The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 512, Farewell to Mortal Domain, Farewell to My Demons


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“Commander Touba, let’s meet again some day.”


Back in Windgaze City, Zhuo Fan had the tigers escort Tuoba Tieshan and the rest of Quanrong to the borders, for the trade off. With all of them having their cultivation sealed, the half a million Dugu Army had no trouble escorting these two million prisoners.


At the foot of Blackwind Mountain, Zhuo Fan put on a kind face watching the Quanrong army. But Tuoba Tieshan’s reply was cold, even when cupping hands, “Let’s not. I don’t ever want to see you again.” 


“Ha-ha-ha, Commander Touba surely jests.. The least we are is adversaries and should have each other’s respect, no? The same way you and Marshal Dugu treated each other.”


“Humph, I respected Dugu Zhantian for his exquisite military talent, but more for his character. While you’re inhuman, all you do is trick, cheat and steal. And that Flying Tiger Army is the last straw. Where the hell did you come up with such a dominating army?” Tuoba Tieshan clearly had some misgivings about his loss.


Zhuo Fan laughed. He noticed the eyes of the Quanrong generals having some resentment as well, but there was more respect and fear than anything.


By fighting Zhuo Fan they learnt what godly skill meant. His leadership was average, but he more than made up with his twisted bag of tricks. At any given time, he would just pull something out of the hat so freakish, he’d make you pee your pants. 


No one wanted him for an opponent. It was too taxing to figure him out.


Tuoba Liufeng was of the same mind. The Eight Wolf Wardens sighed, while only Touba Lian’er had a complex smile and ended up shouting, “Zhuo Fan, you still owe me half of those herbs in Beast King Mountain!”


“What half? Please mind yourself, sister. You’re my captive here. All of you are. I owe you nothing. Ha-ha-ha…” Zhuo Fan teased.


Touba Lian’er blushed, whipping her head away and muttering, “Who’s yours? Damn blabbing jerk…”


Zhuo Fan said a few words to the tigers before sending them off.


He went to Blackwind Mountain’s hall, which was packed with people. As it marked his final day as Luo clan’s steward, he had to check everything to leave with an easy heart.


“Li Jingtian, Xue Qingjian, Qiu Yanhai, Heaven and Earth Sages, step forth!”


The five people obeyed and bowed at his command. The sages had endless admiration for him too. They were in the 3rd layer of Ethereal Stage after three hundred years of constant regret and suffering for being stuck at peak Radiant Stage.


So grateful, they were devoted to the point of laying their lives down if Zhuo Fan ever asked them.


“You five elders are the strongest and shall henceforth be Luo clan’s Venerables, keeping Clan Head and young miss safe!” Zhuo Fan spoke and the five nodded, “Yes, sir!”


Zhuge Changfeng, Leng Wuchang and You Ming had a gander at Zhuo Fan’s true intentions.


In his time as steward, Zhuo Fan only ever made Luo clan’s strongest, elders at best. By lifting these strongest five to the title of Venerables, he was absolving them of the steward’s control.


Zhuo Fan copied the emperor, making the military and officials balance each other.


[Even with the Bloodworms, Steward Zhuo isn’t assured of young master’s safety.] He feared being unable to hold back these monsters.


Zhuge Changfeng shook his head.


“Zhuge Changfeng, Leng Wuchang, You Ming to the front!” Zhuo Fan called again.


Zhuo Fan said, “Zhuge Changfeng shall be the steward of Luo clan, assisting Clan Head with the Luo Alliance, effective immediately. Leng Wuchang shall be the overseer, incharge of Luo clan’s resource collection and related matters. You Ming is to be the military adviser, assisting the shadow corps and Dugu Army with foreign intelligence and raids.”


Startled, the trio resigned themselves, “Yes, sir!”


Zhuo Fan had effectively cut their jurisdiction, with each holding the other in check.


Zhuge Changfeng had people to handle as he was in charge of the Luo Alliance. Leng Wuchang was in charge of the economy, having a monopoly on all the resources. While You Ming had the military.


These three powers helped each other while also holding each other back. It was obvious not everything was at their whims.


