The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 550, Brutality


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With a kaboom, a thin man spun out of the ring and spat blood on his way out. 


His adversary was tall and sturdy, ruthless and cruel, the reinstated Kui Lang.


“The 8th match in the 3rd ring goes to Kui Lang!” The judge pointed at him.


The audience was abuzz.


“See that, in just one strike senior brother Lin Feng lost, despite having the same cultivation of 4th layer of Radiant Stage. Not even decades in the Labor Office held Kui Lang back.”


“It’s only natural. Who could hold his own against Black Yama back then anyway? With his appearance, an elite spot might be taken.”


“The chances are high. But senior brother Lin Feng worked so hard these past years yet nothing came of it. No one expected an old fiend to make a comeback.”


They sighed at the unconscious Lin Feng being taken away. Others lamented his poor luck.


Just when he was soaring through the rounds, this nemesis knocked him down to earth.


The sighs were short lived though, stunned by the cries coming from another ring. Yue Ling eyed a bloody figure with cold and merciless eyes.


Like he wasn’t even human, but an object.


“The 7th match on the 4th ring goes to Yue Ling!” The judge shouted the result.


Everyone shook their heads.


Their senior brothers were out of luck in this competition. With the already scarce spots, two monsters had returned and cut their chances at victory.


As for the other three…


Three shouts came in succession.


“The 6th match on the 9th ring goes to Liu Xu!”


“The 7th match on the 8th ring goes to Hu Mei’er!”


“The 13th match on the 1st ring goes to Gui Hu!”


The audience twitched, then shrugged. They should’ve known the ones to take the elite spots would be those five.


The rest were just extras to make them look good while doing it.


Everyone turned to the 1st stage and looked at the thirteen cold corpses lying there due to the insidious hand of head senior brother Gui Hu.


He was too fast and too brutal, killing them in a flash every time. Just as one corpse hit the ground, thrown from the ring, another was already falling, just like a murder machine.


“H-head senior brother, I-I forfeit!” A lanky guy in the 3rd layer of Radiant Stage shook to the core at Gui Hu’s savage look. He gave up even before going up there. 


The judge eyed him coldly, “The 14th match…”




The sound echoed in everyone’s ears, resulting in the lanky guy opening his eyes wide before collapsing on the ground as blood flowed from his forehead.


Gui Hu ended him in one palm strike.




Everyone gasped, their hearts shivering from the horror.


[Why kill him when he forfeited? We are demonic cultivators, true, we are cruel, also true, but at the very least we’re also fellow disciples.] The only deaths in this competition came from Gui Hu, out for blood.


The judge looked irked.


He didn’t kill on the stage but outside of it and after the opponent had quit. [I was going to declare the result and you killed him under my nose?]


Gui Hu turned his cold gaze at him, “He shouldn’t have entered.”


[Shove it! How’s he supposed to know your savage ass will be waiting for him in the ring?]


The judge breathed in to soothe the incoming anger, “The 14th match on the 1st ring goes to Gui Hu. Next…”


“We forfeit…” Shouts came from below as they fled in fear.


The judge felt for them. No one wished for death. He declared, “The final winner of the 1st ring, Gui Hu!”




The audience cheered, though Gui Hu had the same dead look in his eyes as he left the ring.


The other rings’ competitors looked over and shivered.


After an hour, each ring had a winner, Liu Xu, Hu Mei’er, Yue Ling and Kui Lang were the obvious ones.


While the rest had a much harder time grasping victory.


They were spent in body and mind, knowing they were going to lose in the fights that came.


“Only five may become elites. Come, draw your opponent but only the strongest five may move on!” An elder presented a box.


The five seeds of the competition were indifferent while the others were bitter.


They were far from being their match.


But still braved through.


A handsome man sighed over to the box and gave the ticket to the elder, “Elder, it’s the 5th ring!” 


The elder nodded, then came a rough hand plunging into the box, soon revealing a creepy smile.


“He-he-he, what a coincidence, I’m in 5th ring as well!” Gui Hu landed his bloodthirsty eyes on the first man.


Shivering with shock the man waved his hands, “H-head senior brother, I qui-“




The guy was down from a single slap from Gui Hu.


Everyone’s hearts sank, their eyes twitching, [Gui Hu is a cruel beast.]


The elder frowned, “The match hasn’t started!”


“What’s the point? It’ll end the same way anyway, ha-ha-ha…” Gui Hu cackled.


The elder sighed.


The strong were respected in a demonic sect and Gui Hu was the strongest disciple. He couldn’t say anything when the guy could back up his attitude. Besides, as the Grand Elder’s disciple, he had all the reason to flaunt his airs.


“Rest of you, continue!” The elder gave the box to the next one.


The other four drew their spot while the extras shivered from Gui Hu’s display as they reached inside.


[For crying out loud, the inner competition is a death sentence! I thought only the Labor Office’s Asura Circle was a killer!]


Their pained faces shuffled the contents of the box, hesitating on and on before finally drawing.


“The 4th ring, vs. Hu Mei’er!”


A pale disciple with slumped shoulders gave the paper to the elder who announced.


But then the guy’s eyes lit up as he saw Hu Mei’er’s delectable curves.


His heart was blooming, his soul about to fly out in happiness.


[Oh, it’s senior sister Mei’er. I’m not dreaming, am I? Everyone talks about her smooth skin, how even dying is worth it at this dainty flower’s hands. Since I’m going to lose, at least senior sister Mei’er will be the one to deliver the blow.]


He gawked at Hu Mei’er who was giving him coy looks, “Junior brother, my body is frail, please be lenient.”


“Of course…” The guy bobbed his head, drooling as his heart thumped harder.


Everyone was jealous, [What dumb luck on this punk to meet her. Leave something for us, aren’t we all friends?]


While Kui Lang’s face was heavy and serious.


Only the elders sneered, “Idiots, you won’t get anywhere with such poor self-control.”



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