The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 404, Father and Son Fight


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A tiny fist came out of nowhere, with enough power to crush mountains.


Zhuo Fan threw a fist of his own.


The bang rattled the ears of the guests. Zhuo Fan was forced back a hundred meters before steadying. 


Following the deep scar he made on the ground, he found that in his original place was a pint-sized smug figure.


Everyone cried out. Where did he come from? How did he have the power to push back a monster like Zhuo Fan?


The Quanrong delegation was shaking. They gulped at the rosy-cheeked child.


[For all that’s holy, is your land a freaking monster pen? It was bad enough that Zhuo Fan was a freak of nature, now you have someone even younger?]


[This doesn’t make any sense!]


Quanrong grumbled inside, [Tianyu has way too many talents.]


As for the seven houses, Zhuge Changfeng and the others knew of the freak raised in the imperial family’s backyard. He was the most savage of the Divine Dragons, Invincible Scamp Gu Santong.


[That old coot has been ready to take the little freak out from the very start.]


Zhuge Changfeng and Leng Wuchang’s eyes flashed.


“Humph, that’s right, I’m strong… uh!”  Gu Santong stuck out his chest, tooted his horn and froze.


The guard said the emperor would give the signal to attack, but he didn’t even think the target would turn out to be his godfather.


He hesitated, his face changing constantly.


Zhuo Fan grinned, having seen this coming. The emperor was frowning at the odd spectacle.


[What’s going on with the little freak? Why did he stop?]


“Da…” Gu Santong mumbled awkwardly.


Zhuo Fan didn’t let him finish, flashing in his face with the red Qilin arm.


Gu Santong blocked by instinct.




Another shocking rumble spread and the guests took to the air. The emperor was taken away by the guards.


This was a battle between monsters. Sticking around any longer would pulverize one’s bones.


Gu Santong shot back fifty meters from the punch, razing everything in a kilometer’s range.


Nobody noticed Zhuo Fan taking advantage of the smoke and mirrors to send him a message, “In a few moves, I’ll fake defeat and you should chase me!”


Gu Santong’s eyes lit up and he nodded.


Out of the loop as he was, he nevertheless believed that Zhuo Fan would explain himself. So he straightened his back, flicked his hand and launched Zhuo Fan into the air.


Gu Santong jumped after him.


The sky got littered with booms as the two traded blow for blow.


Each clash ended with a pulse of power swiping the surroundings. They pulverized anything they touched making sure no one even tried to get near. 


All they could do was crank their heads as the two darted to and fro, reducing the gaudy Imperial Palace to rubble. 


The audience sighed. The two were dazzling gems of equal rarity and power. Only they could unleash such a spectacle, others would’ve long since dropped dead.


The Quanrong were dumbstruck.


The Quanrong were tough, some say. The Quanrong had mettle, said others. But witnessing these two experts of Tianyu fight, they came to know the true meaning of indomitable.


By contrast, Quanrong’s guts were too damn mushy.


Tuoba Liufeng and Han Tiemo sighed. If all of Tianyu was like this, it was best to go back and stay in bed. What invasion were they thinking of?


The emperor looked at the two receiving and dishing out blows with a bright stare. Zhuo Fan and Gu Santong looked the same but Zhuo Fan only had a Qilin arm, the rest of his body falling short. Gu Santong however was bursting with power from every fiber in his being. It wasn’t long before Zhuo Fan lost ground.




Gu Santong’s punch sent Zhuo Fan barreling into some lofty buildings. 


He had used the Qilin arm to block, but Gu Santong’s power went through it and into his chest, forcing him to spit up blood.


“God damn it! That pipsqueak doesn’t know how to hold back! I told him, only a few blows, but he’s still going strong!” Zhuo Fan crawled out of the rubble, spatted some blood and cursed with a heavy breath.


Gu Santong was coming for another round, “Ha-ha-ha, again. Take this!”




Zhuo Fan squinted, not fond of taking any more of the kid’s tough love. So he popped away with his right eye flashing golden. 


Gu Santong hit nothing but the ruins, kicking up dust.


[Eh, where’s dad?]


Gu Santong roamed his innocent eyes around. Zhuo Fan blinked next to Yun Shuang, hugged her and flew away.


Afraid that the rest of the people won’t find it obvious that he lost, he shouted, “Blast it! I can’t mess with that freak. Let’s go!”


Gu Santong got it on the spot. That was Zhuo Fan’s signal for act two so he played along, “Stop him!”




A dozen Radiant Stage experts barred Zhuo Fan’s way, glaring at him with fury.


If Gu Santong failed, they wouldn’t have shown themselves. But since Gu Santong was still going strong, in hot pursuit, they chose to earn some credit by buying time.


Was it that easy though, to hold back Zhuo Fan with a couple of shrimps?


His right eye flashed golden again and he teleported behind them.


As they turned around to chase, blue wings spread out from Zhuo Fan’s back. A single flap of them sent illusions at them.


“That’s Sea Phantom Wing. Look out!” One cried, despite being too late.


The blue image surrounded the experts. Their minds grew hazy and they splatted on the ground like pies.


Zhuo Fan laughed and flapped his wings to gain more speed and flew away.


Gu Santong stomped in fake anger, “Humph, useless rabble. You’ve ruined my 6th grade ingredients! Once I am done capturing him, I’ll take my anger out on you.”


Gu Santong shot after Zhuo Fan.


Angry on the outside, but giddy in his little heart.


[Dad, wait for me…]


The audience watched them go with a sigh.


In the end, it was Gu Santong who came out on top in that monster clash. But Gu Santong wouldn’t get his paws on Zhuo Fan anytime soon, not with his guile.




The emperor turned to the ex-grand Imperial Palace, his anger growing. He flicked his hand at the dazed Luo clan, “Prosperity Compound’s Luo clan has failed to uphold its character, colluding with the savage Zhuo Fan. Seize them!”




Dozens of guards, with plenty of Radiant Stage experts in between, moved at once.


Cackles resounded as four black masses drifted from the Luo clan to meet the imperial guards. In but a dozen seconds, the guards lay on the ground, in pieces, Radiant Stage experts included. 


“Hi-hi-hi, Luo clan doesn’t have Steward Zhuo now, but we, the heroic demon quartet, will take his place. Ask the boss before messing with his dogs. You guys don’t cut it!” The four black masses hovered around the Luo clan with their creepy laughter.


The emperor’s face twitched.


Luo Yunhai and the others sighed. The four pygmies were their elders. So wasn’t their boss the Luo Clan Head? That saying about dogs didn’t quite apply here. 


But everyone knew those pygmies weren’t right in the head, so they just dropped it. Funnily enough, coming out in defense at the crucial time showed their loyalty.




A metal screech announced the arrival of a black figure behind the emperor. Its hoarse voice said, “You dare act obnoxious before the emperor?”




A shadow shot for the four freaks like lightning…



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    1. nope! he would hesitate to attack on Luo clan, I think it’s 4th pillar captain of the shadow guards cuz there is mentioned ‘black figure’ (only my guess)…

  1. Remember he taught the other elders a little something after their last encounter with the shadow dragon? No doubt he’s in for a big surprise!

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