The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 485, Fighting Ethereal Stage Expert


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[How could this be?]


Elder Lang stared at the rubble with palpable shock, “Why do I still sense life force from it? Did he survive?”


The other elders mimicked his shock.




Zhuo Fan unfolded his wings and shot into the sky. He had an azure flame hovering on his forehead.


“How the hell did he survive Elder Lang’s strike?” Zha Lahan was in denial.

An Ethereal Stage expert using soul destruction on a Profound Heaven cultivator was tantamount to squashing a bug, an overkill. Yet to survive such a devastating blow, Zhuo Fan had garnered everyone’s odd looks.


Even those elders considered him a freak.




Gasping, Zhuo Fan bled from his mouth, though the azure flame grew in intensity.


Reaching out to feel the heat, Zhuo Fan rejoiced. The azure flame was his soul guardian.


Elder Lang squinted and said, “Fierce Tiger, something is seriously off about him. He took my palm yet all he got was a flesh wound. It just doesn’t make sense.”


Elder Hu ventured, “He must have a soul spiritual weapon or a demonic treasure. That’s the only explanation.”


A fire burned in Elder Hu and Elder She’s eyes, their looks full of greed.


Soul treasures were as scarce as hen’s teeth, even for Ethereal Stage experts.


Elder Hu had lost his bloodlust, now turned into lust for wealth.


Zhuo Fan, reading them like an open book, made a stealthy sign.


“Heaven Cracking Howl!”


Elder Lang cut right to the chase, unleashing a huge wolf image around him that pounced at Zhuo Fan as he shot forward with his palm.


He unleashed all his soul power with a soul martial art.


Such overkill was unheard of, an Ethereal Stage expert using a martial art on a tiny Profound Heaven cultivator. It went to show that Elder Lang cared for nothing but to kill his quarry outright, even forgoing his status, to get his hands on that treasure as soon as possible.


All the treasures in the world wouldn’t protect Zhuo Fan this time, giving him a one way trip down under.


Elder Hu and Elder She snorted.


Tuoba Tieshan’s side’s mood was heavy, with Lian’er even showing worry.


Zhuo Fan’s sign completed as he shouted, “Wraith Style’s third move, modified Necro Dragon’s Screech, Kun Phoenix Lightning!”




A resounding cry announced the appearance of an odd and humongous bird. Covered in azure flames and with purple lightning streaking its body, it got even the space to warp. 


Zhuo Fan used the traits of two sacred beasts in unleashing this new move, specialized in souls.


The azure flame was a gem in refining the soul while the purple lightning was its opposite, rampant and savage in its deadly destructive power. Zhuo Fan was confident his move could help him hold his own against an Ethereal Stage expert. 


“What is that thing?” Elder Lang shuddered. 




The odd bird shot straight for the wolf before he could react.




On impact, the bird scattered and Zhuo Fan spat blood. He got a killer headache while the azure flame burned hotter.


Yet the scattering motes of azure stuck to the wolf, making it howl in agony. 


Purple lightning shot like a snake through it, punching hundreds of holes and pulverizing the rest.


Elder Lang was trembling, gawking at the impossible made possible as blood seeped from his mouth. Then came a world of hurt, a searing pain lacing through his head.


“Jackal…” His friends turned from him to the weakened Zhuo Fan, having lost their contempt.


A Profound Heaven cultivator and an Ethereal Stage expert went head to head. The result? The Ethereal Stage expert was badly wounded. It was unprecedented.


No matter the soul martial art used, nothing could’ve bridged the abyss between them. [It made no sense at all…]


The elders were floored and Tuoba Tieshan’s side was dumbstruck.


They had written Zhuo Fan off in the last strike but the cunning kid not only fought Elder Lang back, but gave him a blow he wouldn’t soon forget…


Their eyes held unspeakable horror when watching this abomination.


[Is he even a bloody human?]


Zhuo Fan took a deep breath, his face pale and hands shaking.


He had one upped Elder Lang good with that move, but there was no denying it, their gap was just too huge.


He took that soul destruction martial art and lived, but he was in an even sorrier state, about to break.


A casual strike would kill him at this point.


He was in the worst danger of his life…


Elder Lang bore through the soul pain and despite the soul scarring he went through, it paled compared to Zhuo Fan’s precarious state.


But it carried a far heavier weight, the greatest humiliation of his life.


“Rotten punk, I’ll kill you!” Elder Lang spat through clenched teeth, stomping towards him. Each step shook the earth.


Elder Hu reminded, “Jackal, he’s on his last leg. Another soul attack will finish him.”


“I know that, but I won’t give him the satisfaction of a quick death.”


Elder Lang flicked and a blue wind shot for Zhuo Fan. The incoming storm howled like countless beasts.


It went beyond mere wind, but became a horde of thumb-sized wolves, clawing for their prey.  


“Profound ranked martial art, Devouring Wolf Pack. I will tear your soul one mote at a time to let you taste unspeakable torture!” Elder Lang roared.


Lian’er covered her mouth, tearing up. The rest lamented.


[Zhuo Fan is an unrivaled warrior of his generation. Instead of respect, he is met with a cruel death.]


Zhuo Fan shook, his mind going a mile a minute. [Maybe Shift will work.] But the soul attack didn’t give him any room to wiggle. 


It was then that a shout came.


“Soaring Demonic Dragon!”




With a rumble, a black dragon appeared around Zhuo Fan whipping the wolf storm away.


Elder Lang stepped back, watching the imposing man shielding Zhuo Fan and oozing black energy.


“Elder Li, took you long enough!” Zhuo Fan grinned.


“Steward Zhuo, forgive the delay!” Li Jingtian saw his weakened state and turned his bloodshot eyes at Elder Lang. 


“Did you hurt Steward Zhuo? I’ll tear you to pieces!” Li Jingtian shouted.


Elder Lang mocked, “You’re fresh into the Ethereal Stage. You’ve barely focused your soul to be able to take that tone with me, you blowhard. The only reason you pushed me back is because I’m wounded. Be a good boy and scram. It’d be a pity for a stray attack to end you. It’ll make reaching Ethereal Stage a waste.”


“Ha-ha-ha, Elder Li, see that? They’re in the Ethereal Stage yet their brain’s on the fritz, especially that white beard with his wolf soul. He takes the cake. Here we are at war and the imbecile spills the beans on his condition. He has more value as an enemy than an ally!”


Zhuo Fan was full of contempt.


Elder Hu and Elder She glared at Elder Lang. They had to admit, [The kid is friggin’ right.]




Lian’er giggled again while the rest smiled and nodded. [In this precarious moment, Zhuo Fan keeps his cool like a true marshal and hero.]


Only Elder Lang’s face grew hotter with every jab, about to pop…



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  1. Hahaha hilarious…. He is better die than love with that shame… and I hope Zhuo won’t kill this quorong guys. They are not that bad… Just brainless soldiers

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