The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 530, Patsy


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Xie Wuyue screeched, his eyes thick with bloodthirst.


A short old man ran inside and shivered at the incoming killing intent. He rushed to greet, “Sect Leader, why is sir so angry?”


“Are you blind or what? Can’t you see the floor?” Xie Wuyue snorted.


The man looked around to find the once tidy Sect Leader hall filled with dust, Chinas and jade carvings on the ground in pieces 


Shuddering to wipe his brow, he said, “Uh, this… I do not… I will handle it right away…”




The guy rushed to find the culprit and hang him for his crimes, lest the Sect Leader took his anger out himself.


But Xie Wuyue wasn’t through by a long shot, barking, “You don’t have to go, I know who did it.”


“Sect Leader knows?” The man’s brain was all a mush.


[With your temper, you should’ve executed him by now. I should be here to fetch his corpse, but where is it?]


The guy looked everywhere.


Xie Wuyue knew what he was thinking and said, “A laborer came here to sweep…”


“Yeah, yeah, those wastes must be at fault. God damn it, they are so stupid that they even broke Sect Leader’s stuff.”


The old man fumed and cut Xie Wuyue off, “Sect Leader, I will look into it and bring back the culprit’s head.”


He got up to leave again but Xie Wuyue shouted, “Get back here! I didn’t ask you to leave, did I?”


Faltering, the man lowered his head, “Sect Leader, what would you ask of me?”


“Stay right there and let me finish!” Xie Wuyue stressed every word. 


The man bobbed like a chicken. 


Xie Wuyue continued, “The name of the laborer is Zhuo Fan….”


“It’s great that the Sect Leader knows his name. I’ll go get him at once…” The old timer clapped and laughed but Xie Wuyue’s cold glare cut his joy short. He gave himself a couple of slaps until his cheeks swelled.


[Sect Leader said not to move. Sigh, I’m so careless..]


Xie Wuyue ignored this episode, “Zhuo Fan is at fault, but no one can touch him. So get out there and find me the son of a bitch that put him on sweeping duty and waste him!” 


Xie Wuyue’s face was a mask of malice, his tone so icy, the old timer shivered.


What he got from the outburst though was, why skip the culprit and have his handler answer for it. [This has never happened before.]


With this example, no one would ever send a sweeper to Sect Leader’s home. They’d draw straws to decide.


But since Xie Wuyue didn’t explain, in no way was he going to ask, just bowed and walked backwards. Xie Wuyue was left alone again, among the rubbish and his anger spiked.


In the Labor Office, the people were returning after completing their tasks to hand over the tools. 


Kui Lang, Yue Ling and Elder Yuan took stock and found that out of all disciples, only Zhuo Fan was missing.


Elder Yuan frowned with worry. Yue Ling and Kui Lang had a twisted smile.


“The guy must be done for!” Kui Lang snickered. 


Yue Ling nodded, her eyes glinting, “Sect Leader has a vile temper, picky about everything. Many laborers failed to satisfy Sect Leader’s demands and paid with their lives. The kid has just arrived and is going into Sect Leader’s home, he’s sure to flop. Hi-hi-hi, the kid won’t be coming back.”


Everyone laughed, reveling in another’s misfortune. Only Elder Yuan sighed. 


“Yue Ling, we can’t do it ourselves because of the kid’s backing, but getting on Sect Leader’s bad side, he will end up dead all the same. No one in the Demon Scheming Sect will make a peep. He contradicted his betters yesterday and now he is toast!” Kui Lang smiled at Yue Ling.


Yue Ling nodded.


But then, a thunderous shout came from above. They saw a small old man flying over, “All managers of the Labor Office, get out now!”


“Isn’t that Executive Sun of the Sect Leader’s hall?” Kui Lang smiled.


Yue Ling’s smile grew, “The kid must’ve done it now. Executive usually just barks at us for a while then sends us to fetch a corpse.”


“That must be it. But was it a win or a loss getting yelled at for killing that prick?”


“It’s a loss for us and a win for the kid. Think about it, for a waste like him to get a Radiant Stage expert’s tongue lashing must be his fortune, ha-ha-ha…”


Kui Lang laughed, “Right, right, ha-ha-ha…”


The two laughed until Executive Sun approached.


“Executive Sun, you honor us with your presence. I am Yuan Xinggang, a manager of the Labor Office…”


“Sod off, you think I don’t know who’s in charge of Labor Office? You’re just a glorified manager, that’s it. Get Yue Ling and Kui Lang to see me!” Executive Sun flicked his sleeve and snapped.


Elder Yuan shirked back.


Yue Ling and Kui Lang rushed over with a bow, “Greetings, Executive Sun. What are your orders?”


“Orders? Giving any orders to you will soon have my head served on a silver platter, dragging me with you into hell.” Executive Sun snapped, “What kind of disciple did you send to sweep Sect Leader’s hall? He didn’t just botch it, but wrecked the place. He almost tore the whole hall apart.”


“It is our fault, please ease your anger, Executive Sun!” Kui Lang and Yue Ling bobbed their heads, putting on a pained look yet their hearts jumped with glee.


[The punk must’ve struck a calamity. He’s definitely toast!]


Yue Ling apologized again, then probed, “Executive Sun, we will deal with his body at once and clean up the hall. “


“His body? I didn’t say anything about a corpse.” Executive Sun eyed them coldly.


The two were stumped.


“Did the Sect Leader wipe him off the face of this world?” Squinting in joy, Yue Ling added.


Executive Sun sneered, “Keep dreaming, the kid ran. He’s not in the Sect Leader’s hall.”


“He ran?!”


Both of them shouted. [He got off after such a disaster? That punk sure is something.]


Kui Lang bowed at once, “Executive Sun, he can’t escape. I will search the entire sect if I have to. We cannot trouble inner and outer disciples over this… “


“Search? When Sect Leader himself let him run? Sect Leader doesn’t even blame him for his mistake!” Executive Sun roared. 




Yue Ling and Kui Lang’s brains were hammered, looking lost and dumb.


[He wrecked everything yet Sect Leader let him go. That’s not his style.]


Executive Sun saw through them with a sneer, “Even I couldn’t believe it after so many years around Sect Leader. But this is Sect Leader’s order, that no one can touch Zhuo Fan. And who was the damn bastard who put him on sweeping duty at Sect Leader’s home? Sect Leader wants a punching bag!”


Executive Sun’s bloodthirst slammed into them.


Shivering, Yue Ling and Kui Lang were soaked in sweat.


“Zhang Fugui, I thought I told you to sweep Sect Leader’s home, why did you make Zhuo Fan do it instead?” Kui Lang’s eyes roamed around until they settled on a disciple.


Zhang Fugui shirked, scared out of his mind, “No, no, I swept Venerable Shi…”


“Silence, I told you to sweep Sect Leader’s home yet you put Zhuo Fan on it? Don’t you know that the more seasoned disciples must take care of it? A newbie like him was bound to wreck the place! You are pushing others around and got Sect Leader furious. For your offense, you shall die!”




Kui Lang dumped all kinds of crimes on his head and struck before he could explain. 


The fierce gale made him spit blood and breathe his last, becoming Kui Lang and Yue Ling’s patsy.


He didn’t know even now, how he had earned their ire, what he did to deserve this…


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    1. In this setting it’s not called “cowards” – it’s called “quick thinkers”, just like in US Congress there’s no such thing as “bribery” – only “lobbying”.

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