The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 412, Allbeast Mountain Lord


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[Oh my god, that thing has the azure flame too, three of them on top of it!]


Zhuo Fan looked like he was choking on a fly.


He had a monopoly on the azure flame so far, with all beasts shuddering at his feet. Then this 9th level spiritual beast came along bearing the same majestic power, thus making him immune to his flame.


In the face of such might, he was nothing but a footsoldier.




Flapping those heaven-reaching wings, it drew closer to the pair, casting a huge shadow over them. 


Gulping, Zhuo Fan was sweating now.


“Was it you who has been hunting the flying spiritual beasts?” Three-headed Crow’s eyes were on him, but only the middle head spoke.


Zhuo Fan’s forehead was sweating buckets, [The 9th level spiritual beast has such intelligence that it can speak. This is going to be hard.]


Such a mind was not like those brutish spiritual beasts. It was far harder to outsmart and escape.


Gu Santong cut him off before Zhuo Fan could say anything, shouting proudly, “That’s us. What about it?”


“Oh no, no, no, don’t listen to a little child’s nonsense. We, uhm, were not killing anybody, he-he-he…” Covering the kid’s mouth, Zhuo Fan wiped his brow with a smile. His heart was sinking further and further.


For the Three-headed Crow to ask about the hunting, he must’ve come to settle the score no doubt. His best option was to drag it out, lie and cheat while waiting for the perfect moment to flee for their lives. Who in their right mind would ever admit?


[Young Sanzi is still so innocent.] Compared to those foxes in Tianyu, he was as crude as the beasts in the Allbeast Mountain Range.  


The Three-headed Crow’s heads exchanged looks and nodded. It found the azure flame on Zhuo Fan familiar, “Yes, it’s you alright. Come, my master wants to see you.”




[A 9th level spiritual beast has a master?]


What kind of a monster does that make him?


Zhuo Fan licked his dry lips, his mind out of commission. The tiny Tianyu Empire in the plain mortal domain was hiding such a secluded monster.


[It has to be seclusion, or his lordly self wouldn’t send a Three-headed Crow on errands otherwise.]


[Who could beat that?]


[More importantly, where does he come from?]


Zhuo Fan sank in thought and his eyes flashed. He looked at the azure flames on the Three-headed Crow and nodded in understanding.


“Humph, you think this young master will see him just because you say so? Who do you take me for?” Gu Santong knew he was no match, but his pride wouldn’t allow any retreat. Like his heart was telling him that lowering his head in fear before the 9th level spiritual beast was a disgrace. 


He was like a nobleman, always holding his little head high.


The Three-headed Crow was curious instead of angry at Gu Santong’s bratty temper. And in fact lowered its head in respect, “Forgive me, young master! As the master ordered, I have to take you with me, even if by force. Do you see the azure flame on my head? Master bestowed it to me so I could contend with you and the gentleman. Please don’t force me. I do not want to harm you.”


“Heh, I’d like to see you try! Ever since I remember, I’ve only relied on my trusted fists. No one has overcome them ever. I’m not afraid of you!” Gu Santong rolled up his sleeves, but Zhuo Fan stopped him from starting a fight.


Mulling over in his head, Zhuo Fan nodded,  “Alright, we will see your master. Lead the way.”


“It is quite far from here. Please get on my back. I will take you.”


The Three-headed Crow leaned in and Zhuo Fan hopped on along with Gu Santong.


Gu Santong was still grumbling, “Dad, isn’t this admitting defeat? It’ll make me look bad!”


“Ha-ha-ha, how is this a defeat? The other party is only inviting us. Though it is compulsion, it was with respect. We have to go. It’s like knowing when to face reality and accept the facts. We’d have to go even if we didn’t want to, but the difference in attitude would’ve been worlds apart. With such an obvious gap in strength, rather than setting oneself up for humiliation, taking a step back is recommended!”


Zhuo Fan smiled, “Besides, your dad is curious to see the mystery expert. I have some questions that need answers.”


Zhuo Fan flicked his finger and the azure flame shone above it, reflected in those deep black eyes of his…


“Hold on!”


The Three-headed Crow flapped its massive wings, carrying them into the heavens above. That simple, yet wide movement, changed the perspectives of Zhuo Fan and Gu Santong in a blink, finding themselves in a foreign area. 


“Eh, does he have a teleporting skill like dad’s Divine Eye of the Void?” Gu Santong looked around at the new area he was in.


