The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 252, The Dread of Huangpu Tianyuan


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“Ha-ha-ha, you old poisoner! About time you showed up. Any later and I’d have had to go all out!” Lin Xuanfeng roared in laughter walking next to Yan Bangui while raising a taunting look at Chu Qingcheng. 


Yan Bangui was simply silent. The only sign he had that seemed to acknowledge the man was the bloodthirsty cold stare.


Heart jumping, Chu Qingcheng grew serious. Six Dragons and One Phoenix’s power was the strongest in the Profound Heaven Stage. Besides Huangpu Qingtian, there wasn’t much of a difference in the other six’s power.


She could deal with Forest Fleeting Dragon, Lin Xuanfeng, but her hands were tied with Yan Bangui in the mix. The others picked up on this and grew nervous.


Lin Xuanfeng puffed up his chest and laughed, “Ha-ha-ha, Ascending Ice Phoenix, now that we are two against one, I reckon what your chances will be?”


Chu Qingcheng tightened her fists in response.


“Ha-ha-ha, you’re among the Six Dragons and One Phoenix, yet you have no shame going two against one? What will you say to three against two then?”


The others jerked and saw Long Xingyun and Xie Tianshang’s groups arriving.


Xue Ningxiang looked at Luo Yunchang. She gathered her courage and showed a bashful smile, “Young miss Luo, are you alright?”


Luo Yunchang chuckled a nod, but was quite perplexed. [Who is this girl? I don’t even know her so why does she care so much about me?] 


But when she noticed the Thunder Ring, she realized that Zhuo Fan wore the same one, “T-that ring…”


“This is our engagement ring!” Xie Tianyang butted in, showing his own without an ounce of shame.


It was precisely for this occasion that he had Zhuo Fan make one for him as well.


Glaring at him, Xue Ningxiang stammered an explanation, “Young miss Luo, don’t misunderstand. This is nothing between us. Brother Zhuo simply gave a token to each of us!”


“Oh, I see!” Luo Yunchang nodded in disappointment and vexation. [That guy never gave me anything…]


Chu Qingcheng’s ears perked up and she whipped her head back, feeling quite down herself. 


[Grandmother said he is heartless, yet he suddenly grew a conscience? Humph, damn philanderer…]


Long Xingyun got next to Chu Qingcheng and stared at their opponents, “I wonder, who among you will spar with me?”


“Humph, stand back and leave them all to me!”


Xie Tianshang stepped in front, his sword sheath moved and his piercing gaze landed on his enemies. Like sharp blades, the two had a very real cold and sharp feeling on their necks! 


Long Xingyun almost facepalmed, [This guy’s martial fanatic obsession is out again. Though this is a very good opportunity to see how reliable he really is!]


While their side got bolstered, the enemy’s side was tense.


Now that the tables had turned, they were the ones at a disadvantage. 


“Ha-ha-ha, it’s three on three in fact!”


A laughter followed when a gray figure popped out before Lin Xuanfeng. Their tension eased.


Chu Qingcheng frowned and spat, “Specter Dragon, You Yushan!”


“It is I!” You Yushan nodded and turned to his own allies, “Eldest young master was right, Six Dragons and One Phoenix were bound to fight earlier.”


“Ha-ha-ha, in this case, we are even. What’s there to fear?” Lin Xuanfeng cackled, having recovered his cockiness.


Chu Qingcheng’s side waited solemnly.


With a metallic sound, Xie Tianshang’s sword left its sheath, “You two, pick someone else. These three are mine!” 


“Young master Xie, can you take them on all by yourself?” Chu Qingcheng frowned in worry.


Hardening his gaze, Xie Tianshang made up his mind, “How else can I challenge Huangpu Qingtian?”


“Brother Xie, I don’t care about the other two, but leave You Yushan to me!” Long Xingyun stepped up with a hard face, “Veiled Dragon Pavilion and Hell Valley’s grudges can only be settled amongst ourselves!”


“Ha-ha-ha, perfect. I was thinking the same thing. Let’s see what Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s Abyss Dragon is made of! I’ll make sure whether Hell Valley has overestimated you or not!”


You Yushan laughed, with sparks flying as their gazes met.


The scene was close to a breaking point. It was missing but a spark to devolve in an all out war.


