The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 462, Crisis in the Imperial Capital


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Among the rubble and ruins, cries of suffering and pain echoed. Leng Wuchang’s forehead was riddled with pulsing veins, flopping around like a fish out of water. The freshly gained turncoats circled him in fear and shock. 


[So this… is the end of all who take Bloodworms.] They vowed to be extra careful from now on, lest they end up like that.


All the new recruits were shivering and soaked in sweat.


Zhuo Fan went about his business, sending the Luo clan to killing, pillaging and desecrating; the usual. He sure earned big this time. 


Regent Estate was the boss of houses for a damn good reason. It had many times more corpses than the other six combined. His plan of reaching the hundred thousand war puppets quota looked mighty promising.


[It was all worth it going to war with the Regent Estate.]


“Steward Zhuo, m-my surrender is sincere. Is this really necessary?” Leng Wuchang shouted, getting all eyes on Zhuo Fan.


[Common sense tells us Leng Wuchang ought to be welcomed with respect. So why…]


Sipping on his tea, laid back in his comfy chair, his reply was a beaming smile, “Oh, Sir Leng, you only have yourself to blame. I did give you a Luo clan pass, but what did you do, threaten me with hostages. Ha-ha-ha, I am quite the petty man and your act cut your pass in half. So after shaping you up for, let’s say, three full days, we will speak terms.”


“Just for that?”


Leng Wuchang felt like crying, “Steward Zhuo, you told me taking your people was enough. I was still Regent Estate’s steward and had to consider its interests. That was only natural. How can you…”


Zhuo Fan smiled, “True, I did say that. But did I also ask you to plot against me, against your future lord? So you see, punishment is in order for your… inflexible ways. And just so I won’t forget, keep your excuses to yourself. Cashing in the pass will still come down to my decision, ha-ha-ha…”


Leng Wuchang felt as if he had boarded a pirate ship and felt like crying dry tears. [I can overlook you killing Regent Estate’s captives.]


[But you would torment even me, a homeless old man?]


The rest sighed, but the power couple. They were chipper inside. 


[These newbies are a bunch of softies, even Leng Wuchang. We had no grudge with Steward Zhuo yet still went through a world of pain back then.]


[Now this guy starts preaching reason to Steward Zhuo? His torment ought to be increased by two days!]


“Big brother Zhuo, Sir Leng is on our side now. Why not just let it go? He still looked after us while we were captive in Regent Estate.”


Luo Yunhai came forward to plead Leng Wuchang’s case out of pity.


Leng Wuchang’s eyes lit up, grasping at straws.


Zhuo Fan cut him off though, “No, he had committed a capital offense. Punishment must be dished out. But since Clan Head has asked, I can reduce it to two days.”


Heart sinking, Leng Wuchang looked at Luo Yunhai with big eyes for more.


Luo Yunhai’s second pleading only got a dissing wave from Zhuo Fan. But he got a wink, to go someplace quiet.


“Yunhai, did you really believe I was doing this out of some petty vendetta?” The two walked as Zhuo Fan transmitted.


Yunhai was puzzled, “Why else? Don’t I know you, big brother Zhuo? You’ve never been a compassionate guy.”


“Ha-ha-ha, true, I guess I am petty. Though, it depends on the person. This old coot is on our side now and I won’t have the time to mess with him.”


“Then why…” Luo Yunhai asked.


Zhuo Fan smiled watching the ever tumbling and wailing Leng Wuchang, “This guy’s mind is arrogant and scheming. Once in the Luo clan, he will hold a high position. But before that happens, I need to smooth those rough edges and hammer in his station. Or I fear you will one day be overthrown.” 


“Uh, one day? Big brother Zhuo, won’t I have you?” Luo Yunhai felt uneasy.


Zhuo Fan sighed, “I will be honest with you. I am leaving. Three years ago I made a deal with the Demon Scheming Sect to join them. At that time, you will be truly alone. The elders are strong and stubborn, but after being alongside for so long, I can rest easy with them. But the fresh meat, they need it to be beaten into them.”