Flicking them away, Zhuo Fan went on with his preparations and repeated warnings; to Lei Yuting and Lei Yuntian in particular. 


Being enemies with You Ming just wouldn’t do.


Yet with You Ming leaving Hell Valley for the Luo clan, the two no longer cared. 


At long last, Zhuo Fan called Luo Yunhai to his side, “Little brat, did you learn the gestures I taught you?”


“Yes.” Luo Yunhai was tearful, his words choking.


“Give it a go then.” Zhuo Fan snickered.


Luo Yunhai made a sign and the hall was filled with all kinds of wondrous tonalities of pain and agony, resulting with the experts crumbling on the floor.


With the end of the torture by another sign, they collected themselves and now had fear for the young kid. 


[Zhuo Fan actually gave control of the Bloodworms to him.] The next time any of them had bad thoughts about Clan Head, they’d be toast.


Worried to the extreme, they each saw the bitterness in their neighbor’s eyes.


Zhuo Fan smirked, nodding at their terror-stricken faces. [Leaving without holding Clan Head in fear is not happening.]


“Young miss, give me the Thunder Ring!” Zhuo Fan turned to the crying Luo Yunchang.


She held the ring close to her heart as she denied, “Why? It’s mine. Do you want to take it with you? You won’t even leave me a keepsake?”


Zhuo Fan chuckled and shook his head. He used his eye instead of talking and the ring landed in his hand.


“You…” Luo Yunchang went to take it back but Zhuo Fan placed it in Luo Yunhai’s hand, his tone stoic, “Clan Head Luo Yunhai, today this steward shall leave and with my return a mystery, I will be unable to see your Clan Head ceremony. I give you the Thunder Ring, for that the next time it flickers, know that I have returned!”


Zhuo Fan’s tone wasn’t just for Luo Yunhai, but for everyone else, as a warning.


[Don’t you dare think my departure is final. You better behave…]


Luo Yunchang halted her step and held her mouth, with eyes swimming in tears.


Zhuo Fan had gone above and beyond the call of duty for the Luo clan. Even forced to go to Demon Scheming Sect, all for Luo clan’s safety. 


Or with Zhuo Fan’s skills, nothing and no one would ever catch wind of him.


Leaving this time was because Demon Scheming Sect had to have him. The times ahead could very well be dangerous and life-threatening. He might not even return.


In spite of it all, Zhuo Fan’s last thoughts were about Luo clan’s safety.


Swallowing the lump in his throat, Luo Yunhai forced himself to be calm as he raised his arm with the Thunder Ring and proclaimed, “I, Luo Yunhai, vow that this Thunder Ring shall be Clan Head’s symbol for generations; Luo Alliance’s token of authority. This ring represents the Clan Head. No matter how big the Luo Alliance becomes, it will be Steward Zhuo’s supporter. No matter what danger Steward Zhuo may face, be it the three sects themselves, the Luo Alliance will stop at nothing, not for resources and not for men, to help Steward Zhuo!”


Luo Yunhai’s voice echoed out, filled with determination.


Zhuo Fan looked at his own Thunder Ring. [I am no longer of the Luo clan, and any danger I face will be unrelated to them.]


Yet the Luo clan would stick with him no matter what. Such a display of devotion left him touched to the core.


People looked at Luo Yunhai with respect. Although young, he was loyal, a rarity in this world.


Watching the all grown up kid, Zhuo Fan smiled, patting his head. He then walked past him and stepped out.


People made way for him, watching the ineffable steward who raised a third rate clan to be the best in Tianyu walk on by.


Luo Yunhai shook, choked with emotion. He finally got a hold of himself to let out one last shout, “Big brother Zhuo, you must come back!”


The words carried far, while Luo Yunchang sobbed next to him, her eyes red from crying.


At the foot of Blackwind Mountain, Zhuo Fan walked among the shadows of the forest, his eyes glowing.


Feeling for his heart, [It’s not hurting. The demon is gone.] Demonic Emperor Zhuo Yifan and the once servant Zhuo Fan were of one heart today, of firm belief that the Luo clan was safe. 


Yet even without the heart demon, there were many other matters inside his heart that he couldn’t throw away…



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