The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 553, Shaking the Stage


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“Respected Sect Leader, esteemed elders, distinguished Venerables, since you have no need of me, I shall take my leave.” Zhuo Fan spoke and cupped his hands.


And bolted the same way he had done before, fearing for his life.


Everyone snickered at this one-man show. No matter how he appeared on stage, he was just some nobody laborer and a village idiot.


But then recalling Sect Leader and those big shot elder’s reactions, getting scared was only natural.


Xie Wuyue jeered as well.


Not at Zhuo Fan’s comical escape, but at his impeccable theatrics in shifting the elders and venerables’ attention away from him. 


The grand autocrat Steward Zhuo played a tiny role just now, yet it was enough to piss someone off.


As for the other oldies, they had a mocking smile.


[There’s nothing going on between the Sect Leader and him. We’re just too paranoid. No way would the Sect Leader care for a nobody.]


Only the true connoisseur of Zhuo Fan’s boundless might knew it was just Zhuo Fan’s way of laying low. When he jumped in for real, he would do it with a bang!


Yue Ling and Kui Lang smiled and shook their heads. Hu Mei’er and Liu Xu watched the comedy man run for his life with a dark face. 


It was then that a shout came and someone shot towards Zhuo Fan.


“I don’t care who you are, you aren’t leaving the competition so easily!” Gui Hu’s eyes flashed with bloodthirst, going at Zhuo Fan with fists swinging. 


The pressure got so heavy, even the audience groaned.


[Gui Hu is a beast, not even letting a laborer off. Is he a natural born killer?]


None of the audience noticed how under this heavy aura, Zhuo Fan showed no reaction.


Gui Hu grew excited.


Having heard from Hu Mei’er and Liu Xu, Zhuo Fan was some fancy expert, he wanted to test him.


Since all his fights for a long time had been dull in the inner sect, he was curious to test himself against Zhuo Fan, an unknown variable. The thrill of battle consumed his mind.


He didn’t give a flying hoot about anyone as he was crass to the venerables and even Sect Leader. 


Though no one quibbled about it.


The oldies were too lofty to concern themselves with petty stuff, or at least wouldn’t speak before Sect Leader did.


Venerable Shi and Grand Elder squinted. All they had ever heard of Zhuo Fan was that he was some hidden variable.


Gui Hu was the best person to test him out.


Xie Wuyue was at ease as well. Even though he was in the dark about Zhuo Fan’s level, he trusted his potential.


As a Bone Tempering cultivator, he fought the amazing Radiant Stage expert Huangpu Qingtian to a draw. And now that he was in the 8th layer of Profound Heaven, he should have no issue with any Radiant Stage expert.


As for Kui Lang and the other three, they shook their heads at the brash Gui Hu.


Kui Lang and Yue Ling the most. They were more than clear about Zhuo Fan’s power, having gotten handled like ants. Gui Hu stood no chance whatsoever.


He was charging to his death.


While all Gui Hu had on his mind was to test himself for a couple hundred rounds with Zhuo Fan.


A shame he’d be utterly disappointed…


Zhuo Fan’s ears twitched and he turned his head to see the savage beast coming, “Here I was minding my own business and you had to ruin everything. Screw off!”


Zhuo Fan used the broom with his right hand glowing red.


Gui Hu’s cackle came to a jarring halt as the incoming force left him shellshocked.


[This can’t be!]


Zhuo Fan just swung a broom, yet he had him pressured? How was he human?


While others only felt a breeze, Gui Hu got the brunt of the wind pressure.


The one before him wasn’t just blowing smoke, but unleashing a raging storm. 


An unrelenting force bearing down on him to crush his bones and rip him apart.


Sweating, for the first time ever Gui Hu was scared.


But he bore through it, unleashing his Yuan Qi and making his palms release some gray light.


“Underworld Fiend!” Gui Hu shouted as he slammed into the storm, but then his eyes were bloodshot and almost popping out of their sockets.




Gui Hu spurted blood, his feet planted in the pavement, but the storm pushed him down still, as the rocks beneath exploded outward. 


It followed with him flying off the stage from the heavy winds, laying on the ground with his waist below the stage just in time for the wind to go right past his nose.


From the stage, all one could see was his legs, a warning to all that this laborer was a monster…


The shock was so great everyone was in denial.


A simple sweep of the broom, had the top inner disciple lay flat on the ground without putting much of a resistance.


Everyone was slack jawed watching Zhuo Fan still carrying the broom like nothing had happened.


[Who the hell is he? There’s no way a laborer has such power!]


Venerable Shi’s side shook on the inside.


No amount of guesswork helped them prepare for what they had witnessed. At least not for Gui Hu’s inglorious defeat. 


Gui Hu couldn’t even touch him, the strongest inner disciple was useless. The gap between the two was a world apart.


The elders and venerables were speechless, all they could express was endless shock.


Xie Wuyue was no different either, despite being the one to recruit him.


He and Zhuo Fan met three years ago. He had some guesses that he’d be strong after all that time, but not outrageously strong.


He had no way of knowing about the transformation that followed after he left or about the might of the Qilin arm.


Seeing it for the first time impressed him greatly. Zhuo Fan’s freakishness had him believe that getting this godlike creature into the sect was the best thing he had done and more surprises were left to come. 


Paying that measly 9th grade pill was all worth it. He had struck gold!


As for the other four soon to be elites, they were lost for words.


Kui Lang and Yue Ling fared better having been manhandled before, though clearly Zhuo Fan hardly tried back then.


[How can such a monster exist on this god’s green earth?]


Hu Mei’er and Liu Xu had goony looks. Such power was unheard of even among elites.


Zhuo Fan was so strong that it left them powerless and bitter, deprived of any options to deal with him.


Gui Hu slumped at the edge of the ring, pale and horrified.


For the first time ever, he felt this was the closest he’d been to death. He never thought a peer of his could ever treat him like an ant and made him feel the taste of demise.


Zhuo Fan’s calm was too unnerving.


He felt like he was facing a Venerable and not some laborer.


He was no threat to Zhuo Fan…



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