The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 569, Unstoppable


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The spiritual energy packed pills and dazzling demonic treasures glittered in the eyes of the greedy and envious. 


Gui Hu and Tie Ying held their heavy rewards with a dull look. The first thing they received on coming out was the most astonishing reward.


Gui Hu held an icy demon broadsword while Tie Ying received a jade and golden weaved gloves.


“7th grade demonic treasure, Soul-sucking Demon Blade and 6th grade demonic treasure, Heaven Rending Cloud Gloves. “


Zhuo Fan pointed out, “Oh, forgot to mention. Besides entering the Elite Labor Office and enjoying my many resources, you also get a reward. 7th grade demonic treasure and four 7th grade pills for the heaven door. 6th grade demonic treasure and three 6th grade pills for the earth door. A 5th grade demonic treasure and two 5th grade pills for the profound door. A 4th grade demonic treasure and one 4th grade pill for the yellow door.  “


The audience was too dazed to react in excitement. From being filled with fear, they were now filled with desire.


Zhuo Fan grinned and pointed behind him, “There are few turning points in one’s life. Whether you grasp it and soar, become a dragon among ants, it will all be up to you to…”




The red-eyed mob took to the doors like an assault, all lusting for shiny rewards in detriment of their lives and the dangers they would face; losing all reason.


The really crazy ones jumped into the heaven door, utterly suicidal.


What hope could they possibly have?


Yet a few dozen people who still had a little mind to care about their lives, decided to leave and Zhuo Fan did not stop them by any means.


[Greed is good, but don’t lose your mind over it. Such reckless desire will only bring them death, sooner rather than later.]


In a jiffy, howls and wails adorned the morning sky above the heaven and earth doors. Their fates were sealed.


Once everyone got in, Gui Hu glanced at his blade and gave it back, “I know your words were just to entice them. Now that they believe it, here, take it back.”


“They were to entice them, yes, but were also real. This is your reward for clearing the heaven door. Keep it if you want to be an elite laborer. You’ll need it.” Zhuo Fan said.


Gui Hu said, “But… it’s too much.”


“How so? It’s only a small reward. I am no poor fellow.” Zhuo Fan chuckled.


Yue’er and Kui Gang smiled, “Master is well-off. If you don’t want it, he’ll just give it to someone else.”


[Say what?!]


Gui Hu sized Zhuo Fan up with shining eyes. Tie Ying blinked incredulously as well.


Here they thought Zhuo Fan was playing a role to get his name higher in the Labor Office and get those cowering laborers to assault heaven and earth doors with a little incentive. 


Only to find the guy really did hand over those rewards.


“I told you. Upon joining the Elite Labor Office, you will receive plenty of resources, all from me. Now then, you two, Tie Ying in particular, you don’t have to worry about the sect’s political struggles while you are in the Labor Office. We do not rely on the sect, only on me! “


Tie Ying’s heart shook.


He took Zhuo Fan for another man’s pawn in some big shot’s plan. These great demonic treasures and pills had to have come from someone with a really high up backing. 


But it was all in his head. The guy is a moneybag!


[He wants to make his own faction hidden from the sect’s eyes. Don’t all disciples come to sects for resources?]


[Why stick to the sect when he’s the one giving them out?]


Tie Ying grew thrilled. [Even being sent to this rotten garbage dump, he still found a way out!]


“Uh, brother Zhuo, what might we call you?” Tie Ying cupped his hands as he ventured.


Zhuo Fan pondered, “I’ve been the steward of my clan before this and now I’m the steward of the Labor Office’s elites. So just call me Steward Zhuo.”


“Yes, Steward Zhuo.” Gui Hu and Tie Ying nodded.


Now they waited for the survivors.


Minutes and hours ticked by all the way till the sun hung high above in the sky and the birds sang until someone finally came out.




Weary and shaky people wobbled out of the door, all covered with wounds.


Zhuo Fan eyed his disciples and they responded in kind, by stepping forth with the rewards.


At the sight of all those pills and demonic treasures, the weary trial takers stood up like their wounds were nothing, touched to the core.


They never thought they’d ever see such a thing again after being thrown in the Labor Office for years and years. [I’m so touched. Even death would’ve been worth it.]


As more and more came out, Kui Gang and Yue’er gave them their rewards and their cheers grew in number. 


Zhuo Fan did a headcount once everyone was out and found only fifty missing. [Probably dead.] 


Not that anyone cared when they all looked after themselves first and foremost. Oh, and the massive reward, one shouldn’t forget that.


If the reward had come later, they’d lament and take a moment for their fellow brothers who had died in the cruel trials. But now they had bigger and shinier things to worry about.


Zhuo Fan swept the crowd with a critical eye, “While you rushed in, some disciples left, aware of their limitations and frail hearts. Their future will forever be average, or some might return here never to come out; who knows. But to you, congratulations. You are now elite laborers and will receive everything you need from me.”


“Steward Zhuo, Steward Zhuo…” The roars and pumped fists spoke volumes of their excitement.


Especially now, holding their rewards and thrilled by the gains. Zhuo Fan had filled them with a drive this hellhole had sucked out of them for so many years, bringing the glimmer of hope in their pits of despair. 


He had practically become an existence higher than their parents!


A gesture brought silence back but the fire in their eyes burned hotter still.


Zhuo Fan grinned, “Most of you entered the yellow gate, with a rare few taking the profound one. Just how the doors are different, so are the rewards. If you want another door’s treasure, then do your best and cultivate! Take on the next door and I will give you the same reward your neighbor got!”




Zhuo Fan’s words added more fuel to the burning pyre. All the pressure and desolation they had gone through these years was at this moment shed off in their excitement. 


This power had brought the Labor Office a chance to shine!


Elder Yuan nodded with a smile…


Labor Office got swept up by a sudden cultivation frenzy with all laborers using their off-duty time to grow stronger rather than mess around.


Because they now had a goal, to brave the next gate and gain more stuff.


As for those too shy to try the doors, they were regretting missing such a chance even as they didn’t slack off on their training.


Since Asura Circle only took those who were the weakest, no matter how cruel it was. As long as no one was beneath you, you were dead. Just going through the days like a lifeless husk would achieve the same result. 


But Zhuo Fan’s Elite Labor Office offered tests offering all of them chances to enter it and wrest back their lives.


Their only enemy was themselves. As for those petty tricks? That was easier to deal with. Harming another was harming oneself and the time would be much better used on cultivating.


It comforted Elder Yuan greatly, seeing all of them focused on cultivation, since all their efforts were for themselves.


While nitpicking about other’s weaknesses was in fact avoiding one’s own.


And this frenzy got so big, it infected the outer sect…



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