The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 286, I’ll Send You to Hell Together


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“Yan Fu?”


Zhuo Fan shouted.


Yan Fu was Vicious Pill King’s prized pupil. When he got Yan Song to work under him, among other reasons, he also threatened Yan Fu’s life, ultimately making Yan Song cave. 


It was obvious how much Elder Yan cared about the kid.


So, as a good steward, Zhuo Fan was looking for the chance to get Yan Fu to switch sides as well, and bring the master and disciple back together in one big happy family. Though a chance never came, until now.


It wasn’t like he was swamped with work, but more along the lines of he couldn’t find Yan Fu. He lucked out by bumping into him in Dragon Cloud City, but there was no way he could talk to him in front of the seven houses, that was for sure.


Who’d have ever conceived it possible, the two of them would finally reconnect after many, many years. Though the circumstances were perhaps particularly awkward to explain his way out of.


It wasn’t either about Huangpu Qingtian finding out he’d be stealing him from right under his nose. What was a little more hatred when there was no love lost between them to begin with.


Just that it would get this guy in the crossfire, and whittle down his life to nothing. Yan Song would never forgive him for this. 


He never ever owed anybody anything, and the same applied to everyone.


Yan Fu found his leg in Zhuo Fan’s clutches but realized the demon wasn’t going in for the kill. He looked on oddly and stopped shivering, trying to calm his errant heart as well. 


Scared out of his mind his taunt earlier would earn him a gruesome death, he ducked for cover the instant Zhuo Fan touched down. Only to hear him wanting to have a blast at the expense of others’ lives, driving such horror into his heart he couldn’t even move.


His only hope was that the demon would leave once he had his fill of killing.


Who was to know once the dust settled, the demon himself would come after his head? He even found his hidey hole like nothing!


It terrified him!


But figuring out Zhuo Fan had no intention of harming him emboldened him, perhaps the death of his master had some part in this as well. Yan Fu stuck out his chin and bellowed at Zhuo Fan, “Humph, you damn demon! I vow to get revenge for killing my master!” 


“And how exactly?” Zhuo Fan raised an eyebrow.


His mood sinking, Yan Fu gnashed his teeth in humiliation, “Yeah, with my power I can never defeat you! And now I’m in your clutches. Kill me if you have the guts. Let me go see my master! I am unworthy of taking revenge, but the least I can do is go serve him in the underworld.”


Zhuo Fan nodded inside.


[The kid is a coward and a lecher, but he is filial to his master, I’ll give him that much. I can see why Elder Yan doted on him.]


“Rest assured, I won’t kill you. As for your master…” Zhuo Fan was about to explain, but a sudden noise cut him off.




Four figures landed a hundred meters off Zhuo Fan, with Huangpu Qingtian in the lead. The other three were Yan Bangui, You Yushan and Lin Xuanfeng.


The three looked grave while only Huangpu Qingtian took it easy. But there was no way to hide the raging battle lust in his eyes.


“You’re here.” Huangpu Qingtian said.


Zhuo Fan grinned, “How could I possibly refuse young master Huangpu’s invitation?”


Taking in the dozen corpses around, Huangpu Qingtian said, “You’re Soaring Demonic Dragon in name and reality. You won’t spare even the weak!”


“Humph, with your strength, you’re only shaming yourself stooping so low!” You Yushan vented his ire.


Zhuo Fan just shrugged, “I was only playing around. Don’t tell me they’re worth crying over.”


“Of course not, but now that I’m here, if you still want to play, come after me!” Huangpu Qingtian shook his head, hardly caring about some low lives. 


He then turned to Yan Fu, “Finish the kid off if you want to. Then I’ll teach you true power!”


Yan Fu shivered from indignation.


Ever since his master kicked the bucket, he was reduced to being treated like those common third and second rate clansmen. And not just Huangpu Qingtian looked down on him, not even his clan’s Yan Bangui spoke in his defense! 