“Big brother Zhuo…” Luo Yunhai choked, unable to accept.


Zhuo Fan smiled his carefree smile, “I cannot break my deal with the Demon Scheming Sect, or Luo clan will end up suffering. But rest assured, before I go, everything will be in place.


“Being a head of a clan is not much different from being a lord of a nation. It’s all about being fake and testing the waters. I had to accept your plea just now or your name would be cut down. When I’m gone, you’ll have to find another meanie to replace me. Some things you can’t do yourself even if you want to, understand?”


Luo Yunhai pondered and nodded.


Zhuo Fan smiled brighter.


“Steward Zhuo!”


Grandmother and the other two house lords came over flustered, “Bad news! There’s an army coming at us from everywhere. We are surrounded. It looks to be Marshal Dugu’s army!” 


“Godfather?” Luo Yunhai jerked.


Zhuo Fan smiled, “Ol’ Marshal couldn’t have picked a better timing. He truly lives up to his name as God of War.”


“Big brother Zhuo, I’ve been in the Dugu Army for five years. I know its strengths better than anyone. We may have more experts, but fifty thousand can’t stem the tide of soldiers. If godfather is present, there must be a million of them out there. We will suffer heavy losses if we clash!” Luo Yunhai sighed.


The other three turned a nervous look at Zhuo Fan.


Zhuo Fan merely waved, “Forget about them and keep desecrating. Take them as scenery.”


“What?” No one got a whit about what went on in Zhuo Fan’s head, who simply smiled confidently.


In the commanding tent, Dugu Zhantian and his tigers debriefed the situation around a map.


“Zhuo Fan is the strongest. We will flank him from the east and south, while harassing him from the west and prepare an ambush in the north. In a war of attrition, we will have him in five months at most. As for the rest, they are nothing, a loose team. They don’t pose us any threat. Old third and old fourth will take them down without worry.”


The Four Tigers of Tianyu nodded at Dugu Zhantian’s plan. Dugu Lin sighed, “Marshal, are we really going to capture old fifth? They already lost their clan once.”


Pain laced Dugu Zhantian’s eyes for the briefest moment before resolve set in, “A soldier’s duty is to obey.  His Majesty wants Zhuo Fan. Luo clan has harbored him and since he destroyed the seven houses and plans to fight for the right to rule these lands, it is unacceptable. Yunhai may be my godson, but duty is above one’s family!”


The Four Tigers of Tianyu’s hearts sank, shaking their heads.




A soldier burst in and got on his knee, “Marshal, Luo clan’s scouts have discovered our fake encirclement.”


“Ha-ha-ha, in war, truth hides behind smoke, as do lies blend in with the truth. I’ve let them see it on purpose so they will panic. What about Zhuo Fan?” Dugu Zhantian’s eyes lit up.


The soldier stammered, “Uh, Marshal, they’ve shown no reaction. They’re still pillaging Caged Dragon City, as if…”


“What?” Dugu Zhantian barked.


“As if we weren’t even here.” The soldier lowered his red face.


Dugu Zhantian laughed harder,”Good, very good Zhuo Fan. You’re truly ruthless. You saw my flag yet think I am beneath you, not worthy of your attention? Already consider yourself the lord of these lands, is that it?


“Pull up camp and advance on Caged Dragon City! I will see for myself what Zhuo Fan will do against my invincible army!” Dugu Zhantian shouted orders. 


The Four Tigers of Tianyu sighed again.


Another soldier burst into the tent, presenting a jade slip, “Marshal, Imperial capital’s summon!”


“His Majesty’s edict?”


Startled, Dugu Zhantian yanked the jade and read it.


“What is it, Marshal?” The Four Tigers of Tianyu asked.


Dugu Zhantian’s face darkened, then he took a deep breath, “Bad news. Imperial capital is in trouble. His Majesty needs our help!”



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  1. Let Tianyu fall then retrieve it from the enemy playing the hero of the nation and then either play the last imperial family survivor as a puppet or let your enemies fully annihilate them first before taking it back with none to claim it!

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