The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 210, Mad Battle of Fire and Water

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With shocking explosions that reach the ninth heaven, all the clouds scattered. It felt as if the world was heading to the end and the earth quaking so hard it would crack open.


Zhuo Fan and Li Jingtian were spectating at the foot of the mountain nonplussed about it all. The battle went for three days. Despite the raging inferno towering on one side, it was unable to thaw the imposing glacier on the other side even a fraction.


Raging Ancestor and Ice Moon Witch went back to their usual stalemate.


Half a month later, their battle only escalated. So much so that even Zhuo Fan and Li Jingtian could feel in danger. They had to retreat a hundred miles.


Finally after a long two month raging battle, it showed signs of subsiding. Zhuo Fan snickered, “It won’t be long now!”


After a constant three months racket, the place had finally become silent with one final boom. The flames swallowing half the sky retreated and the blizzard stopped.


Zhuo Fan smiled, “Elder Li, it’s our turn to join the act. Let’s see your performance!”


“Ha-ha-ha, ever since I switched to Wraith Art, my power has increased greatly over the months. I won’t let Steward Zhuo down!”


Laughing, Li Jingtian grabbed Zhuo Fan’s hand and flew to Snowfire Peak…


In the place where fire and water met on Snowfire Peak, Xue Qingjian was kneeling on the ice, gasping for breath. Scarlet blood dripped from her mouth yet her dagger stare never left her opponent, “Old fart, you finally went all out?”


“Old hag…”


Qiu Yanhai, just as weakened as her, was shying away from looking Xue Qingjian in the eye, “Forgive me, I ended up hurting you…”


Xue Qingjian squinted, “Screw your apology. Who knew you’re such a faker to hide your strength. You lied to me all these years! Speak, what is your real aim?”


“Uh, Qingjian, don’t misunderstand, I’ve joined with you so many times in fighting our enemies despite our differences. How can I have a nefarious aim?”


“Why else would you hide your strength for so long? Half a year ago, I still thought we’re still in a tug of war. How come you’re stronger all of a sudden? Humph, you faker!” Xue Qingjian flicked her head away.


Qiu Yanhai was panicking. He scratched his head and then sighed, “Qingjian, we’ve fought for more than a hundred times these past decades. And each time I could have won! You are too brash and quick to anger to accept this outcome, so I kept this from you…”


“Show off!”


But Xue Qingjian would have none of it, cutting him off with a glare, “Why stop now then?”


Qiu Yanhai was startled and said in a sad voice, “How could I not? If I lose now you’ll end up taking that pretty boy in. A lone man and a single young-looking woman together, who knows what would happen…”


Xue Qingjian saw him all cold on the outside but quite warm and fuzzy on the inside, and burst out laughing. Qiu Yanhai was clueless.


“You big lug, you thought I didn’t realize you were going easy all these years?” Xue Qingjian smiled, then she bore her hateful eyes in him, “Humph, I only used the kid as an excuse to make a bet with you. It was the only way to make you go all out, or you’d still be keeping this charade. I may be quick to anger, but not petty!”


Qiu Yanhai blinked then beamed, “You mean… you didn’t fancy the pretty boy?”


“Uh, well…” Xue Qingjian showed a teasing smile, “May not necessarily be untrue. I could just eat that kid up from how adorable he is. But that’ll depend on how you behave. If you dare lie to me again, I won’t stop at just one…”


“I won’t, I won’t. In the rare case we fight again, I’ll make sure to go all out and beat you silly…”


“What?!” Xue Qingjian glared at him.


Qiu Yanhai shrank back, smiling wryly as he scratched his head. Xue Qingjian couldn’t help but laugh at his antics.


The pair’s decades long spat had finally experienced closure…




Suddenly, Li Jingtian brought Zhuo Fan over. Zhuo Fan was shocked to see Xue Qingjian hurt and ran over, “Sister, you’re hurt! Here’s a pill to help you recover!”


“Hey, brat, you’re not allowed to get too close. The old hag lost!” Qiu Yanhai saw Zhuo Fan so concerned over her and jealousy won over him again.


Zhuo Fan took out a vial for her, “Sister, this Spring Pill can heal you and restore your Yuan Qi. Take it.”


Xue Qingjian frowned. She had her guard up even towards this seemingly innocent youth.




Suddenly, the vial flew from his hand. Zhuo Fan turned to see Li Jingtian watching them coldly, “What are you doing, Elder Li?”


“Young master, they are Regent Estate’s enemies. Now that they’re weak, it’s the best chance to kill them!” Li Jingtian spoke with towering bloodthirst shining in his eyes.


