The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 468, Tuoba Tieshan


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The wedge formation stopped and the quarter million soldiers shifted into five squares, like a plum blossom.


The Yuan Qi remained linked in strange arcs and covered the sky in glittering stars.


Blood Shadow Wolf looked unsettled at the new formation. But with an army of stampeding crazed beasts behind him, he had to charge.


The huge beasts thundered the earth as they trampled at the men.


Yet the result was ludicrous.


As the spiritual beasts approached, the soldiers skirted to the side, letting them go straight for the heart of the formation.


Not for long though, as a loud bang came when the beasts were pushed in and out of a squad from the forces coming from either side, cut off from the rest of their beast army.


Blood Shadow Wolf cried foul.


A little too late though. Being the leader, he was separated from his main beast army. Without a chieftain, the beasts kept pouring into the formation as it spun and split the beast army into bite sized chunks. Going with the flow, the beasts followed the spin of the formation.


As they revolved around, the spiritual beasts’ rage cooled down from all the confusion in the end.


Blood Shadow Wolf panicked. Dugu Lin’s formation was made as a counter for his army in mind.


Dugu Lin bore a cold smile, directing his men to shift formation and not let them break out.


It was only a matter of time before the spiritual beasts grew weary and collapsed, leaving Blood Shadow Wolf alone…


The Four Tigers of Tianyu each found their opponents in different settings, at an advantage, pushed back, or in a stalemate.


The eyes among the trees praised, “Dugu Army has held out for ten years for a reason. But you only resisted my beast army because of arrays. As rushed as you are to come to aid, you had no time to lay any. Ha-ha-ha…”


With a hiss, a white flash covered the battlefield. Dugu Huo’s army was flung into the air from a brutal impact, collapsing the formation.


The savage enemy’s aura mowed down thousands of the fallen soldiers.


Dugu Feng rushed to his aid. He switched formations and defended, “Shields in front. Iron wall formation!”




With the shields ahead, the Yuan Qi made a thick barrier.


The white flash bounced back but Dugu Feng’s men spat blood from the impact.


A man holding a silver spear appeared. He was a youth in white armor leading a team of white-armored soldiers.


It was a rarity among the Quanrong military. Experts in beast handling, their armies needed spiritual beasts to reach their peak power. Quanrong and spiritual beasts were forever tied together.


Him being the exception. Even without the spiritual beasts to help him, he held an undefeated record in the Quanrong army.


“Slaughter Wolf, leader of the Eight Wolf Wardens!” Dugu Feng started sweating seeing the bloodlust washing over his men.


Dugu Huo got back into formation, his little heart thumping inside from that scare.


That was close, but he had gone through similar experiences before. 


Slaughter Wolf’s army broke his formation in one strike. The unified Yuan Qi scattered and left them easy pickings. If he’d continued the charge, a hundred thousand men would fall easily.


Dugu Huo was still standing thanks to Dugu Feng’s timely help.


Dugu Huo gave him a grateful look to which Dugu Feng nodded. But when they turned to Slaughter Wolf, they felt the pressure again.


[Just how strong is Slaughter Wolf’s army to blast away Dugu Huo’s?]


The Four Tigers of Tianyu never took defensive formations except around this enemy, but even that would only delay the inevitable.


Dugu Lin glanced over, tense.


Without an array, they were on the losing side against the Eight Wolf Wardens. And since this was an ambush it was even worse.




A stalwart figure landed in the center of the battlefield. He stabbed his crescent blade into the ground and said, “Regroup into dragon soul formation!” 


Everyone lit up at the arrival of their Marshal.


The four tigers gathered in the center.


Dugu Feng and Dugu Huo retreated, while Ironback Wolf, Steel Arm Wolf and Rabid Wolf simply watched. Dugu Shan fell back while Howling Wind Wolf remained in place. Dugu Lin withdrew and Blood Shadow Wolf rejoined his beast army and had them go berserk again.


Yet all they did was observe the Dugu Army tighten into an odd shape. The Four Tigers of Tianyu made up the four sides while Dugu Zhantian made up the center, unaffected by the surrounding enemy.


“Young’uns, do you really take us for nothing without arrays? Humph, Dugu Army shall never fall. Come, I will personally show you my army’s true skill.”


Dugu Zhantian laughed, his imposing figure sending shivers down the five Quanrong armies.


“Don’t mind if we do, old Marshal!” Cupping his hands, Slaughter Wolf and the other four nodded.


The five armies charged. Howling Wind Wolf with his speed, Blood Shadow Wolf with his berserk beasts, Ironback Wolf with his staunch troops and Steel Arm Wolf with his uncanny strength.


Yet none of them could match the bloodthirst coming off of Slaughter Wolf’s army, sending shivers into the bones of every Tianyu soldier.


Before they acted, Dugu Zhantian ordered with a wave of his blade, “Dragon soul formation, Coiling the World!”




A dragon flew out of Dragonslaying Crescent Blade while the army made a seal, fusing their Yuan Qi.


The entire army’s Yuan Qi turned physical from the quantity. The dragon swam in this sea like a fish in water, absorbing its power.


A dragon was unequaled in its waters, growing dozens of meters in a blink, into a thousand meter behemoth winding among the soldiers and ensuring their safety.


The five enemy teams were startled, but their charge was already underway.




With five rumblings, the armies were flung back by the dragon, even Slaughter Wolf’s.


Blood spilled from their mouths, with the spiritual beasts throwing off their riders while collapsing.


Dugu Zhantian flicked his blade for the dragon to return, “How do you like Dugu Army now?”


The four wolves glared at the invincible marshal, unwilling and powerless.


Dugu Zhantian shouted, “With Quanrong’s five Wolf Wardens here, including Slaughter Wolf, that means Tuoba Tieshan isn’t far behind. Isn’t it about time you show yourself?”


“Ha-ha-ha, the only reason I’m in Tianyu is to see you, old Marshal.” A bearded figure stepped out of the tree line. A middle-aged grizzled scholar walking along with his men.


The five wolves crawled to their feet and bowed, “Commander!”


The commander in chief of the Quanrong, Tuoba Tieshan, had entered the scene…



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