The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 30, Mad Slaughter

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Editor: Silavin


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Yang Ming stormed before Zhuo Fan and pulled him back. Lei Yuting was stunned.


“Senior Brother, what’s wrong?”


Squinting his eyes, Yang Ming turned to Lei Yuting, “Junior Sister, are you hiding something from me?”


Lei Yuting froze but shook her head after hesitating, “How can I?”


Yang Ming snickered, “Junior Sister, after being in contact for so long, you’re unable to lie to me.”


“Of course!”


Lei Yuting felt danger behind Yang Ming’s smile. As if a viper had its eyes on her, forcing her to stagger back.


Yang Ming’s eyes flashed with determination, “Junior Sister, where is Xiao Cui?”


“I had her do some things,” Lei Yuting stammered.


Yang Ming nodded, pleased. But the next second, his eyes flashed evilly as he sent a palm strike. The powerful strike to her chest sent Lei Yuting flying.


A trail of blood hung in the air.


Yang Ming then pressed a spot on the bed and a trap door opened beneath Lei Yuting.


Zhuo Fan faked shock and fled. But Yang Ming’s quick hand clutched his neck throwing him inside the hole and then closed the trap door.


The old man trembled from fury seeing the two falling in Yang Ming’s trap.




Lei Yuting’s body ached as she landed in the black cave. But then, with a loud bang, something crashed onto her with such force that she spat blood.


“Didn’t think this kid would have a trap door,” Zhuo Fan reached for the ground and felt something soft in his palm, “Why is the ground so soft?”


“Ah, bastard! Get off me!”


A shriek pierced his ears and Zhuo Fan realized he was on top of Lei Yuting with his two hands conveniently placed on her chest.


He rushed away and said embarrassed, “Sorry, it was a total accident…”


Lei Yuting, with a beet-red face, didn’t argue. 


She stood up and raved, “Yang Ming, so you’re the one behind it all!”




Yang Ming’s egotistical laughter came from above, “Junior Sister, I knew your return was suspicious. And you even brought a 2nd-grade alchemist. You started to doubt me.”


“Why are you doing this? Godfather always treated you well!” Lei Yuting wailed in grief as her heart broke. 


Yang Ming replied with a sneer, “I have my own plans, this old man means nothing to me. I didn’t hope to deal with you so soon, but you even went as far as bringing a 2nd-grade alchemist to ruin my plan.”


“What, do I mean so little to you?”


Tears streamed down Lei Yuting’s cheeks. She spat blood again from heartache.


Zhuo Fan shook his head, unmoved by her plight. [You only have yourself to blame.] But since he had a play to finish, he still kept true to his role as a healer.


“Little Brother, I have nothing to do with your problems. Let me go, I’m innocent.”


Yang Ming only laughed.


“Damn hack, if you were useless it wouldn’t have made much difference if I killed you or not. Such a shame you figured out the old man’s illness.”


“Illness? What illness? I only thought he didn’t move for so long that toxins started to set in and wanted to give him a laxative!” Zhuo Fan cried his injustice, “This is how I earn my meager living, why… “


Yang Ming rubbed his forehead.


[Curses, it’s all a misunderstanding!]


He took the old man as having skills when he was nothing but a swindler looking to earn his next meal. [In the end, what skill can a 4th layer Qi Condensation old man have?]


Yang Ming shook his head, regretting his rash actions. He wanted Lei Yuting to complete his job, but now he had to do it himself.


“Damn hack! You ruined everything!” Yang Ming roared, “Once I come back, I’ll deal with you both!”


“Guards, make sure no one comes in.”




Zhuo Fan then heard two guards taking positions at the door and Yang Ming leaving.


“Hey, Little Brother, I’m not the only one who makes a living like this! Hey, let me go, I’m innocent…”


Zhuo Fan shouted a few more times but didn’t get a reply and was certain Yang Ming was gone.


He turned to Lei Yuting to find her sitting blankly. She just found out her fiancé was someone else entirely and felt nothing for her, willing to even kill her. Any girl would feel their heart torn to shreds from this.


Rubbing his fake beard, Zhuo Fan spoke, “You’re not too different from my young miss. You should later share each other’s pain and learn from them.”


“Humph, later? It’s still unclear if we’ll survive,” Lei Yuting lashed.


Zhuo Fan’s smile brimmed with confidence, “It’s all going according to this old man’s plan. Relax, we’re leaving tonight. But if you want to die, you can take your life now of course. After all, you’ve been discarded.” 


Lei Yuting snapped, “If I die, I’ll drag you down with me.”


Zhuo Fan chuckled as he closed his eyes, waiting for the night.


Lei Yuting pouted, yet she found that bickering with Zhuo Fan had eased the pain inside and that something faint sprouted…


In the dead of night, a crescent moon hung in the clouded sky above Blackwind Mountain. Most bandits were asleep, with the exception of the guards.


In the dark cave, Zhuo Fan neared the wall and flashed his eyes open as Lei Yuting was sleeping further behind.


He pointed and a red light flashed from Lei Yuting’s body and floated before Zhuo Fan.  


The Blood Infant.


Zhuo Fan didn’t trust Lei Yuting even with an agreement in place. So he took Xiao Cui hostage and placed the Blood Infant inside Lei Yuting.


If she made one wrong move, he’d end her in an instant.


It was fortunate Lei Yuting’s act was in order, but now it was time for Blood Infant to show its strength.


The Blood Infant was acting as if it hadn’t seen its parent for days, rubbing Zhuo Fan’s cheek. He smiled for a moment before his eyes flashed with mad killing intent. 


Blood Infant knew his heart’s desires and flew outside. The thick stone walls didn’t hinder it in the least.


The mountain forest was particularly quiet at this time and the bandits were enjoying their dreams in their rooms.


But a red light flashed inside one of them, only to leave the next second to enter another bandit. The previous content smile faltered and was soon devoid of life.


The Blood Infant’s speed was dreadful, cleaning up a room of twenty bandits in one breath. When it left, the room was robbed of life. 


In the same manner, the Blood Infant travelled all over Blackwind Mountain, taking every breath of life along the way. Its final stop was the two guards at Mountain Lord’s door. 




One guard saw his partner being assaulted by a red light, “Something went inside you!”


The other guard froze, not getting what had happened, but then Zhuo Fan’s voice came from within his body, “Let us out.”


The guards’ hearts were in a panic. Why did the voice of the one trapped beneath them come from one guard’s body? 


Before they could understand what happened, the Blood Infant dried up its host before the other one’s eyes, leaving nothing but dust. It then entered the other guard.


The guard was scared to death to the point he lost his voice.


It was then Zhuo Fan’s voice came from inside him, “Let us out!”


It carried with it an undeniable power that softened the guard’s knees as he relieved himself in his pants. 


“Lord, please wait, I’ll do it right now,” The guard cried.


Anyone who had seen their partner turn to dust would have no shred of courage left. The guard rushed in tears to open the mechanism.




The trapdoor opened and light shined inside.


Lei Yuting was roused by the sudden light and looked to see Zhuo Fan next to her, “If you want to live, come with me.”


Then he jumped.


Lei Yuting was amazed at how he did it, but his words made her angry, “Humph, I won’t die so easily.”


She then jumped after him…


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