The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 414, Qilin’s Son


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“I’ll fulfill any wish you may have, senior, come hell or high water!” Zhuo Fan cupped his hands, his waist bent; like the most adorable child. 


Kunpeng laughed, “Please don’t play around. Nine Serenities was a sly fox back then and with you as his successor, you can’t be anything less either. I am not one to believe anything that comes out of your mouth. And like I said, I’m not asking for repayment. This next step is merely a request of mine. You can decide what to do. But you better do it right if you accept.”


Zhuo Fan pursed his lips.


Kunpeng was kind and humble, only requesting, but this style was the best suited in maneuvering others. He knew that if Zhuo Fan’s promise was fake, the only one to suffer would be himself.


The carrot would be more appropriate in these cases, adding enough incentive to get the job done.


Zhuo Fan knew that Kunpeng’s request would be hard, if not impossibly dangerous. there was no way to accept it before even knowing what it entailed.


Kunpeng nodded, “Good to know that you are considering everything. You are the spitting image of the cunning Nine Serenities. The more thoughtful you are, the more at ease I would be on entrusting you with this. Before that though, I would like to ask. Mind letting that child be in my care?”


Kunpeng turned to Gu Santong hiding behind Zhuo Fan, filled with love.




The two cried at the same time. Gu Santong made himself smaller behind Zhuo Fan and shivered.


“Senior, young Sanzi is my godson. Why do you want him?” Zhuo Fan panicked, knowing he couldn’t stop Kunpeng if he was forceful..


Kunpeng looked at them oddly, “How rare. You two hit it off at first sight and even became a family. This is even better. But the child is related to me, and teaching him will help him greatly. “


Zhuo Fan roamed his eyes around in thought.


“You’ve seen brother Qilin in Lightning Canyon, correct? He must be so thin, struck down by the purple lightning for so many years. This child could’ve only survived in the Lightning Canyon due to his father’s help. Taking him out and even becoming family must be because of brother Qilin’s approval. You now know who I am and since me and his father are sacred beasts, it would be better to let me take care of him.”


“Cut the crap!”


Gu Santong hooted, “This young master has lived in Tianyu. I only stayed in Lightning Canyon for five years. How can I be Qilin’s son?”


Kunpeng looked at Zhuo Fan in stunned silence.


Zhuo Fan retold Gu Santong’s history. Kunpeng fell silent, frowned and sighed, “I see, it was three hundred years ago…”


“What’s wrong, senior?” Zhuo Fan asked.


Gu Santong was his godson. He had a theory about the kid’s history, but still needed proof.  


Kunpeng said, “Three centuries ago, I heard a sudden cry across the world. It sounded like brother Qilin’s roar of anger. My brothers had an encounter with the Heavenly Emperor once, sealing them in the three forbidden spaces with the Divine Eye of the Void, forced to endure the torment of thousands of purple lightning strikes. For many years this remained unchanged. Then at some point, brother Qilin gave a howl of shock.


“I didn’t know its meaning but now I see it must’ve meant that he could no longer hold on and was worried for his Qilin egg dying with him, he used all that he had left to throw the egg out of that space. And from that egg came you, Gu Santong! This is why you had no mother or father; of incredible power, just like Qilin’s innate ability. None of the five sacred beasts can beat a Qilin in terms of strength alone.”


Gu Santong was stunned. He was still skeptical, but soon realized the pain he felt looking at the Soaring Qilin’s leg back in Lightning Canyon was because of their blood ties.


Anyone would be in tears seeing their father reduced to such a state.


Zhuo Fan nodded. He didn’t know then why the perfect array had a gap. The Qilin used its outrageous power to make that hole to get his egg out.


Yet even the mighty Qilin could only make that little hole, further confirming the might of Heavenly Emperor’s eye skill. And in his act of desperation, the Qilin not only lost its life, but was reduced to a mere leg.


He had to have overused his strength, leaving him easy prey for the purple lightning. [The Qilin might still be alive if not for getting Gu Santong out.]


