The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 461, Scary


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Luo clan’s side surged with newfound courage in their assault on Caged Dragon City.


Its allies were fueled by rage, to settle a debt of blood.


[You scum ruined my legacy. Now I’m here to kill you all! A-ha-ha-ha…]


A bummer they didn’t get to taste blood though. From the broken walls of the city, people came out with lowered heads, Leng Wuchang in the lead.


He was holding a frail branch and something white flapping at the tip.


“Steward Zhuo…” Qiu Yanhai began.


Zhuo Fan squinted at their deflated and crestfallen looks having lost all the will to fight. 


The house lords however still had some defiance.


Zhuo Fan waved, “Surround them.”




Qiu Yanhai had dozens of Radiant Stage experts form a tight circle, driving fear into the men.


Leng Wuchang gave a small nod in assurance and shouted, “Steward Zhuo, it’s your victory and my loss.”


“What’s with that tone? It’s like you expect there to be a next time.” Zhuo Fan showed a prideful evil smile.


Leng Wuchang sighed, “Never again, I have completely lost to you and would never dare to face you again. I only wish to know if that road pass you gave me is still valid.”


“My word is my bond!” Zhuo Fan smiled.


Leng Wuchang sighed, the weight off his chest, and bowed, “I wish then to have Regent Estate’s survivors under your care.”


All were in complete shock.


Grandmother more so. Luo clan had a power beyond the mere head of the eight houses, being in an invincible position.


And if Regent Estate’s experts hopped in, it would become a behemoth.


Despite Luo clan’s allies, they felt the danger growing in direct proportion with its power. 


Like the case of two mountains side by side, your might may be a cut below the neighbor’s, but the guy would sure have his eye on it. And as this ambition only gets bigger and bigger, you’d find at some point that no one would even throw you a glance, nothing more than a pebble to step on.


Luo clan grew at unimaginable speeds, like the whole world moved to help it. It was safe to say the time would soon come when it would find its three allies mere rejects.


There would be no allies then. They wouldn’t be worth even as a snack for this monstrosity.


The house lords saw the real danger, that they would be worth less than these prisoners here.


And all began cooking up plans to keep their spot…


Zhuo Fan snickered inside, while a dangerous glint from his eyes landed on the captives, “Sir Leng, are you sure they want to surrender?”


Leng Wuchang nodded, “Absolutely!”


“Then listen up. Seal your cultivation, all of you!”  Zhuo Fan grinned.


The reaction was unanimous shock.


It was the same as ending up as a fish in a barrel. What cultivator out there would ever do such a thing?


In their confusion, Leng Wuchang frowned, “Steward Zhuo…”


“You’re prisoners of war and of great power. If you don’t seal yourself, how can I take you in? You might run on our way back.” Zhuo Fan mocked.


Leng Wuchang was the first to do it. The others had no choice but to follow.


The house lords were even more unwilling. But the savage mass of eyes on them forced them to.


Now that all of them had not a drop of Yuan Qi in them, Zhuo Fan shouted, “Kill!”




Everyone froze, not just the captives, but even the surrounding Radiant Stage experts.


[Didn’t they give up? They even obeyed you so why kill ’em? Are my ears acting up again?]


Qiu Yanhai did not hesitate to slam a sealed Radiant Stage expert into the ground, dead.


He barked, “What are you standing around for? You heard Steward Zhuo, kill them!”


They all shuddered, [So I did hear right. It’s for real!]


Everyone joined the culling of defenseless Radiant Stage experts with extreme prejudice.


None knew why, just that Zhuo Fan’s orders were law; a do or die thing.


Wails of agony, curses and roars colored the skies as the blood of the powerless Regent Estate dyed their city red.


“Zhuo Fan, you lowlife scum, double crosser! I will haunt you forever!” You Wanshan roared.


Zhuo Fan’s tone was flat, “You couldn’t stand me alive and now you won’t as a dead man either? Humph, I read too much for you to scare me!”


“Leng Wuchang, you sold your honor to destroy us with Zhuo Fan. Regent Estate has been good to you for decades yet you show not one ounce of remorse, throwing us all to the dogs?” One Venerable cursed.


Leng Wuchang begged, “Steward Zhuo, w-why… they’re now yours, a big help and not a thorn!”


“Oh really?”


Zhuo Fan grinned, “Sir Leng, you’re an intelligent man here and can see why they surrendered. They did it for themselves, not for me. Ha-ha-ha, I don’t take in just any stranger either. My so-called captives are lured in with promises. There’s a give and take agreement between us. While these guys, ha-ha-ha…”


Zhuo Fan mocked. Leng Wuchang’s ears rang with the constant wails of the dying, “But these are human beings. You can’t be so ruthless. They may still hold true to their old master but with time and training…”


“I don’t have time!”


Zhuo Fan cut him off, “You’re clearer than most about the current situation. The winner will have to face off the imperial family. Do you believe we can get along so well in these circumstances, that I can use these captives, Leng Wuchang? Wouldn’t you fear a revolt? Humph, never take in prisoners before a battle. That is the law.


“Leng Wuchang, are you unreasonable or still hold loyalties to your old master to make such a rash decision? If you’d have breached the encirclement, there’d still be some experts surviving, but now, ha-ha-ha…” Zhuo Fan patted Leng Wuchang’s shoulder with a savage look.


Leng Wuchang closed his eyes and sighed.


He knew Zhuo Fan was ruthless, but he still…


The curses and wails never ceased, bringing pain and sorrow to his heart.


“Too greedy, Sir Leng, that’s what you are. You wanted to save them all but have doomed them instead. A mastermind needs a collected mind, not let himself be swayed by emotions. You’ve been a mastermind your entire life so why make such an elementary mistake now? Take it as a lesson for your tenure in Luo clan, to never stoop to such gross dereliction of duty.”


“Steward Zhuo!”


Zhuo Fan soaked in the mesmerizing echoes of agony as he dished out cynicism by the gallon. Leng Wuchang had a limit though, “Didn’t you give me a pass? Why do you want my men…”


“A pass is, by definition, singular, and for a mastermind. Now who would you have in mind?” Zhuo Fan took out a Bloodworm from his gourd, “The one who eats this lives and the rest die. Choose!” 


Leng Wuchang shuddered, holding the Bloodworm with a trembling hand. He looked back at the genocide with fear and sadness.


“Save me….”


With their cultivation sealed, none could escape, only scramble around in the chaos. Eyes turned to Leng Wuchang here and then, everyone filled with dread and pleading.


“Sir Leng… ah!”


“Who do you want to save?” Zhuo Fan grinned.


Leng Wuchang just stood there, torn as the men grew fewer and fewer. When the final one hit the bloody mud, his mind was still blank, the Bloodworm wiggling in his hand. 


He brought his hand up and swallowed. Zhuo Fan cackled, “Didn’t you choose yourself in the end? Was that so hard?”


“Zhuo Fan, you’re a hellspawn!” Leng Wuchang gnashed his teeth, his eyes bloodshot.


Zhuo Fan laughed, “I thought you knew by now. Is it that odd? Besides, everyone around knows my handiwork by now.”


Everyone gulped on cue, not making a peep. All they had was sympathy for Leng Wuchang, for a fellow prisoner.


Such was the fate of the grand Unwonted Contriver Leng Wuchang, the one who toyed with other’s lives.


[Zhuo Fan is scary…]



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