The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 491, Tri-barrier


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“Human Sage, don’t just stand there. We can’t hold on for much longer!” Heaven and Earth Sages were bearing through the strain with clenched teeth and twisted expressions.


Shadow King was peachy on the sidelines, not lifting a finger.


Shadow King mocked, “This would’ve never happened in the first place, if we had dealt with him together three centuries ago!”


Shadow King was really thinking of backstabbing these two, but one thing was clear, only together could they handle Gu Santong, for the bigger picture.


Shadow King made a sign and a golden chain shot towards the yin yang chains, making them shine as well.


The chains grew tougher and Gu Santong could only wail in distress, unable to break his binds even as Qilin.


[Heaven, earth and man, Tri-barrier!]


The three sages made the same sign… 


Dugu Feng looked up with a frown. He was freaked out by Gu Santong’s form as much as the next guy, but he was their ally, their support.


With Gu Santong sealed up, his army’s wings were cut off.


Charging forward now would only net them heavy casualties.


Howling Wind Wolf and Blood Shadow Wolf perked up. Gu Santong’s loss was their gain. With their numerical advantage, they could easily hold the six hundred thousand Dugu Army back.


“Come, Four Tigers of Tianyu!” Blood Shadow Wolf laughed.


Dugu Feng shouted, “Howling Wind Wolf, Blood Shadow Wolf, get on the damn side!”


“Make me!” Howling Wind Wolf and Blood Shadow Wolf bit back.




The two armies ran into each other, but without their buff, Dugu Army’s advance fell.


Though not to a complete halt. Their formation gave them enough strength to push on against the fierce opposition. The enemy fell back one step at a time, getting on the brink of collapsing.


The wolves were amazed by how just half of Dugu Army could wield so much power as to push their million men back.


They were this close to crumbling and letting them have a clear way for the leader.


It was then that a piercing cry resounded. Dugu Feng watched the sky fill with thousands of golden arrows, falling down like rain.


“It’s Sky-piercing Wolf’s division!” Dugu Feng cried, “Change formation! Shields up, mountain formation!”




Dugu Army halted and took a defensive stance. Their Yuan Qi turned into an impenetrable wall.


Just in time to welcome the rain of arrows clanking on their shields.


Howling Wind Wolf and Blood Shadow Wolf’s morale lifted. Zhe Bie was timely with his aid.


“Divine Archers, get ready for another volley!” Zhe Bie ordered and his men opened the floodgates.


Dugu Army could only duck under their shields and hold on against the constant hammering.


When the attack finally let up, Dugu Army found Howling Wind Wolf and Blood Shadow Wolf teaming up with Sky-piercing Wolf, by surrounding them. Advancing now was out of the question.


Dugu Feng sighed, “The risk was high with this move. It was either win or lose. Flanked as we are, this is where we will meet our end…”


“Brother, what do we do?” Dugu Lin asked.


Dugu Feng shook his head, “Our task is done. We just have to hold our ground and keep their men busy. That is the role of bait. Fifth holds the true force… “


Dugu Feng looked towards Tuoba Tieshan’s tent with a smile…


In Windgaze City, the house lords were watching Dugu Army get pinned down, Gu Santong bound and were worried with anxiety.


“Pavilion Lord Long, what do we do? We have to save them or everyone in the city will die!” Grandmother said.


Long Yifey sighed, “And how do you suppose we do that? Get Gu Santong freed up? We don’t have the manpower. Support the army? How do we do that, when we’ve always operated alone. We will be stuck there with them. All we can do is wait for Zhuo Fan.” 


The others sighed.


Xie Xiaofeng shook his head, “Did we ever stop to think the day would come when we, the mighty leaders of seven houses, of boundless prestige, will end up so powerless? We are reduced to nothing more than spectators in the battle that will decide our fates. Ha-ha-ha, now I see just how weak the house lords really are.”


The others echoed his sentiment with a strained chuckle…


On Li Jingtian’s side, the elders were running for their lives, “Steward Zhuo, they don’t seem to be buying it. Maybe they don’t care about us and are now slaughtering Windgaze City.”




Zhuo Fan was resolute, “I broke his meat suit and the guy must be boiling mad. The other two will be with him for appearances’ sake, to save their names. They’re overconfident in their Ethereal Stage power, thinking in their thick heads that revenge couldn’t be easier. They’ll never go with feints to draw us out by attacking Windgaze City. It’s too much of a pain when they don’t have to.”


Qiu Yanhai grumbled, “Steward Zhuo, next time if a twisted trick like honey trap comes to your mind, could you please leave my biddy out of it?”


“Ha-ha-ha, you think I wanted to do that? She’s a victim of circumstances.”


Zhuo Fan said, “The plan was to draw the experts away by pissing them off and give the Four Tigers of Tianyu some breathing room. As to how we go about doing that, it all came down to the adversary. It’s not my fault that a pervert showed up, even kissing me with that foul mouth of his. So why are you so upset? No one touched your biddy. In fact, I’m the victim here.”


The others laughed.


Qiu Yanhai bowed, “Many thanks, Steward Zhuo, for saving my biddy.”


“That’s what teammates do. Don’t mind it, Elder Qiu, ha-ha-ha…” Zhuo Fan waved him off.


A bellow came from behind them, “You rotten son of a bitch, don’t move a muscle! I’ll flay you alive, burn your soul and take that meat sack for my own!”


Turning around, they found two men and one python coming over at full speed.


Li Jingtian turned to Zhuo Fan.


The steward looked below and pointed at a valley, “That’s where we land, Elder Li. Someone’s expecting us.”


“Sure thing.”


Li Jingtian nodded and flew with the couple behind him.


The four of them landed in this picturesque landscape, surrounded by mountains on all sides. The blissful sound of a stream and the forest animals made it paradise.


The three Ethereal Stage experts touched down as well. Obscene Snake snorted, “An Ethereal Stage cultivator, some Radiant Stage experts and a puny Profound Heaven cultivator think of running from us? Well, think again!”


“Who said we’re running? Think we’re scared, is that it?”


Zhuo Fan mocked with an obnoxious tone, “We just recalled that we had prior engagements and had to visit some friends. What are you doing coming with us?”


“Hi-hi-hi, cut the bull. Talk trash all you want, but at the end of the day, I’ll peel your skin and wear you like a suit…”


“Back up a little…” Zhuo Fan cut him off and sneered, “Here I thought only the white mustached foggie was slow, but now it seems you aren’t so bright yourself. How would you look if you wore me without skin? Didn’t think of that, did you?”




The python burned with fury, looking lost all over the place.


He was only spitting insults, not minding the contradictions.


[What would I ever do with a skinned body?]



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