The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 552, Double Play


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“Who’s there?”


Venerable Shi barked in annoyance because of the sudden appearance of the interlopers. Not even the venerables, Ethereal Stage experts picked up on their arrival.


How could this happen?


Venerable Shi soon found a young man with white hair and an attitude to boot holding a broom over his shoulder. As if to say ‘Come get your spanking’.’


His insufferable arrogance had Venerable Shi crawling up the walls.  


He had never met another person more deserving of a beating than this punk.


The other arrival was an eighteen years old girl, her lovely looks ruined by the cold disposition and the icy air around her.


Even as an Ethereal Stage expert, his heart seized for a beat.


[These brats are up to something!]


While Xie Wuyue’s face turned sinister, “Who are you to show up here?” 


“Outer disciple Yue’er. Greetings, Sect Leader!” Yue’er was familiar with Demon Scheming Sect and its rules, showing her respect.


Xie Wuyue nodded but Zhuo Fan still held that broom like a broadsword over his shoulder one second and the next second he cupped his hands, his voice booming, “I am laborer Zhuo Fan. Greetings, Sect Leader!”


Xie Wuyue’s face twitched at Zhuo Fan’s straight back. He was the picture of heroism, with not one submissive bone in his back, not even in front of the Sect Leader.


[This brat, casualness is fine, but doing it in broad daylight, you’re taunting my name!]


[Humph, you must’ve had an easy time ruling on the outside that not even the Labor Office could curb your tendencies.]


Xie Wuyue grumbled inside, but he did need Zhuo Fan at the end of the day so he overlooked his fallacies.


At Zhuo Fan’s declaration, everyone was stunned, even Venerable Shi and Grand Elder.


They eyed him with suspicion, looking for any clues.


[So he’s the one Sect Leader brought. Let’s see how great he really is…]


While the big shots had eyes only for Zhuo Fan, the five elite candidates watched Yue’er.


Yue Ling sensed the cold vibe coming from her baby sister and was left with a blank stare.


[How can she release such an icy aura? Just looking at her makes me shiver.]


[What did Zhuo Fan do these past months?]


Yue Ling was perplexed by Yue’er’s aura.


Kui Lang was dumbfounded as well, but unlike Yue Ling, what had him stumped was the lass’ growth, to the 9th layer of Profound Heaven Stage.


And that thick bloodthirst made even the great Black Yama feel threatened.


“What did Steward Zhuo do to her? Even Gang’er only gained a layer when he took the Heaven Reaching Pill. So how come this girl gained three layers instead in such a short time?” Kui Lang muttered incredulously.


Hu Mei’er heard him and gnashed her teeth at Yue’er. 


“You impudent laborer dare cause a scene at the inner sect competition?” Venerable Shi roared and turned to Xie Wuyue, “Sect Leader, this man has breached the rules. Please describe his punishment!”


Xie Wuyue sneered inside.


Venerable Shi knew Zhuo Fan was on his side and now wanted to push him into punishing the kid to test him.


If the grand second Venerable couldn’t deal with a measly laborer, was it Sect Leader’s turn now? [Always acting alone in other matters, yet he wants me to attend to such trifles. How disappointing.] 


Xie Wuyue hid his annoyance and turned to the two, “Zhuo Fan, what is a laborer doing here? You better have a good explanation or you’ll suffer for this transgression!”


Second venerable’s face twitched and the rest of the oldies rolled their eyes.


Any Demon Scheming Sect member worth his salt knew about Sect Leader’s wild temper, yet he was tolerant towards this laborer for no reason?


Even the oblivious oldies knew this laborer was on Sect Leader’s team.


Which in turn sparked their interest.


Zhuo Fan grinned, cupping his hands, “Sect Leader, I am but a laborer and have only come here to… sweep. Yes, sweeping. Though it seems my timing is off, ha-ha-ha…”


Zhuo Fan paused for a moment before coming up with an apt excuse for interfering with the inner sect competition, no matter how absurd.


[Sweeping? What damn sweeping when so many of us are here?]


Venerable Shi berated, “Lunacy, how can a laborer come to the inner sect competition? Speak, who told you to sweep here? Or else…”


“Uh, the boss of course, told me to come here to sweep on the 23rd.” Zhuo Fan’s eyes spun around thinking of more white lies.


He couldn’t point fingers or he’d only sink himself.


And Xie Wuyue picked on his meaning, adding, “Today’s 24th.”


“Oh, gotcha. Sorry, buh-bye then.” Zhuo Fan scampered off.


Holding his broom, he ran like a little thief desperate to fence his goods.


Venerable Shi was stumped.


[The kid sure is dramatic, worthy of Sect Leader’s patronage.] No elder, venerable or even Sect Leader said that he could leave yet the punk ran off.


Venerable Shi shouted, “Hold it right there. This is the Demon Scheming Sect, not your backyard. I don’t care who you are and who’s protecting you, you will suffer for breaking the rules.”


Zhuo Fan stopped in his tracks.


Venerable Shi grinned, finally getting somewhere. He bowed before Xie Wuyue with a cruel smile, “Sect Leader, laborers are forbidden to enter the outer and inner sect competitions. Please punish him!”


Venerable Shi taunted Xie Wuyue.


He must have had a great plan in store for Zhuo Fan and the sooner Venerable Shi dealt with him the better.


Forcing Xie Wuyue’s hand was the same as slapping him.


Xie Wuyue was more than familiar with his intent and turned to the rest, “Who’s the elder in charge of security?”


“It is I, Sect Leader!” A grizzled elder bowed.




The next second he was flying, losing his life before he even hit the ground.


“Sect Leader…” Venerable Shi watched stunned.


Xie Wuyue sneered, “A laborer mistaking the day is normal, but letting him inside is the true offense!”


“How many executives and elders in charge of security will escape I wonder?” Xie Wuyue’s eyes flashed with bloodthirst over the victims.


Regardless if it was an excuse, but just being under his ruthless gaze felt like being watched by a viper. 


Xie Wuyue turned to Venerable Shi at last, “Anything else?”


“Everyone is beyond grateful for the Sect Leader’s benevolence. I ask that you spare them.” Venerable Shi gnashed his teeth with a bow.


No matter how much resentment he carried in the deepest corners of his heart, he was clearly threatening other people’s lives to let Zhuo Fan go or he’d soon have a dead pile growing.


It would certainly strain the elders and venerables’ cooperation. Hatred had that kind of effect on people.


[Xie Wuyue, I’ll get you for this.]


Venerable Shi fumed.


Xie Wuyue beamed at Zhuo Fan, who beamed back…



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