The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 502, Glorified


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“Parish’s eyes can only see fate’s direction, not the details. I am fully aware of their shortcomings and there’s no way the stars would’ve revealed about me and Quanrong having a deal.”


The emperor eyed Yun Shuang but shook his head.


Zhuo Fan nodded, “Right, Shuang’er couldn’t tell the facts, only who’s fate went up, went down, went bust or struck gold; which was more than enough.”


Zhuo Fan grinned, “The moment the Quanrong delegation entered the imperial capital, they were at the top of their game, since they came for their share. Regent Estate and Zhuge Changfeng’s readings showed growth as well, which was reasonable as well. It may be from being in cahoots with Quanrong or Quanrong’s movements serving their purpose. And then there was the Luo clan’s prediction, looking mighty flat, if I may say. Quite fair, since Quanrong didn’t come for us, but to give this cesspool a good whirl. And with Luo clan’s shaky foundation, it affected us quite a bit. Although…”


Zhuo Fan turned his creepy smile over to the emperor, “How come Your Majesty’s fate spiked the moment Quanrong were here, higher than the other four even? This made no sense. Quanrong and Tianyu are enemies, how can the first’s arrival boost Your Majesty’s fate? I’d never considered your shady deal, Your Majesty, since it was downright taboo. The slighted slip up will have everyone in on it and your power will be revoked.


“I had Shuang’er watch the fates many times over to confirm it. By eliminating all rational possibilities, you arrive at the answer, no matter how improbable it is. Your Majesty, you just turned your back on everyone, making shady deals with Quanrong. That’s when all my planning started and I had the elders dig a bunker to prepare to fight off Quanrong’s attack…”


Zhuo Fan trailed off. The emperor sighed, “You’re very smart. With Holy Maiden’s help, this is the result.”


“No need to patronize me, Your Majesty is the true genius here, even though dogmatic, driving everyone away. Yun Xuanji, Dugu Zhantian, Zhuge Changfeng, the list goes on.” Zhuo Fan chuckled.


Yun Shuang froze, “Y-you mean grandfather…”


“Shuang’er, I know old Yun’s death has been torturing you. I said I’ll get you revenge, but back then wasn’t the right timing. Now I present you with the murderer, for you to take revenge yourself.”


Zhuo Fan continued, “Isn’t that right, Your Majesty? You had Yun Xuanji killed. “




Yun Shuang watched the listless man with red eyes, “You!”


The emperor nodded, “High Priest was a valued minister for our nation, and me. I had confided in him many times, giving him too much information. He found out about my plan and worked against it. Even relying on Zhuo Fan, a betrayal that couldn’t go unanswered.”


“Yun clan works for the betterment of this world. At the founding of our empire, the ancestors must’ve thought of the people as well. But Your Majesty acted for his own selfish reasons, even bringing enemies into our lands, letting Quanrong trample Tianyu’s people. Sir Yun Xuanji would not stand for it. His only choice was to appeal to me in changing this future.”


Zhuo Fan sighed, “With fate and luck, I fought back the tough Quanrong army.”


The emperor let out a self deprecating smile.


His strongest ace had been thwarted. It went to show that heavens continued to look after its people.


Yun Shuang’s eyes burned, her fist tight, her anger spiking.


Dugu Feng bowed, “Miss Shuang’er, you are not the only ones with a grievance against the emperor. I myself have some questions. Once it all comes to light, Miss Shuang’er is free to end it.”


Yun Shuang nodded, bottling that raging torrent.


Dugu Feng began, “Your Majesty, how did the Quanrong’s millions of soldiers just crossed over practically overnight and ambushed us? There’s no way you could’ve hidden this from the Dugu Army.”


“Ha-ha-ha, even old Zhuge Changfeng could only sneak in a hundred thousand at most. There was no way for me to do it, not without catching two pillars’ attention.”


The emperor turned, “Zhuo Fan, you’re smart. Can you answer it?”


Zhuo Fan squinted, but laughed, “National Elemental Stones.”


