The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 495, All your base are belong to us


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On the battlefield, the elite remnants of Dugu Army with its tigers were going all out to hold back three wolf wardens and their massive army of a million men.


Blood Shadow Wolf snickered and shouted, “Tigers, you have my full respect for your valor and for not losing your head in panic. In my name as Blood Shadow Wolf, I promise the Commander will take you in. Just surrender!”


“Dream on, we are Dugu Army’s four tiger generals. We don’t surrender to the likes of savages!” Dugu Feng snorted.


Howling Wind Wolf mocked, “Your lord threw you to the wolves, so why do you still insist on fighting? Our commander cherishes talent. Join us and your army with you at its helm will win us all the battles, your future will be glorious. Why must you throw it all away? And for what, that twisted emperor of yours? Is he worth dying for?”


Quanrong and Tianyu’s emperor’s deal was just that, business. It had no clause saying that they had to like the guy for his foul schemes. It worked against him in fact, making them admire Dugu Army’s valor instead.


It went without saying, when the situation called for it, the Quanrong army would rather flip these intrepid warriors to their side.


A shame that the one thing standing in their way was the same element that had made the Dugu Army invincible for all these years, their resolve and undying loyalty. Marshal had fallen at the emperor’s underhanded attack, but if there was one thing these men couldn’t do, it was to become traitors.


“Howling Wind Wolf, Blood Shadow Wolf, save your breath. We will defend our home and every soul in it, to our dying breaths. Tianyu isn’t the land, it is its people!” Dugu Feng shouted.


Dugu Army echoed his will. Even when surrounded, they held strong, like true warriors.


The three wolves nodded. [Such fine men, a darn shame too…]


The wolves gave the signal. Sky-piercing Wolf shouted, “Four Tigers of Tianyu, today is the day we’ll end you and give you a proper burial!”


“Much appreciated, ha-ha-ha…” Dugu Feng laughed.


They were mere bait in this battle, but with death lurking at every turn, the brothers had made peace with it.


The wolves were hesitating. Fighting their rivals for so many years got them to understand their character. But a soldier’s duty was above sympathy and individual will and they had to cut down their enemies without remorse.


“Crush them!”


The wolves ordered while the Four Tigers of Tianyu got ready for a three pronged assault.


The heavy and heroic mood broke suddenly due to a wail in the forest.


The flames reached the heavens!


The wolves cried, “It’s the commanding tent! An ambush!”


“Ha-ha-ha, fifth brother made his move!” Dugu Feng laughed.


The wolves shouted, “You had someone go after our base? Your entire army is trapped, what other men are there to make a sudden strike?”


“He-he-he, never saw that coming, did you? We have one more division, led by the Fifth Tiger of Tianyu, the Flying Tiger Army. We’re just bait. Marshal figured out that you’re out for a quick strike, going all out. So we baited you and you bought it, leaving the fifth brother free to attack your commanding tent. To capture an enemy, first take their head, ha-ha-ha…”


Dugu Feng laughed and the wolves exploded in rage.


The full might of the Eight Wolf Wardens was here, leaving the commanding tent in solitude and defenseless…


Going where the fire burned hottest, Luo Yunhai led his steel war puppets, cutting through the remnants like butter.


With their capacity as freaks, Luo Yunhai found that a formation at this point was overkill. Charging was enough to mow the enemy down.


They were an unstoppable killing machine.


Luo Yunhai wasn’t quite happy though. He knew Zhuo Fan was using this war to establish his position, a cinch with this ridiculous army, but it was so easy that it made the win feel flat.


All those years he spent in Dugu Army learning formations, tactics, maneuvers and counters were flushed down the drain. With an army like this, they acted like a locust plague, tearing everything to shreds and leaving only a mess behind.


It mowed down even the likes of Tuoba Tieshan’s personal guards. No order, no tactic, just head on attack like a deranged murderous fanatic.


