The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 305, Ambush


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Before the water National Elemental Stone, on Dragon Cloud City’s side, everyone had gathered close to observe the show as it unfolded.


Since three days ago, the audience saw Yan Bangui and You Yushan leading ten thousand men over. Some speculated that the two had found the keys to the water exit and were about to return.


In time, it became clear that they had no such intention. Instead of getting closer, they were setting up an array nearby, clearly an ambush. 


Yet for three days, all was quiet.


The audience was observing unnerved, especially Grandmother and Long Yifey’s group. All the preparations were clearly meant for Chu Qingcheng and company. But were they going to fall for it that easily?


Noone knew what was happening on Beast King Mountain, adding to their worries, their frowns never leaving their faces. They prayed with all their heart for their successors to not fall for it.


Regent Estate’s side was smiling.


“Estate Lord, eldest young master has entered the final phase of the plan.” Leng Wuchang stroked his beard. His eyes shined and his mouth perked up in a proud smile.


Huangpu Tianyuan nodded, “Sir Leng’s mind is brilliant. I have no doubt you can purge that evil this time. As long as Sir Leng intervenes, not even that demon can escape.”


“You’re too kind, Estate Lord. I may have presented eldest young master with the plan, but it was his remarkable wits that led it to fruition. I do not dare take all the credit.” Leng Wuchang faked modesty.


With an odd smile, Huangpu Tianyuan said, “No, Sir Leng. This is all thanks to you. If it were you leading the operation, it would’ve been finished much sooner. “


Leng Wuchang looked at him deeply and nodded.


He knew of Huangpu Tianyuan’s dissatisfaction for his son, scared the young master earned enough merit to depose him. So he’d rather let Leng Wuchang take all the credit, all to undermine Huangpu Qingtian’s achievements.


[Sigh, such is the Regent Estate. Where father and son are fighting tooth and nail in pursuit of power. ]


Leng Wuchang shook his head as he mocked them.


“Sir Leng, are you sure ten thousand men are enough to deal with Zhuo Fan?” A smiling voice drifted over. Leng Wuchang turned to see Zhuge Changfeng flanked by his elders coming over with a crafty smile.


Eyes flashing, Leng Wuchang shook his head, “My meager skill is only good for entertainment. I wouldn’t dare boast before the great Prime Minister. As for this ambush, it isn’t to deal with Zhuo Fan.”


“Oh?” Zhuge Changfeng raised an eyebrow, but then he said after a moment of pondering, “First deal with the horse then the rider, right?”


“Prime Minister Zhuge is truly wise!” Leng Wuchang nodded, “You know the saying, ‘those whom god wishes to destroy, he first makes them mad’! Zhuo Fan is not only powerful, he has many odd tricks up his sleeve. And let’s not forget his devious mind and penchant for schemes. If we do not rob him of his reason, not even a foolproof plan conceived by us two together would work!”


“By the sound of it Sir Leng has already found his weakness. Or you wouldn’t be so open with your designs.” Raising his eyebrows, Zhuge Changfeng smiled, “Who is it then? Luo Yunhai, or…”


Leng Wuchang shook his head, his wording vague, “Prime Minister Zhuge, you will know soon enough. I believe not even sir would conceive it possible who his fatal weakness was.”


Zhuge Changfeng’s reply, “Ha-ha-ha, Sir Leng, you’re even holding me in suspense. Very well, I’ll just have to see for myself then, how that demon loses his mind.”


Leng Wuchang smiled back at the water National Elemental Stone…


At this time, a group appeared on the big screen.


Grandmother and Long Yifey froze at the sight of them. Their hearts tensed and cold sweat filled their fists. They wished nothing more than to shout at them, to warn them of their demise.


A darn shame the Teleportation Array was one way only. Their warnings would fall on deaf ears.


While Leng Wuchang and Huangpu Tianyuan showed a snicker, [They’re finally here!]


Two teams were clearly distinguished, Sword Marquise Abode’s and Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s. They were far quicker than Chu Qingcheng and even met along the way.


“Just what was Zhuo Fan thinking when sending us here? We’re clearly wasting time wandering all over the place!” Xie Tianyang was holding a leaf in his mouth. Brushing away a bush while complaining of boredom.


