The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 490, Immemorial Sages Vs. Qilin


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“You again?”


Gu Santong spat, “You rotten sack of meat, you’ve always pushed me around. Last time I let you off yet you still dare to come back. Is it your time to die?”


Covered in black robes, with black mist around him, Shadow King was back. On his side were Gu Santong’s old acquaintances from three hundred years ago, Zhuge Changfeng’s old elders. 


The two were filled with bloodlust.


Shadow King grinned, “Gu Santong, the only reason I’m here is because this time I’ve come prepared. Look around you, they’re all old friends of yours. Recognize them?”


Gu Santong snorted, “I don’t have time to waste on nameless juniors.”


“Quite the mouth you have. We fought so hard three hundred years ago and after all this time the noble sir Gu acting as Divine Dragon must’ve forgotten his friends of old.” One mocked.


Gu Santong stared back, “You were there? Wait, all of them are dead so how are you two men still alive?”




Shadow King’s hatred burned hotter, “Since you forgot, allow me to refresh your memory. These two fought alongside me back then and faked death when the moment was right. Why else would you still have the gall to saunter all over the place.”


Shadow King’s anger targeted these two sages.


The two were bashful, sighing, “Shadow King, our team of three hadn’t formed yet. Showing up would’ve only worked against us. So we decided to buy some time to train our teamwork for the next time we fought Gu Santong. That’s why we faked death.”


“You ran, but what about me?” Shadow King glared.


Heaven Sage sighed, “Shadow King, you’ve always been true and loyal. You’d never agree with our plan and even fight our attempt. That’s why we didn’t say anything.”


“You left me for dead!” Shadow King gnashed his teeth, “It’s because I thought you were dead that I resorted to stake it all on taking Gu Santong’s ten punches. It’s what got me these creepy ghoulish threads!”


“Aren’t we the same? After the battle, Gu Santong broke our spirit root, dashing our hopes for the Ethereal Stage and sealing our lifespan. We could only drag our miserable existences as crippled husks.”


“How’s that any worse than me? You’re still human! As a spirit puppet, I am stuck at the same spot, forever. I even have to eat souls to survive for crying out loud. I’m neither man nor shade, but an abomination…”


Shadow King and the sages were digging up ancient history, and any baggage it carried. Gu Santong just stood there with a frown as he considered the two’s past.


Tuoba Liufeng was fuming below, wishing for nothing more than to go up there and slap some sense into them.


[You’re here as backup, not to quarrel! Is this how Tianyu’s experts act? Have some sense of duty for God’s sake. By the time you finish your spat, my men will be gone.]


Gu Santong had heard enough to ring some bells, “Oh~! You’re not dead! There’s still some lively ones from back then. How embarrassing. And you even faked death. That’s the same as duping me. You three rotten cheaters deserve nothing but death.”


The three turned to the kid, now dawning on them why they were here in the first place and their faces sank.


“Heaven and Earth Sages, let’s leave the rancor for now and get back to our mission. It’s time we end what we started three hundred years ago!” Shadow King squinted.


The two nodded, “Our teamwork is perfect and the kid will make a perfect target.”


Gu Santong grinned, “I had wiped the floor with you then, and I’ll do the same to you now!”


“He-he-he, who knows. As they say, time changes everything. And we had three centuries on our side to prepare for the day we’ll crush you. We’ve trained our teamwork for this moment!”


Heaven Sage exploded with power, releasing blinding light.


While Earth Sage turned into a black light, the opposite, and gave off an eerie and dangerous vibe.


Under shocked gazes, the two lights blended together forming a huge spinning taiji.


Gu Santong’s instinct told him something was off about that sucking circle. 


The two had yet to finish their combo and he was already feeling danger.


[The two actually have an ace. Dad said the first to strike has the advantage. I’ll break their move before they complete it. ]


Gu Santong’s fist glowed red and he punched.




The two sages only reached out and the two lights formed a vortex, blocking the attack.


Gu Santong’s attack faded away, chipping away at its power.


[My punch…]


Gu Santong widened his eyes.


Heaven Sage laughed, “The great Invincible Scamp Gu Santong actually struck first. So you do sense you’re no match for us. Why else would you do it?”


“As if, I just got tired of your prattle.” Gu Santong stuck his chin out and barked, “I’ll send you three to the hereafter just like I did three hundred years ago!”


[Humph, angry about being found out.]


The two sages sneered, sending the black and white vortex at Gu Santong.


Gu Santong jerked, finding the attack was already upon him.


The vortex turned into black and white chains, tightening around him.


The chains were weird to be able to withstand his strength. No amount of struggle helped.


Heaven Sage grinned, “Save it. Our yin yang chains use the breath of the world feeding into each other and are tied to the world itself. Nothing will ever get out of them, unless you can break the world, ha-ha-ha…”


The other two laughed at Gu Santong’s expense. 


[The prick’s day had finally come. We’re finally free of that insufferable torment, ha-ha-ha…]


Their minds drifted out to all kinds of regrets Gu Santong was having, when the kid burned red and bellowed, “I am Soaring Qilin, tearing the world couldn’t be easier!”




Gu Santong’s roar shook the heavens, “Origin form, Qilin!”




Gu Santong exploded in a scarlet light and his tiny and adorable face warped. His arms grew, scales covered his skin and his power multiplied.


Gu Santong turned from a cute child into a sacred beast. Even when chained, his aura drove fear into the sages, 


“For god’s sake, he’s a freak through and through!” Heaven Sage gasped as the beast’s every movement contained unmeasurable power, snapping a chain every time. 


The entire battlefield was shell shocked while looking at the beast.


Zhuo Fan’s son, the one who wrecked Tianyu centuries ago, Invincible Scamp Gu Santong, was in fact a wild beast…



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  1. How does it make sense for them that they could improve their strength during that time while he keeps the same strength from back then? Even admitting that they lost the ability to raise their cultivation realm. Its like an injured defeated tiger that is left with a handicap holds his bets on time to beat the healthy victor.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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