The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 365, Parish


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After a bit more chatting, the Crown Prince stood up and bowed before leaving. Zhuo Fan actually enjoyed sending him off for a change, beaming from ear to ear.


He was brimming with smugness thinking that Crown Prince had yet to find out that the fatty sold him out.


Be that as it may, Zhuo Fan thought that taking such a grand gift for nothing was a tad bit awkward.


Not like it was his fault. It was that tub of lard to blame for ruining his elder brother’s masterful scheme. While Zhuo Fan was off the hook. As for serving Tianyu, it was not a problem. [Who’s to say whom the future Tianyu belongs to?] 


Snickering inside, Zhuo Fan watched the princes leave, then came back inside more refreshed than ever. 


As for those two brothers, they didn’t get more than a stick’s toss away when Crown Prince cupped his hands, “Third brother, thank you for coming with me. Otherwise, it would’ve been impossible to make friends with the prideful Steward Zhuo even if I came as the Crown Prince.”


“Don’t be like that, elder brother. We are close, you and I. Of course I’ll help you out!” The fatty slapped his flabby chest, shouting his bromance. 


Yet in the next second, his beady eyes turned shifty, “Elder brother, weren’t you always against us getting close to the houses? Then why…”


Crown Prince sighed, “You must think that I am going against the imperial father’s decree by doing this, correct? Only, sigh, the imperial father has been going down on his years and his handling of court falls shorter from one year to the next. With the Luo clan and Regent Estate being like fire and water, it will be dangerously easy for Tianyu to fall into chaos and wreck the imperial father’s poor heart from anxiety. As his son, I must set things right. That is why I wanted to get close to the rising Luo clan so that I may mediate in the most dire moments and bring balance to Tianyu!”


“Oh, elder brother is so considerate towards the people and father. I am in awe!” Yuwen Cong cupped his hands, putting on a face of adoration, “Elder brother, just say the word and I will fulfill any request you may have to my full capabilities. This is the only thing I can do to share the load you and father carry.”


Nodding, the Crown Prince patted his shoulder, “Third brother, I thank you for your good intentions. If only our second brother had a fraction of your kindness, I believe we brothers could do it. If we work as one, nothing is impossible. A shame…”


“Elder brother, lighten up. Second brother will one day understand your toil!” The fatty gripped Crown Prince’s hand, watching him with a heavy gaze.


Crown Prince had a thin smile, “I can only hope…”


“Third brother, I still have documents to handle for father in the Imperial Palace. I’ll be going.” Crown Prince glanced at the sky and cupped his hands.


The fatty replied in kind, “Thank you for your hard work, elder brother. Goodbye.”


Then he took his men and went in another direction.


Watching the ball of flesh wiggle away in the sun’s glorious rays, the Crown Prince had a smile on his face. But once the pile of meat took a turn, his face sank, his eyes exploding with revulsion and hatred unlike any before.


“That damn lardass talks too much!”


He took out a spotless hanky and wiped his hand the fatty had grabbed then threw it away. 


Then he left with his own detail, towards the gloom of a dark alley where three people waited.


“Greetings, Prime Minister Zhuge.” Crown Prince bowed.


They were Prime Minister Zhuge Changfeng and his two elders.


Zhuge Changfeng smiled, “Your Highness, by your confident gaze, I believe the plan was a success.”


“Of sorts, however Zhuo Fan is a highfalutin, leaving me with anger but nowhere to vent!” Crown Prince grimaced.


Zhuge Changfeng laughed, “Your Highness, please bear it. Zhuo Fan is a prideful youngster who has yet to experience true failure. Even Leng Wuchang suffered at his hands. His pride is warranted. This is just how people with talent are.”


“But will this cocky man one day take your position and become Prime Minister?” Crown Prince frowned in disbelief.


Zhuge Changfeng nodded, “You heard it yourself, how the emperor bestowed him the Best Steward Beneath Heavens title. And what does that mean? Becoming Prime Minister! His Majesty is paving the way, a capable official for the new emperor! Zhuo Fan may be unorthodox and crass in his methods, unlike me, but we are the same in one aspect. We are more than qualified to be the Prime Minister!”


“I understand, Prime Minister Zhuge!”