The emperor’s eyes bugged out.


Dugu Feng was stunned, “The National Elemental Stones used in the Esoteric Debate?”


“The very same. National Elemental Stones are the best in moving troops and are under everyone’s sight. Your Majesty used the Esoteric Debate as a cover to get them out of the Imperial Palace. And while in Beast King Mountain, I met a certain Quanrong lass. They had to have been there to get the keys. And when Esoteric Debate ended, everyone would focus on the Seven Noble Houses while they slipped in, laying in wait.”


Zhuo Fan’s explanation was like he was there. He turned towards the ever silent Fang Qiubai, “Sir Fang, you were in charge of these matters and should’ve been aware, right?”


Fang Qiubai nodded, “Correct.”


“Ha-ha-ha, I had underestimated you, Zhuo Fan. I see now why I lost it all. You knew everything.” The emperor laughed with tears, “Yet you were never worried as you tangled with the Regent Estate that I would set my sights on Windgaze City?”


“Not one bit. Your Majesty had planned on using outsiders when the civil war was over, not a day sooner.”


Zhuo Fan was cocky, “Quanrong was Your Majesty’s biggest ace and their delegation’s location was the first place to strike. While you always egged Regent Estate and Luo Clan’s war on, sending Dugu Army, Divine Dragons and Shadow King over to take our heads, it was all a cover. Your one true aim was to remove Dugu Zhantian and Zhuge Changfeng, your greatest ministers. Once the court was nice and clean, you’d start the campaign on the weakened Luo Clan, easy pickings for the mighty Quanrong army.”


The emperor stared at him, “Then why didn’t I move Dugu Zhantian to kill you all and settle this once and for all?”


“Your Majesty knew Marshal Dugu best. He was loyal to a fault. He would’ve never agreed with your deal with Quanrong. You feared his revolt, so after Zhuge Changfeng was out of the picture, before the news got out, you eliminated the Dugu Army. You figured, by that time, the Luo clan was but a handful of experts and overlooked us thinking we’d be no trouble at all.”


Zhuo Fan sighed, “Yet it was us who came out on top in the end, with none the wiser.”


The emperor had a dull look, taking time to come up with a reply, “Steward Zhuo is godlike. My defeat is… justified. Giving the throne to Steward Zhuo will be for a brighter future.”


Everyone was shocked, fatty and Crown Prince included. 


With Zhuo Fan’s shrewd nature and strong arm, no one in Tianyu could contend with his hegemony.


The two’s hearts were in their throat, waiting for the answer.


Zhuo Fan shook his head, “Your Majesty, this might be late to say but I borrowed Demon Scheming Sect’s men and owe them a big favor. I need to report to them in a few days. I can’t be the emperor, not when I’ll be returning god knows when.”


“Demon Scheming Sect knows about this?! That’s great, ha-ha-ha…” The emperor perked up, “Cong’er, be very careful to not reach for more than you can grab when you are on the throne. You need to show gratitude whenever you’re called Your Majesty.”


Zhuo Fan praised, “Your Majesty sure is shrewd. Fine, since I and fatty had a deal, he can walk up there.”


“Hold it!”


The Crown Prince was flustered, offering his full service to the great Zhuo Fan, “Steward Zhuo, since sir can’t take the throne and has no intention of letting others take it, why not support me? I vow to do all your bidding. You will be the Retired Emperor!”


Zhuo Fan was the supreme winner here, with the title of emperor being at his discretion. And from Luo clan’s stance, Crown Prince figured that no one else wanted the job.


So he rushed to grab that big thick leg.


Glancing over, Zhuo Fan mocked, “You think it’s that great fighting over a glorified empty chair?”


“Sure is, totally. Get me on it and I’ll do anything!” Crown Prince bobbed his head.


All he got were looks of contempt…



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  1. Now let me guess Zhuo Fans reply, “What fatty, what crown prince, you both are worth shit, I have already chosen an emperror to leave behind…”

    all hail steward zhuo, a mighty mind with no bounds ….

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