Zhuo Fan shook his head, “Spanning thousands of miles, it covers the moon and holds the sky! A famous saying in the Sacred Domain, describing one of the five great sacred beasts, the Vaulting Kunpeng’s incredible power. In one flap, it crosses nine thousand miles. The Three-headed Crow, a being of the Vaulting Kunpeng’s bloodline, is not as impressive, but it can still cross a hundred miles. That was no teleportation, but pure speed.”




Gu Santong gasped, amazed at the huge bird, “You’re actually so cool?”


“That’s why I told you we can’t win. I can blink away, true, but only a couple miles at most.” Zhuo Fan patted Gu Santong’s shocked head.


The Three-headed Crow’s lively tail betrayed its good mood even with the frozen expression as it humbly said, “You’re too kind. Such a parlor trick is nothing to you, young master!”


The crow flew deeper into the Allbeast Mountain Range. The spiritual beasts along the way saw their eldest brother passing and lowered their heads in homage, even 9th level spiritual beasts. 


Even the hunting spiritual beasts paused to show their respects.


This was the power it had here, mainly because of the azure flame.


[For the azure flame to drive fear into the 9th level spiritual beasts as well, that means…]


Zhuo Fan squinted. Glancing around he saw the king of beasts, a 6th level spiritual beast, being preyed upon and causing a startling scene.


What came even more as a shock was how the mortal domain had a place with so many high level spiritual beasts. It begged the question, [Who controls this horde? What kind of being is he?]


Zhuo Fan was looking forward to this meeting.


An hour later, the Three-headed Crow landed on a tall mountain covered in thunderclouds. A pitch-black cave faced the Allbeast Mountain Range, like an ever-watchful black eye on these lands.


“That is my master’s residence!”


Zhuo Fan looked at the cave, at the savage beasts behind them and sighed.


The only way to get here was on the Three-headed Crow’s back. It only took us an hour despite the distance.


With the two’s top speed, it’d take them half a month.


The biggest shock was the sheer size of the Allbeast Mountain Range. This area was more than half of the entire range, the true Allbeast Mountain Range.


“Master is waiting for you. Please go in.” The Three-headed Crow left with one last polite urging.


Zhuo Fan and Gu Santong nodded, stepping into the cave.


The two were intrepid men, [Come what may, we’re ready!] He wouldn’t get to beat them, that was for sure, even if the guy wanted them dead, so it was best to go in headlong. 


But since he had sent a Three-headed Crow to guide them here, he ought to be nice. Probably.


The two put their game faces on.




An azure frame flared to life, shining the entire cave.


The blue glow revealed a throne and sitting on it was the familiar figure Zhuo Fan saw in his dream. 


He was a stout middle-aged man in azure garb. He had a sparse beard and a creepy grin, “Ha-ha-ha, my boy, we meet again!”


“You!” Zhuo Fan smiled back…


Meanwhile, a thousand meters below Caged Dragon City, in a huge space, a peculiar array was engraved on the floor. Nine golden dragons three meter long lay in a pattern around it. The golden chain coming from their mouths binding them to the array’s center. 


Ripples of power were released from that center, constant and heavy.


“If the Venerables gathered, nothing untoward will happen when the array is unsealed!” Leng Wuchang stood outside the array in worry.


Huangpu Tianyuan held a green root, a manic glint in his eyes, “Humph, if those geezers knew we had the Bodhi Root and can train in the Nine Dragons Diamond Body, they’ll say the house interests come first and select the best candidate to train in it. They would’ve had Huangpu Fenglei train here and threaten my position. With me moving behind their back, it will soon be too late even if they discover and they will ultimately obey my word. Regent Estate’s strongest and Estate Lord will ultimately be me, ha-ha-ha…”




“No hesitation, Sir Leng. Begin!” Huangpu Tianyuan cut off Leng Wuchang’s worry.


Leng Wuchang sighed and his hands moved.




In a flash of gold, the nine dragons pulled on the chains to reveal a bright cave releasing dragon roars.


Huangpu Tianyuan was thrilled with every step, rushing inside. The glowing cave mouth was soon sealed back as the chains moved.


Only Leng Wuchang was wrought with worry looking at the calmness.


If Huangpu Tianyuan couldn’t master the skill, the seal would break and the eight dragons would crush even Venerables. The Dragon Vein Souls would rain havoc.



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  1. Yup the King of the Sacred Beasts Kunpeng himself, not even those 8 Dragons can take him on due to the fact that Kunpeng is an Emperor Level Sacred Beast

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