It finally dawned on him, as to why Zhuo Fan kept saying power trumps everything.


“Young master, there are no more enemies. All that’s left is the commanding tent. We await your orders!” A peak Radiant Stage war puppet bowed. 


Luo Yunhai muttered, “With your strength, just go in there and grab him. What are you asking me for?”


“Young master, it’s Steward Zhuo’s will. Take the commander yourself, sir, and your name will spread. It will be on everyone’s lips, and in their hearts.”


“Brother Zhuo is so thoughtful. Even though this achievement brings me no joy.” Luo Yunhai shook his head and walked to Tuoba Tieshan’s tent. The place was surrounded by war puppets.


Luo Yunhai walked in to see a lone stalwart man, sitting in the high seat without fear or anxiety. 


Saluting, Luo Yunhai spoke, “I’ve long since heard godfather say that Commander is his adversary for life. Today I can attest to that. But now I’ve taken your camp. You’ve lost, so I will have to ask you to come with me.”


“Ha-ha-ha, where did this egotistical brat come from? Want to beat my Quanrong army and take me down? You have another thing coming!” 


Luo Yunhai stared at his back, “You’re not Tuoba Tieshan?”


“Of course not!”


Swinging around, it was just some youth in the commander’s robe, “Commander knew about your side’s weak position. The only way to win was by taking him out. You’ve been had, ha-ha-ha…”


“Young master, there are enemy soldiers crawling all over the place. We’re surrounded!” A shout came from outside.


Luo Yunhai nodded and sighed, “Just like big brother Zhuo said, the first plan only had a ten percent chance of success. We’ll just switch to plan B and see if the old guy is confident enough to show up. Time to pay those brothers of mine a visit, ha-ha-ha…”


“W-why are you so calm?” The fake commander jerked.


Luo Yunhai grinned, “Unrest has never helped anyone. To get Tuoba Tieshan, we have exhausted everything to anticipate anything. In any case, all I need is his location and Flying Tiger Army will get him in under a minute, ha-ha-ha…”


Luo Yunhai left a stunned fake commander behind, “Why don’t you kill me? I’m ready for you to take my head.”


“Why kill a nobody? Just like big brother Zhuo said. You can’t stop me, so it makes no difference.”


Luo Yunhai’s last laugh echoed in the youth’s ears.


He contemplated before nodding, “The mettle of a great general!”


Luo Yunhai signaled for the men to follow him out of the camp. He then heard a laughter approaching him. Savage Wolf met him with his division bursting with bloodthirst.


“Ha-ha-ha, damn punk, you took our camp and now you want to just walk out? Where do you think this place is?” Zha Lahan was bursting with power. 


Though a peak Radiant Stage war puppet blocked the shockwave.


Luo Yunhai snickered, “It’s the enemy camp, of course. What else could it be, a scenic route?”


“Cocky little prick, talking smack even as your death nears. You’re just like Zhuo Fan!” Zha Lahan pointed behind him, “See these? Do you think a few hundred thousand men can’t wipe the floor with you in minutes?”


Luo Yunhai made a mock copy of his gesture, “See this Flying Tiger Army? Do you think it can’t flatten you in seconds?”


Zha Lahan was stumped. [Are all Zhuo Fan’s underlings brash and obnoxious?]


He looked at the enemy once again but snorted in the end, “Rube whelp, that’s just a hundred thousand men, while I have half a million men with me. Why are you so cocky? Give up for the sake of both our men and your puny life.”


“Tch, you’re the dingleberry. You’ll see soon enough that numbers aren’t everything!”


“Tell me something I don’t know. The greatest army Tianyu has ever seen has always been the Dugu Army. Those men behind you might be the same, but they still won’t top my half a million elites.” With Luo Yunhai still acting tough, Zha Lahan resorted to intimidation.


The kid wasn’t buying it, grinning from ear to ear, “Then you’re just narrow minded…”


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