[Ha-ha-ha, I’m a true pariah now!]


[It won’t matter now. For us master and disciple to die at Zhuo Fan’s hand is only fitting. At least Zhuo Fan is our enemy. If I would’ve died because of my clansmen, I’d truly die with regrets.]


Forlorn, Yan Fu sighed and closed his eyes. He may have thought so, but how could he let go so easily after being cast out by his house?


His hatred now changed from Zhuo Fan to the same house that raised him…


Zhuo Fan nodded inside. He grabbed his neck and hoisted him and spun on his feet. Intentional or not, it just so happened to block Huangpu Qingtian’s vision. 


“Yan Fu, a man of your grief and emotion, letting you live will make the pain so much sweeter! He-he-he, I just love seeing my enemies trudge through life in pain and suffering. I won’t kill you now. but if you still yearn for death, come find me! I’ll send you to hell, to see the ghost of your master.  “


Zhuo Fans ended on a heavy tone and a slap at Yan Fu’s chest. Out of anyone else’s notice, he also slipped a jade in his clothes.


Yan Fu’s eyes shot wide open, but then he saw Zhuo Fan’s vague smile, “Remember, if you find life to be too much of a torment, come find me! I’ll surely send you off to hell to your master!”


Zhuo Fan then flung him away.


Yan Fu was dirty and wretched, but his eyes lit up and clutched his chest.  


Huangpu Qingtian looked skeptical, “Zhuo Fan, I never knew you for your mercy, especially on a waste!”


“What can I say, I’m a saint!” Zhuo Fan shrugged.


Everyone rolled their eyes. [If you’re a saint then the whole world is filled with demons!]


Squinting, Huangpu Qingtian played around, “Since you don’t want to land the final blow, let me help you!”


Huangpu Qingtian struck a palm at Yan Fu.


Yan Fu was rooted in place from fear as he cried.


Yan Fu was useless, true, but he was their waste. [Why would the eldest young master kill off one of his own?]


Yan Fu was close to peeing himself when the almighty strike stopped just an inch off his head. The wind it picked up ruffled his black hair, but also paralyzed him.


Squinting, Huangpu Qingtian turned to Zhuo Fan who watched the strike in interest, knowing full well what he was doing. 


He also seemed to encourage Huangpu Qingtian to finish the waste off. As if he was eager to see the allies tearing each other up.


Huangpu Qingtian took back his palm, still staring at Zhuo Fan.


[Was I mistaken?]


“What’s wrong? Why stop?” Zhuo Fan urged him full of eagerness.


Huangpu Qingtian said, “He is useless and I want to deal with him as well, but what do you know, I’m also feeling a bit of a saint myself.”


The two burst out laughing.


While the four witnesses looked on in fear.


[These two vile tyrants are that damn rotten to call themselves saints?]


[Humph, degenerates, the both of them!] 


Of course, they kept it to themselves if they knew what was good for them. With Heaven-shaking Dragon Lord and Soaring Demonic Dragon’s tempers, these savage beasts would tear them limb from limb otherwise. 


Case in point, one only had to throw a look at Forest Fleeting Dragon’s sorry state.


Glancing at the one legged man, the other three knew perfectly well when to keep their mouth shut. Huangpu Qingtian and Zhuo Fan were not ones to take any complaints without dishing out extra punishment.


Yet they all failed to realize a shadow peering out as they were engrossed in the play. 


“Eh? Is that Heaven-shaking Dragon Lord, Huangpu Qingtian? The same one who doesn’t care about anyone? Ha-ha-ha, how amusing, he isn’t average at all! But compared to him, Zhuo Fan is more along my tastes as a demonic cultivator! Nice power, good skills, but… who is stronger among them? I am not one to pick up trash and take back the loser!”


Snickering, the shadow spoke as if he was fetching livestock.


“Who knew Tianyu birthed so many wonderful goods? I didn’t waste time coming here, ha-ha-ha…”



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