo Yunhai incredulously. None saw it coming, that a child was capable of such integrity, speaking of justice and benevolence.


It struck a cord even in Li Jingtian and Yan Song’s hearts.


His words may have been naive, but were spoken with resolve! But doing it like this was going against Steward Zhuo’s decision!


The two hadn’t been in the Luo clan for long, but it was obvious at a glance who was the real master here. They turned stiffly to Zhuo Fan to see him gloomy.


It was unbearable for one to see the new lord he raised to disobey him in the end, especially if you were one with power. And this was Zhuo Fan, a man who was unruly, snatching power as he wished. This act was no different than having his power challenged.


Li Jingtian and Yan Song looked at Luo Yunhai with a sigh.


[Even if you’re the future emperor, as a kid, if you don’t mind your tone and butt into the war between officials, you’ll end up dead…]



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