Crown Prince nodded, but a dark cloud still loomed over his face, “But I just can’t stand Zhuo Fan’s attitude. Just thinking how I’ll tangle with him day after day once I’m crowned, is infuriating! “


Zhuge Changfeng had a look of ridicule for him, “Your Highness need not worry about this for now. Perhaps… you won’t even get the chance.”


Crown Prince shook like a quiver as he cried, “What are you implying?”


“Nothing. Just a guess about His Majesty’s thoughts, ha-ha-ha…”


Zhuge Changfeng’s eyes flashed, “Every ruler plays favorites, leaving to his successor the people he wants. This goes double for the officials. Some will be demoted, others promoted, all to win the people’s hearts. Yet this time, His Majesty has decided to forgo this and settle on the next Prime Minister candidate. Now why do you think he did that?”


Crown Prince shook his head bewildered.


Zhuge Changfeng resumed with a hidden gaze of contempt, “If the officials are chosen before the ruler, this can only mean one thing. His Majesty is yet to decide who among you three is to be the successor. Put another way, anyone would do with Zhuo Fan at his side. Your Highness, don’t put too much stock in your Crown Prince status, when it gives no advantage whatsoever in the power struggle. Ha-ha-ha…”


“H-how can this be…” Crown Prince shuddered two steps back.


“Now do you see why I suggested getting close to Zhuo Fan? The official decides the emperor. Since any one of you three will do, it will all come down to who fits this stuck-up future grand chancellor best. This shall decide who among you is destined to be emperor!”


Zhuge Changfeng sneered at the stumped Crown Prince, “In case Your Highness and Zhuo Fan can’t exactly rub shoulders, you might as well give up on the throne. Being a regent isn’t all that bad either…”




Crown Prince shouted his defiance, “Prime Minister Zhuge, thank you for telling me. Now I know what I must do.”


He took his men and left in a haze. The sweat had seeped into his back and the golden tunic stuck to him.


Zhuge Changfeng was mighty pleased watching the staggering figure leave.


The black haired elder spoke, “Sir, are you really helping him take the throne?”


“Helping? Humph, I’m not so bored as to get his dowry for him!”


Zhuge Changfeng snickered, “I’m only praising the Luo clan so much because of this tripartite stalemate plan, have the tigers tear each other apart while he reaps the benefits. But does he think I’ll just stand by and let him do that? I will entangle the imperial family into this mess and jumble the board so much he won’t be able to tell left from right. Ha-ha-ha, since he wants chaos, I’ll give him a helping hand and raise hell. We’ll just have to wait and see who will be the true reaper in the end!”


The two elders praised, “The Prime Minister is brilliant!”


Meanwhile, Zhuo Fan went back to the lounge, dodging past Long Yifey and company.


Long Yifey sighed at the gone princes, “Crown Prince, a man of such impeccable conduct, is looking for a faction as well. The imperial capital isn’t as calm as the surface.”


The others nodded.


These guys all had decades behind them and could sniff out any undercurrent.


Zhuo Fan agreed as well, but wasn’t worried. With the Luo clan growing day by day and on the initiative, who could reign them in when they were in constant transformation?


“Steward Zhuo, someone has come with an invitation!” Captain Pang ran over.


Zhuo Fan glanced at it and at the sight of the second prince’s name, he laughed, “I just sent away the Crown Prince, and the second one comes right after!”


“The second prince is filled with wild ambitions, always discussing with the houses in secret. But everyone looked down on him, until recently, when he got tangled with Hell Valley. To vie for the throne, I presume.”


Grandmother urged, “Steward Zhuo, you’d best avoid getting into the imperial family’s affairs, lest you incite trouble.”


“Humph, I fear no trouble. But what does this second prince think he is, that he can just ask me to visit him? Even the Crown Prince paid yours truly a visit!” 


Zhuo Fan ripped the invitation in disdain.


The others flushed with shame. [Steward Zhuo has nerves of steel. Coming to such a decision with such a reasoning.]


While they were weighing the pros and cons, and how to ease up on refusing the guy, Zhuo Fan, on his high horse as he always was, never failed to look the part of the egotistical boss.




Checking the second invitation, Zhuo Fan read, “Parish!”


The third pillar, Demigod Yun Xuanji!


Narrowing his eyes, Zhuo Fan pondered.


Now that he thought about it, he had yet to pay this thousand year old mystifying clan a visit. And here it was knocking on his door… 



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