The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 551, Challenge


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“Senior brother Kui Lang, please.”


With everyone getting their numbers, one tall guy faced Kui Lang. In front of this demon of days long past, the guy turned meek, bowing on the spot in hope of leaving this ring with his life.


As he bowed there, the lowest he could, Kui Lang came kicking, snapping countless bones like twigs.


While the victim shot for the ground and left behind a crater.


All the others saw was that guy spurting blood and slumping unconscious.


[Well shit, all of them are savages. None of them hold back at all.]


They gasped in fear as they watched Kui Lang cursing, “Humph, once you’re up here, it’s either death or life!”


The others gulped at the cruelty.


The other matches went down just the same, Liu Xu and Yue Ling getting their win just as easily.


While their opponents had a ghastly exit, at least their lives were safe and they weren’t crippled; they’d be back in shape in a year.


Wiping their brow, the audience lamented. [These geniuses are the essence of demonic cultivation, unhesitating.]


[They’re easier than Gui Hu, though not by much.]


Among the five, senior sister Mei’er was somewhat compassionate.


At this thought, they turned to her match, where she swung her hips and batted her intoxicating eyes at her opponent. 


The guy was lost in those wonderful curves, those charming eyes, that sexy body.


“Humph, that fox is using charm again.” Kui Lang eyed her with bloodthirst.


While the audience watched on with jealousy, [Damn that punk, he’s so freaking’ lucky!]


The victim thought the same, sniffing Hu Mei’er’s aroma, bringing him into the ninth heaven.


Hu Mei’er giggled, “Hi-hi-hi, junior brother, what are you waiting for, come.”


“Right away, senior sister.” With a dumb look and lustful smile, the guy grabbed for her two most prominent features.


Hu Mei’er’s smile turned cruel, and she said, “Junior brother, where are you aiming with that?”


“He-he-he, it’s my special art, ches-, uh, Heart Piercing Dragon Claw. Senior sister, do be careful, ha-ha-ha… “


The guy eyed her like a wolf in heat, throwing himself at Hu Mei’er’s chest.


[No good two bit filthy lowlife!]


The audience cursed, in jealousy and envy. [God damn it, why isn’t it me up there?]


Hu Mei’er’s face changed tunes the instant that guy closed in, her eyes taking a darker and savage tone.




Hu Mei’er’s dainty hand clawed the guy’s throat out.


The victim gurgled in his feeble attempts to breathe, even as the lust remained in his eyes and his smile remained ever so vulgar.


Hu Mei’er drew closer and sucked the guy’s yang out.


Everyone watched in shock. [She’s even more vicious, stealing his essence.]




The victim groaned in pain, twisting but in vain. He was growing weaker by the second and soon his Yuan Qi scattered.


He slumped on the ground, without a breath and life.


All that remained was a lost look in his eyes.


Loosing one’s mind to charm would only result in one ending, death at the hands of the fairer sex.




Hu Mei’er flicked the mummified corpse away and walked off the ring. 


Hu Mei’er dabbed her lips with a hanky and giggled at the crowd. But no one bought it anymore, looking at her in fear.


It dawned on them what it meant to be burned by a woman’s scorn.


[Beneath that intoxicating look, she is hiding a deadly venom.]


Letting out a breath, they looked at the dried husk with pity instead of envy.


[No matter how deserving it is to die under a flow, who the hell would want that?]


If it came to choose between life and a hot number, most of those true characters would choose the first option hands down. When faced with this choice, all anyone would ever care about was their lives. 


Moreover, before reaching success, it would be a darn shame ending up killed from lust.


Everyone had endless regret and remorse for the corpse…


“The 4th ring’s winner, Hu Mei’er!” The judge announced.


Which drew a close to the elite spots’ candidates, just as planned. Though Xie Wuyue didn’t like it any more. 


Xie Wuyue eyed Hu Mei’er, “Venerable Shi, Grand Elder, I won’t speak about the rest but how could even she become an elite with just charm? The elites are crucial this time for the Double Dragon Gathering. The participants there are all known figures, with staunch wills and high cultivations. How can they fall for something as simple as charm? It’s not worthy for a charm user to become an elite.”


“Ha-ha-ha, Sect Leader isn’t exactly right.”


Venerable Shi shook his head, “Our demonic sect is based on strength, with the winner taking everything. Since Hu Mei’er won, she has earned her spot among elites. Changing the rules will earn everyone’s ire. Then again, if there’s a 6th person beating her, it’s also acceptable. “


Venerable Shi revealed a nasty grin, with Grand Elder and second elder nodding.


Only Xie Wuyue felt like cursing to high heaven.


[God damnit, with you fools killing everyone worthy, how will there be a 6th challenger?]


[Wait, didn’t Zhuo Fan say he’ll come slapping? What’s taking that punk so long?]


Xie Wuyue looked around for his figure.


Meanwhile, the three shadows in the tree a thousand meters off sneered at the outcome, while being regretful and sorrowful.


“Humph, see? These bastards are crossing the line. Are they that damn short of talents to let a charmer become an elite? Her eye batting would be worth a damn in the Double Dragon Gathering and we’ll end up ridiculed.” One shadow snapped.


The others nodded, “With the elite’s tempers and cultivation, it’s unique to have her charm among them. Raising her as our elite will be for nothing. These old timers only care about using their disciples to steal the sect’s resources. “


“Be that as it may, I find Gui Hu quite capable; as is Kui Lang.” A shadow pointed out.


The others nodded, “Even the most average batch has some talents. At least this time we have something to work with, unlike before.”


The three sighed bitterly.


“Gui Hu, Liu Xu, Kui Lang, Yue Ling and Hu Mei’er, Sect Leader has some words for you!” An elder shouted for the five to approach.


The audience watched excitedly.


What came next was the official declaration from the Sect Leader that these fives were elites, granted the highest honor.


The least they would be in the future was elders, men among men.


“Greetings, Sect Leader!” The five bowed.


Xie Wuyue hid a sneer as he fulfilled his duty, “Congratulations, from now on you will be eli-“


“Hold it!”


As space warped on the ring, a guy and a girl appeared..


The familiar voice continued, “Sorry, it seems you five still have a challenger left…”



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  1. Honestly, there needs be a balance in story development pace. I think author here is doing a great job maintaining a very good balance. The story isn’t too rushed nor is it too dragged.

    At least we aren’t getting full chapters of flashbacks telling us ZF’s origins and how he got his stuff again and again like some other.. if you know what I mean :p

    1. Yeah for now its focused on the future not the past and that’s a pretty good thing even if i like when they tell a little about his past too

    2. It’s definitely better than the endless repitition certain novels have, but here it is just annoying that the main character isn’t in the scenes but also the side characters don’t really do anything interesting or have some development.

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