The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 533, Nimble Laborer


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“Senior sister Mei’er, it’s been a while.”


Yue Ling cupped her hands, coming over with her sister, “Thank you for watching over Yue’er while I was away. I can never repay your gratitude.”


With a melodious voice, Hu Mei’er waved her off, “We’re all sisters here. Oh, Yue’er, how is your practice going?”


“Senior sister, I am now proficient.” Yue’er cupped her hands.




Landing her hand hard on Yue’er’s shoulder, Hu Mei’er spoke her earnest feelings, “Yue’er, you must work hard. Look how much your sister has done for you. You can’t let all her efforts go to waste. You must advance.”


Yue’er frowned in pain but her face hardened with a nod.


Hu Mei’er’s eyes glinted and beamed. Yue Ling smiled as well, happy that Yue’er was taken care of. 


Zhuo Fan watched from afar with sharp eyes…


“Oh, Gang’er, how is your Blood Annihilation training going?” Hu Mei’er turned to Kui Gang with the most caring look.


Kui Gang nodded, “Good, I’ve been making great progress these days, senior aunt Mei’er. I will definitely advance.”


Hu Mei’er’s smile turned sinister.


Kui Lang brought his son over, “Junior sister Mei’er, it is all thanks to you that Gang’er has such confidence in the competition, for giving us the Blood Annihilation martial art only the inner sect disciples can access. With me and Yue Ling cast out, we are blessed to have you, even using your chance to enter the Scripture Hall for us. Thank you.”


“Senior brother, we’ve always been fellow disciples and that will never change. Of course I’d help. With you in trouble, I of course had to stick out for the juniors like a senior aunt.” Hu Mei’er smiled.


Kui Lang was touched to tears.


[She is one of the few reliable people in the sect!]


“Gang’er, here is the 5th grade Spirit Blood Pill. When you feel like your time in the competition is too hard, take it and I assure you you’ll soar. It works well with Blood Annihilation, doubling its effect.”


Hu Mei’er’s enchanting smile came out as she presented a vial. Kui Gang trembled with gratitude and was filled with excitement.


This pill was what he needed the most. A 5th grade pill was a rarity for outer disciples, even more so were the pills for the battlefield. 


He might not just pass the promotion, but even attract an elder’s attention.


Kui Lang was touched to the core, “Mei’er, you’re like a mother to him.”


“Senior brother, please, don’t say that.” Hu Mei’er blushed and Kui Lang chuckled.


The audience watched with envy.


[With her care, Yue’er and Kui Gang are bound to become inner disciples, following in their father and sister’s glory.]


Unlike them who were stuck in this hellhole for all their lives, fighting for their lives in the Asura Circle just to survive a little while longer.


“Senior brother, junior sister, I’ll let you finish the stage. I wouldn’t want to delay you in case you end up getting chided. Yue’er and Gang’er, work had you two. Don’t always stay at your dad and sister’s side, you’re all so big now, hi-hi-hi…”


Hu Mei’er smiled, batted her eyes and flew away. 


Yue’er and Kui Gang were happy to have her.


Yue Ling and Kui Lang were grateful as well.


Only Zhuo Fan popped up next to them with a sour tone, “That sister is too mean, leaving without even looking at me. To think that she was luring me so hard when I just got here but now that I’ve hit rock bottom, she only cares about herself, humph!”


“What did you say?” All four glared at him. 


No one would accept someone speaking ill of their friend.


Zhuo Fan faltered back and snorted, “You won’t believe me but I’m a good judge of character. She is no angel, that’s for sure. She’s only helping you to further her games. Seeing we’re all companions in the Labor Office, let me remind you, you never truly know a person…”


“Shut your pie hole!”


Kui Lang snapped, “I know the inner sect is filled with cruel and petty people who sow dissent like you. Right is right and demonic is demonic. The Demon Scheming Sect still cares about right and wrong. We once helped junior sister Mei’er and now she is repaying it. So stop your false accusations, you ignorant fool!”


Squinting, Zhuo Fan had a feeling what was about to happen and sighed.


Nourishing a viper in one’s bosom, he can’t even see it, and fell for it as well. Such schemes were the order of the day in a demonic sect.


It wasn’t just idiotic but utterly laughable to believe the other party would return the favor in kind.


The sorrow brought back memories of his self-destruction in the Sacred Domain.


He stepped closer with a respectful look making the four dazed.


Then, he reached for Kui Gang’s hand and squeezed.




Kui Gang felt a searing pain shooting through his heart.


“What are you doing?” Kui Lang broke them off, glaring with hatred at Zhuo Fan, but was more shocked than ever. There was close to a full stage difference yet he couldn’t pick on Zhuo Fan’s intent to attack his son.


Having it happen right under his nose, he felt fear and dread.


Zhuo Fan’s every move was shrouded in mystery.


Uncaring of the audience, Zhuo Fan stared into Kui Gang’s eyes, “You have trained in Blood Annihilation for half a year, right?”


“Uh, around four months.” Zhuo Fan’s hard gaze left no room for noncompliance.


He was baffled by his reply as well. [Why did I answer this prodigal son?]


Zhuo Fan nodded, “Boy, uncle here will give you a warning. Don’t force it or you will soon live to regret it.”


Kui Gang shuddered. The words had mystical power compelling them to take heed. As if the dire consequence was bound to become reality if the warning was ignored. 


“It goes the same for you. Remember this.” Zhuo Fan eyed Yue’er.


Yue’er stared blankly.


Yue Ling shouted and glared, “Get lost, my baby sister is about to enter the competition. How can you say that? You don’t have to help us set up the stage so go to the cemetery behind the mountain. Guard it! I don’t want to see you for a month.”


“No matter who has your back, in here, you still have to answer to us. So go to the cemetery, now!” Kui Lang glowered as well.


Zhuo Fan left without a word, but with a cold smile.


But then his snide reply pierced their ears, “Proceed at your own risk. Your death is on you.”


Yue Ling and Kui Lang glared at his back, but their relatives pondered over his wise words.


They felt Zhuo Fan was hinting at something, it was his way of helping.


“Yue’er, you know him, he likes messing around. So don’t listen to him.” Yue Ling urged, “You must give your all for the promotion.”


Kui Lang nodded as well.


Looking at the two’s hopeful gaze, the kids felt at ease.


If they failed to be promoted, how could they ever repay their father and sister’s efforts?


Thus, Zhuo Fan’s warning was thrown out of the window…


Three days later, the outer sect promotion was in full swing, with everyone buzzing. Except the Labor Office, since it was the worst place in the sect, having no right to even see it.


Yue Ling and Kui Lang grew tense waiting for the good news from their son and babysitter. No matter how sure they were that their kids could do it, they still wanted to know.


“Relax, they will surely win. But what about Zhuo Fan? When will you let him come back? The thick yin atmosphere over there isn’t good for prolonged stay.” Elder Yuan consoled on one hand and pleaded Zhuo Fan’s case on the other.


Yue Ling glared, “I wish he’d rot in there but I have no choice but to call him back in fear of the sects’ investigation. “


Elder Yuan sighed.


Just then, a shout came from outside, “Labor Office’s leaders, come out, you have a newcomer!”


Elder Yuan ran over, but then he shouted, “Yue Ling, it’s your sister!”


Yue Ling paled from fright and rushed over. She saw her baby sister soaked in blood and barely breathing.


The man at her side stated, “Outer disciple Yue’er received heavy wounds in the promotion contest. Her meridians are broken, she is a reject now, and is being transferred to the Labor Office…”



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