The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 473, Sneak Attack


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A black smoke crossed the blue horizon. It gasped seeing the Quanrong surrounding Lone Goose Gorge, siding with caution. 


Slaughter Wolf turned his sharp gaze to the sky and jumped with his halberd in hand.


As an 8th layer Radiant Stage expert, he was among the best in the Quanrong, meeting the eerie smoke without fear.


The halberd cut through the clouds like a snake. The humming it released gave off the illusion that it thirsted to pierce the sky in its assault on the black energy.


But from that smoke came a black chain, bringing with it the full might of the world as it smashed down.




Ear-piercing clang resounded from the stalemate. Slaughter Wolf felt a strong power numbing his hand.


The iron chain shook and sent him back. He slammed into the ground and had to falter twenty steps before coming to a complete stop.


Looking up, the smoke had already entered the valley.


“Slaughter Wolf, what was that just now?” Tuoba Tieshan came with his other wolves to see that flicker of black.


Slaughter Wolf wiped his brow, “Commander, I do not know what that thing is, but it is a terrible expert. From a single clash I know I can’t match it. “




Tuoba Tieshan turned pensive, “Inconsequential, he may be some worldly expert but no one can take my whole army on. He alone can’t save old Dugu. Tighten the siege on Lone Goose Gorge. No one gets out!”




The soldiers bowed…


Meanwhile, the shadow was surrounded by the Four Tigers of Tianyu and their divisions. With close to a month of respite, the Dugu Army was back in action.


But losses still came, as a hundred thousand soldiers died from exhaustion, leaving around six hundred thousand still standing. This force had the gorge to back them and was confident in pushing back the Quanrong.


Dugu Zhantian’s empty city tactic had won the break they most desperately needed.


“Show yourself!” Dugu Feng shouted.




The black smoke drifted off to reveal a man in black robe bearing a hoarse voice, “Easy, it’s only me. His Majesty heard that Dugu Army is pinned in Lone Goose Gorge and sent me to help. Where is Marshal Dugu?”


The man revealed a golden badge.


“Captain of the shadow guards, Shadow King?” Dugu Feng frowned and signaled the troops to back off.


Shadow King’s coming ought to have been good news, that their rescue was nigh. But it only worked to arouse more suspicion at this critical time.


By Dugu Lin’s analysis, the imperial capital had to be in the Prime Minister’s hand. That he sent the Dugu Army a fake edict.


Yet His Majesty’s trusted man, Shadow King, had come with the emperor’s order. It clashed with their earlier assessment.


Shadow King noticed the discrepancy from how the four tigers stood there, “Did you not hear me? I have with me His Majesty’s secret edict, and have come to lift the siege off of you. Now where’s Dugu Zhantian? “


“Godfather is in the command tent. Follow us.” Dugu Lin relented on his suspicions so as not to offend an important official of the emperor. He bowed as he walked with his brothers. 


Shadow King followed close with a cold glint in his eyes.


At the tent, Dugu Lin reported Shadow King’s arrival and Dugu Zhantian welcomed him, overjoyed.


“Sir Shadow King, welcome, welcome. Even as fellow pillars we’ve never gotten a chance to meet. Today I am honored, ha-ha-ha…” Dugu Zhantian cupped his hands.


Shadow King smiled, “Old Marshal is kind. I’ve heard so much about your valor for so long. I can say that I’ve also fulfilled my wish of meeting you at last.”


The two exchanged pleasantries and lively small talk.


Dugu Zhantian soon reached to the problem at hand with a frown, “Sir Shadow King, under His Majesty’s order, I am required to rush to his aid. Can I ask how the situation is in the imperial capital?”


“Ha-ha-ha, Marshal Dugu is a die hard, a role model for everyone. Trapped as you are, the first thing you ask is His Majesty’s safety. “


Shadow King nodded, “Old Marshal can rest easy knowing the rebellion is over. I captured that rat, Zhuge Changfeng, with my shadow guards. The assault on the imperial capital has been lifted. That is why His Majesty sent me to Marshal’s aid.”


Dugu Zhantian smiled relieved, “Wonderful. Long live the emperor! Long live Tianyu!”


“Sir Shadow King, Quanrong’s million strong army has crossed the border and has my army pinned down. What is His Majesty’s solution?” Dugu Zhantian added.


[He cares more about his army than the imperial capital.] 


Shadow King grinned, “His Majesty has everything in place. As this is a secret operation, I can only inform the Marshal. No one else is supposed to find out in order to avoid leaks.”


The four tigers jerked.


[What kind of edict is this that even we can’t hear it?]


Dugu Zhantian dismissed them, “We obey His Majesty’s order. Wait outside. I’ll signal you when to come in.”


“Yes, Marshal!” The four bowed and left.


Shadow King’s grin turned into a smirk, “Old Marshal, lend me your ears. I shall present you with the edict now.”


Dugu Zhantian leaned over.


Shadow King’s face turned malevolent and slammed Dugu Zhantian’s chest with his ghastly claw.




Among the loud sounds, there were even snapping sounds from bones breaking.


Dugu Zhantian spurted blood and could barely stand straight. He glared, “Y-you’re with that rat, Zhuge Changfeng, as well?” 


“Ha-ha-ha, Dugu Zhantian, you’re good at war so why be so confused with politics?”


Shadow King snickered, “For the record, it’s not Zhuge Changfeng who is after your life. He sits quite uncomfortably in the prison, never to see the light of day again. The one who’s after you and your army is His Majesty!”


Dugu Zhantian was floored, “I-it can’t be! I’ve been nothing but loyal. How can His Majesty…”


“Just as His Majesty said, there’s no one more devoted to his country and lord than Marshal Dugu Zhantian. It tore His Majesty up doing this, but peace in Tianyu demands sacrifice, your sacrifice!”


Shadow King mocked, “Oh, His Majesty did ask me to tell you this. You’ve toiled all your life for the good of Tianyu and it is now time for you to take rest.”


Dugu Zhantian never once thought to believe these words. He spoke, with blood gushing, “No, never, His Majesty… would never do this to me…”




His tigers rushed in and roared at the sight.


“Shadow King, you’ve hurt our Marshal and now you’re going to pay!” Dugu Feng exploded with Yuan Qi. 


Shadow King patronized, “Four pre-Radiant Stage cubs? Without the army behind you, you’re nothing. But since you’re so eager to die, I can only oblige, while sparing His Majesty a future headache.”


Shadow King shot his black chain towards them.


The tigers entered a formation, blending their Yuan Qi and multiplying their power.


A darn shame there was no army behind them to complete it.




The four trailed blood on their way to the ground, spent.


Shadow King snickered, “Not bad at all. Your formation managed to repel that. All the more reason your lives must end.”




Another chain went for Dugu Feng’s chest. The other three struggled but couldn’t even move.


Dugu Zhantian struggled to his feet, only to collapse again.


Watching his dear godson about to leave this world filled this great Marshal with unspeakable hatred and rancor mixed with regret. 




How convenient that three men popped up in front of Dugu Feng in the nick of time to block the insidious black chain…



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  1. Interesting turn of events.. but it still seems strange for the emperor to actively sacrifice a loyal subject without any clear benefit

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