Xue Qingjian and Qiu Yanhai paled, and Zhuo Fan panicked. He spread his arms in front of Xue Qingjian, “Stop, Elder Li! Aren’t you here to help me get a master? Why…”


“Humph, that would’ve been perfect. But killing them would be so much better!” Snickering, Li Jingtian snorted, “Young master, step aside. I don’t want to hurt you, or worse, kill you. I cannot bear such responsibility!”


“Li Jingtian, how dare you! My dad…”


“Not even the Estate Lord can save you. In fact, he may even agree to my actions! Exchanging a kid’s life for two old enemies is totally worth it!” Li Jingtian glared at Zhuo Fan.


Zhuo Fan reeled two steps back in fear, unable to accept the cruel reality.


Xue Qingjian and Qiu Yanhai nodded at each other. This was more like Regent Estate’s style!


“Oh, the pill!”


Zhuo Fan shouted. He started searching frantically for it, “Sister, take the pill and recover…”


Li Jingtian squinted and sent a palm attack around where the vial landed.


But a sudden figure blocked it, Raging Ancestor.


Xue Qingjian then picked the vial and said, “Little brother, is this pill that good?”


“Of course!” Zhuo Fan smiled in glee.


Li Jingtian shuddered, worried she was going to take the pill. He charged at her with another palm attack.


But Qiu Yanhai was there to block him again, using his Earth Erupting Firesea to launch a sea of flames.




Earth Erupting Firesea was strong, but Li Jingtian had toughened up since before. And since Qiu Yanhai had fought for three months, he was no longer Li Jingtian’s match.




Fresh blood spurted from Qiu Yanhai as he flew into the air. Li Jingtian then shot for Xue Qingjian.


“Fire and water combine, Dragon and Phoenix!”


Xue Qingjian and Qiu Yanhai shouted at the same time. Their hand signs synced and a pair of fire dragon and ice phoenix formed behind them.


The fire dragon was made from the Earth Erupting Firesea and the phoenix from the Ice Heart Moon Soul!


The two pointed and the mighty creature fused their powers, charging for Li Jingtian. With the phoenix and dragon working in tandem, their powers were feeding off each other, growing tens of times stronger.


When they arrived before Li Jingtian, they were a thousand meters large.


Zhuo Fan clicked his tongue inwardly.


[This is a fire and water combining art that amplified each element’s power geometrically. Even a 6th layer Radiant Stage expert will receive a heavy wound taking such an attack head-on.]


But that was regarding your run of the mill Radiant Stage expert. And Li Jingtian was anything but that!


Zhuo Fan didn’t notice a snicker creeping on his lips. He was fully confident of Li Jingtian.


And sure enough, Li Jingtian didn’t lose his calm in front of such an onslaught. With a shout, his entire body was covered in black energy, the Wraith Art!


Li Jingtian turned into a black diamond and charged the attack as a black dragon image formed behind him, “Wraith Style’s first move, Soaring Demonic Dragon!”




The wail threatened to collapse the skies.


A black dragon was facing off against a pair of fire dragon and ice phoenix. The impact affected even the Snowfire Peak. Despite being covered in ice and flames, it threatened to crumble in the aftermath.




With another dragon roar, Li Jingtian saw he was caught in a deadlock and shouted, “Wraith Style’s second move, Ghostly Dragon Claw!”


The fire dragon and ice phoenix were swept by a claw, exploding in wails. The shockwave even stripped the Snowfire Peak’s ice and fire!




The rumbling continued as the wave spread across the entire mountain range, removing the ice and fire completely. Xue Qingjian and Qiu Yanhai were thrown back dozens of steps. They were looking in fear at Li Jingtian as if he was a demonic god.


Even exhausted as they were, they would’ve had no trouble fending off the old Li Jingtian. But it was clear that Li Jingtian wasn’t the one of old. He was a true Mad Dipper now.


He was unlike his past self, now, he was like a living demonic god. Tens of times stronger than both of their weakened selves’ attacks combined.


“That’s no Imperial Tyrant Body Art. W-what freaky art are you training in?” Qiu Yanhai swallowed in shock.


Grinning, Li Jingtian was immensely pleased by his progress and also grateful to Zhuo Fan, “Humph, the dead need not know!”


The two jerked, knowing now Li Jingtian was not going to stop until either side was dead.


The way they were now, they were no match for Li Jingtian. That left them with one choice only…


Xue Qingjian looked at the vial in her hand, at the Spring Pill pill inside.


Zhuo Fan snickered secretly, [Hook, line and sinker…]


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