Zhuo Fan sighed, [A father’s love is like a mountain…]


“Yes, I’m sure of it. When you guys entered Allbeast Mountain Range, besides sensing the azure flame, I also felt the Qilin’s aura. Now that you are before me, my sacred beast nose can’t be wrong. That is why I had Three-headed Crow escort you here. To see it clearly!” Kunpeng rubbed Gu Santong’s little head, sighing, “Child, you should call me uncle Kunpeng!”


Gu Santong only blushed, biting his lip and tearing up.


Kunpeng wasn’t hard on him, letting him digest this shocking news and turning to Zhuo Fan, “Young Sanzi’s history is certain. But I can’t help but wonder, what came of brother Qilin after you entered Lightning Canyon. How is he?”


Zhuo Fan gave a bitter smile, making his right hand flash red, “Only this remained…”


“What? The Soaring Qilin’s leg is resting under your shoulder?”


Kunpeng was flabbergasted, touching Zhuo Fan’s right arm, “The great sacred beast became a human’s tool. Nine Serenities Emperor’s research was complete. You are a truly rare genius, boy.”


Kunpeng instantly took it as an effect of Nine Serenities Emperor’s secret art. But Zhuo Fan was frowning, the sadness gone from his eyes, replaced with fear.


[For god’s sake! Here you are seeing your old pal’s only remains and instead of mourning, you’re praising Nine Serenities Emperor’s research.]


[Humph, the sacred beasts aren’t that friendly after all.]


[Does that mean all that sadness just now was fake?]


He came up with two logical explanations: to win Gu Santong over and to win him over. [Since he still has stuff he needs me to do, winning me over takes precedence.]


[Let’s see where he’s taking it.]


Zhuo Fan squinted but sighed, “Senior, please don’t grieve.”


“Oh, sorry, I lost myself there.” Blushing, Kunpeng took back his hands, the sadness back in his eyes.


“Senior, what is it that you want from me?” Snickering inside, Zhuo Fan bowed.


Kunpeng sighed, “As the leader of the five sacred beasts, I mourn the fates of three of my brothers sealed away in such spaces, unable to get out, with me powerless to help. That is why I want you to do it, get my brothers out of there. I will never forget your immense effort!”


“Senior exaggerates, nothing is impossible with your power. Junior is a mere ant’s disciple. How can my meager skill rescue seniors from eternal damnation?” Zhuo Fan sighed.


Kunpeng rushed, “Kid, you underestimate yourself. With Nine Serenities Emperor and Heavenly Emperor’s ultimate skills, the sky’s the limit! And those spaces came to be through the Divine Eye of the Void. You who possess that skill will have no problem removing the seal.”


“But my achievement is meager. It’d be better to give the art to senior. With your training, you’d complete it in no time…”


“No, no, no…” Kunpeng shook his head hastily, “Each person has his own path. Humans comprehend Dao, to rule over everything, while sacred beasts unearth the power deep within. Each has their own strengths, but never can they mix. A human’s art is something a sacred beast and spiritual beasts can never learn!”


Zhuo Fan unclenched.


Of course he didn’t lose it and turned charitable. He wouldn’t just hand it over. It was all a test, a test! Now that he knew that the sacred beast couldn’t use his art, he breathed easier.


Since there was no conflict of interests, they could build a stable business relationship.


“Dad, just do it!” Gu Santong’s pitiful eyes turned to Zhuo Fan.


Recalling his father’s tragic passing, Gu Santong wished to help the other sacred beasts.


Zhuo Fan patted his little head, chuckling fondly.


[Little scamp, how can I not? We are in another guy’s home after all. He said he won’t force us but even a moron can see this is no request.]


[Humph, if I don’t agree, there won’t be a bone left of my body in this mountain range.]


But Gu Santong merely showed a bright smile, his innocence warmed the cockles of his heart.


The kid’s puppy looks aside, business is business. It was not Zhuo Fan’s style to meet such a moneybag and not fleece him of every last penny, or spirit stone. 


Case in point, Zhuo Fan bowed, “Senior, since you are trusting me with such a monumental task, I would be needing some support. “


Kunpeng’s face was twitching, getting the drift, “Ha-ha-ha, I didn’t meet that old freak Nine Serenities, but you sure have that geezer’s style down pat. Ha-ha-ha, no worries. I have a great gift prepared…”



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