Long Xingyun laughed, “Second young master Xie, ever heard of the ‘lies in truth, and truth in lies’ used in the art of war? To deceive one’s enemy you must deceive your allies. Those three exits were nothing more than a lure for the enemy, while we changed our course midway towards our real purpose!”


“Yeah, brother Tianyang, you need to learn from big brother Zhuo. Even he knows more than you about what’s going on!” Xue Ningxiang jumped in, pointing at Long Xingyun while calling out Xie Tianyang’s flaws.


Xie Tianyang sneered in silence, while his heart bled from anger, [You’re saying as if Zhuo Fan’s every word is the unblemished truth!]


Long Xingyun nodded first, then his face twitched.


[The lass sure has a mouth on her. What do you mean by ‘even he knows’? Are you saying I’m usually an ignorant philistine? Do I look that stupid to you?]


Then, a cry broke their ceaseless argument.


Long Kui shouted as she pointed at the shining water crystal, “There’s the water exit. The map is real!”


The others perked up thrilled at the prospect and rushed over.


“Ha-ha-ha, the water exit is here. Brother Zhuo was right all along!” Long Xingyun laughed, running as well.


Xie Tianyang mocked though, “Why are you so chipper? We don’t have the key, do we?”


“Dunce, since brother Zhuo told us to come here in particular, he must’ve gotten the keys without even us realizing it!” Long Xingyun was over the moon, so much so he forgot who just spoke and cursed back.


Xie Tianyang was annoyed but didn’t let it show. Xue Ningxiang, the picture of ignorance, fanned the flames, “Yeah, dunce. Do you have rocks for brains? You think big brother Zhuo would have us come here on a whim?”


The speaker was clueless to the damage, while the listener found the words intentional to spite him.


Xie Tianyang’s flames of rage burnt hotter than lava. His fists clenched, his teeth grinded.


[Why does everyone look up to Zhuo Fan and always take me down a peg?] He didn’t much care about the rest but even Ning’er, the one he cared the most about, did it. He just couldn’t accept it.


A seed of hatred was planted in his heart, towards his brother who he went though life and death once.


A change no one there noticed…


Before the water National Elemental Stone, Grandmother’s group was so keyed up, their hearts practically flat lined as they prayed, [Don’t come any closer… It’s a trap…]


The utter powerlessness they felt watching their clansmen walk into the jaws of death was so strong she felt like her heart was being stabbed over and over, one step at a time…


Leng Wuchang and Huangpu Tianyuan watched them getting closer and the grins turned sinister. It soon turned into joy at the expectancy for bloodshed that followed upon noticing a dainty figure among them.


All around the water exit, Yan Bangui and You Yushan’s forces laid in wait. Once the two noticed the carefree figure among their prey, they signaled, “Our target’s here. Attack!”


They both shouted in unison.


Then, a glow started rising from beneath everyone’s feet. 36 light pylons shot for the skies, trapping them all.


At the same time, each of the pylon beams was shown to be housing a person. As the scenery began changing, the water exit vanished, soon replaced by bloody skies, and blood tainted air. 


They seem to have found themselves in another world. Not Beast King Mountain of Tianyu Empire, it was such an odd place they may not even be in the Martial Emperor Continent!


“A 36-man array!” Long Xingyun cried, “Damn it! We’ve been trapped!”


It was clear as day to all. This was not an array controlled by a single man, but by thirty six people. Such a meticulous array needed ample time to be set in motion.


In other words, this was a well thought out ambush, so much so it began well before they even rushed here!


But how? Zhuo Fan told them to come here. Why would he lead them into a trap?


None could accept what was before them and chose to deny reality. But the facts were laid bare for everyone. Zhuo Fan had sent them to hell.


“Give them no quarter!”


A shout unleashed a flood of ten thousand men coming at them from all directions. They were so panicked they couldn’t tell where the enemy was coming from, thinking of nothing else than of escape.


But trapped as they were, with all sides painted red, they had no way to distinguish the exit.


Add to that the constant roars of the enemy, the fear gnawed at any semblance of reason they had left, waiting to be culled…



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  1. “A seed of hatred was planted in his heart, towards his brother who he went though life and death once.”

    Is this a the spark of another betrayal scene and Zhu Fan losing himself to the darkness ?

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