The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 489, Assault


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“With the shadow guard so close, the others mustn’t be far behind.” Dugu Feng stood up and shouted, “Prepare for battle! Sir Gu Santong, please provide assistance!”


Gu Santong nodded, munching on his herb, “That’s what dad told me anyway.”


Dugu Feng turned stern and the four brothers led their divisions out of the city.


This imbalanced battle made even these seasoned tigers feel the pressure.


Tuoba Liufeng was acting as the stand-in commander, directing the wolf wardens when he noticed the million men and tigers coming out.


It made no sense for them to abandon the advantage of the walls, even without arrays, and opt for a frontal assault. 


He understood their plan soon enough. Only outside the city walls would the army of Four Tigers be able to gather to form a wedge and strike into the heart of his camp. 


“Zhuo Fan is cocky, throwing everything in a single risky move. We aren’t good with soldier formations, but we have the spiritual beasts to give you a world of hurt.”


Tuoba Liufeng ordered, “Steel Arm Wolf and Ironback Wolf, move in front to block them. Howling Wind Wolf and Blood Shadow Wolf will punch through behind the two. Throw this battle into chaos once Tianyu’s imperial family’s support breaks their formation.”




The messenger left.


The fanned out wolves changed formation. Ironback Wolf and Steel Arm Wolf’s divisions combined, forming a wall in front of Tuoba Liufeng. 


Dugu Feng laughed, “Give your all, charge!”


With their numbers short, their best bet was to finish this battle quickly. They had to brave the danger of a trap to get to the commander and hold him hostage.




The fearless shouts of soldiers shook the sky.


At the same time, hundreds of black trails flitted over with eerie movements.


They entered their formation and mowed down these men with their black blades. Their barely formed formation collapsed in an instant.


Way above them, Sima Hui bombed them with chess pieces. They whistled through the air and left behind craters and mournful cries.


Thousands fell with every strike.


Howling Wind Wolf and Blood Shadow Wolf who were on standby, laughed with glee.


“Without Dugu Zhantian, they’re nothing. Look how easily their formation fell. The invincible army will fall even without our help.” Howling Wind Wolf laughed.


Blood Shadow Wolf snickered, “That Marshal Zhuo’s mind is only filled with machinations, yet is lacking in the military department, ha-ha-ha… When it comes to wars, what’s important is to use your full strength in a clash. Getting tangled up with court politics and cloak and daggers every day makes you weak in directing soldiers. No matter how shrewd he is, Dugu Army will die in his hands!” 


Only Tuoba Liufeng knew just how intricate Zhuo Fan’s thinking was, so much so that he felt it was all going too easy here, “Strange, was Dugu Army ever this weak? They’re not up to par with the average Quanrong soldiers…”


With a reverberating shout, a red flash landed on the battlefield, a seven year old kid.


Sima Hui shook all over and even dropped his readied pieces.


“Senile old man, rather than play chess all day back at the capital, you’ve come here to fight?” Gu Santong shone red as he punched at the sky.




The space warped. Sima Hui felt his vision swim as the relentless force slammed into him.


Sima Hui didn’t even have the time to make a peep.


All he could do was bring out his Yuan Qi.




The ringing explosion made Sima Hui spill blood, his clothes a mess as he barreled through the air, bleeding from every inch of his body.


Invincible Scamp Gu Santong’s punch was that of a monster. Not even the Monochrome Chess Sage could take a hit.


Snorting, Gu Santong grinned, turning to the shadow guards.


With his uncanny speed, he punched every one of them into a pulp, even if they weren’t exactly human. 


The power of that cutesy fist warped the space so much that  he didn’t even need soul power to finish the job. And now that he had Vaulting Kunpeng as his guide, he used that ridiculous strength to its utmost potential. The shadow guards didn’t stand a chance.


Gu Santong ran to and fro nailing shadows at every corner.


When Gu Santong touched down, his tiny fist was soaked in blood, his sharp eyes staring down Ironback Wolf and Steel Arm Wolf’s divisions.


Dugu Feng shouted, “The bastards are dead, attack!”




His brothers gathered over, leading six hundred thousand men to form a new formation.


Unlike before, these soldiers were of different mettle, hardened and tough.


They were the remnants of Dugu Army.




Dugu Feng shouted. With the tigers in the lead, the army’s Yuan Qi fused.


The soldiers formed a sharp blade that could cut any shield.


Ironback Wolf and Steel Arm Wolf jerked, finding this formation a much worse enemy than the previous larger one they had formed.


“This is Dugu Army. The previous one was bait!” Tuoba Liufeng shouted.


Dugu Army was right on top of the two enemy divisions when Gu Santong timed his fist just right, “Soaring Fist, Splitting Heaven!”






His attack and Dugu Army’s aura combined.


Ironback Wolf and Steel Arm Wolf felt the heavens dropping on them. The sheer might of this attack robbed the air from their lungs and stopped their hearts.




The million men of the two wolves were flung all over the place, with many in pieces, as the tigers cut through them like paper.


Ironback Wolf and Steel Arm Wolf puked blood. They had to thank their formation for still being alive.


Although now the divisions were crippled. 30% died from impact while 60% lay in critical condition.


“This is impossible!” Tuoba Liufeng was slack jawed, “Dugu Army didn’t have such strength even at full power. How did it break two wolf divisions?”


Tuoba Liufeng glanced at the flying kid and gulped, “I-Invincible Scamp Gu Santong! He alone broke a million soldiers?!”


“Someone call the experts to get rid of the kid or we’re finished!” Tuoba Liufeng ordered.


The four tigers were too close though, coming up on Blood Shadow Wolf and Howling Wind Wolf’s divisions. Gu Santong was flying in circles overhead.


The two wolves gulped, paling from fear.


[No matter how strong they were in the past, Dugu Army was never such a freak.]


Not a minute ago they had mocked Zhuo Fan’s military ignorance, being only good at schemes. How ironic that a scheme was what had two divisions routed.


The tigers would need but moments to charge through to their young commander and run them over.


As for stopping them, well, they didn’t even dream of it. They were attack divisions, best used while the enemy was busy pushing back Steel Arm Wolf and Ironback Wolf. They weren’t built for defense. 


It was then that three men flew over before Gu Santong…



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