But then a shout came, “Stop!”




Four men appeared between the two sides, eliciting murmurs from the others, “Four Tigers of Tianyu!”


“Seniors, Marshal Dugu forbids any grudge fights in Dragon Cloud City. The seven houses are no exception. Please comply!” Dugu Feng cupped his hands at the six, his tone very cold.


And yet another shout came, “Brother Yunhai…”


Dugu Huo noticed Luo Yunhai on the ground and knew at a glance that his leg was broken. His short temper was already burning as he raved, “Who did this?”


“Third brother, it was Lin Xuanfeng!” Luo Yunchang spoke in a pleading voice, “Please, elder brother, help us!”


Dugu Huo’s face heated up as he roared like a beast, “Anyone who harms our family is dead! Eldest brother…”




Dugu Feng cut him off with a glare, then continued, “I hope that we can all let this matter rest! If Marshal were to step in himself, it won’t simply end with words!”


The rest stared at him fixedly, then nodded slowly.


Dugu Zhantian was the second of the Four Pillars. They had to show him some respect after all. 


“Fine. It’s such a pity though, that I didn’t get to show them my prowess. We’ll just have to wait for the decisive battle of the houses then!” Lin Xuanfeng shrugged and mocked. They hadn’t lost in this exchange anyway.


The rest looked at each other and nodded as well.


Dugu Feng eased his breath and walked to Luo Yunhai, “Yunhai, please forgive me.”


“No, I understand that the eldest brother had to dissolve the situation!” Luo Yunhai’s eyes were firm.


Past five years in the Dugu Army had him grown accustomed to the meaning of military. In order to reach an objective, sometimes personal honor had to be sacrificed.


Taking a deep breath, Dugu Feng patted his shoulder, feeling his pain as well.


His little brother was pushed around and what did the eldest brother do? Nothing! All because of his orders. He was a soldier first and foremost, a Dugu Army’s general!


The other tigers sighed as well, filled with just as much rage as him.


“Oh, isn’t the situation over yet?” A sudden voice came, lofty as an emperor’s. Carrying might with every word.


They all turned to see the most dreadful among the six dragons.


Heaven-shaking Dragon Lord, Huangpu Qingtian!


“Eldest young master, this is what happened…” Lin Xuanfeng looked like a dog as he explained in brief.


Huangpu Qingtian nodded, yet his face was always calm. He stepped forward and said, “Since Zhuo Fan is a no-show, hurry up and kill the Luo clan! If such a crucial event doesn’t warrant his coming, he must be dead for sure!”


The others jerked in fright. Huangpu Qingtian was going to go against Dugu Zhantian’s orders and kill the Luo clan.


“Young master Huangpu, Marshal is against any grudge fights. Are you… “


Dugu Feng blocked his path and shouted, but Huangpu Qingtian only had disdain for his attempt, “Grudge fight, war, they all describe armed conflicts between two equally strong sides! But none of you are even worthy of a grudge fight. So erasing someone weak doesn’t violate any order.”


[Such crass!]


The people were shocked once again by this man’s egotistical behavior.




Suddenly, a sword light came down from above, straight for Huangpu Qingtian. Xie Tianshang was filled with fighting spirit as he shouted, “Huangpu Qingtian, I’ve waited ten years for this! Flowing Space’s Nine Forms – Splitting Heaven!”


“Ten years? Then you waited for nothing!”


He walked just like before, and yet in the face of the upcoming sword attack, he only replied with a casual palm attack.




The sword wave splintered and an almighty power slammed into Xie Tianshang’s chest and sent him flying while coughing blood.


The way Huangpu Qingtian put away his hand was as if he flicked away a pest, a mosquito – so casual, so dismissive. Not even his gait changed!




All watched in stunned silence how he dominated Xie Tianshang. Not even Xie Tianyang conceived it possible for his invincible brother to be so easily dealt with by Heaven-shaking Dragon Lord. 


Everyone said Huangpu Qingtian was a monster, but how could there be such discrepancy from the rest of the Six Dragons and One Phoenix? The others couldn’t even put up any resistance.


The hearts of everyone sank in despair! Huangpu Qingtian was an untameable mountain as he stepped towards them.


Although slow, his step carried such power that it was as if he was stepping on everyone’s hearts, crushing their spirit and will…



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