The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 570, Flaunting

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It was the sound coming from a girl in a poor garb swinging a broom in a courtyard like one did with a sword.


The courtyard was spotless in an instant.


The girl made sure no corner was cut and gave a sweet smile as she rushed away.


“Done so soon?” A lady in green appeared in the courtyard and called out to the girl, “You’ve been in a rush as of late. What’s the hurry?” 


The girl giggled, “Ha-ha-ha, senior sister, I’m cultivating!”


“Cultivate?”, lady in green was taken aback, then mocked, “Ha-ha-ha, you?”


The girl’s mood sank and anger bubbled inside her.


Just then, a lady in purple rushed in, taking in the tense mood, “Junior sister, why are you laughing?”


“Senior sister, she said she’s rushing back to cultivate, ha-ha-ha. Isn’t it funny?” The lady in green held her stomach and laughed away.


The one in purple eyed the girl, then cracked up, “Girl, you’re a laborer yet you want to cultivate? Learn to enjoy life a little. Don’t miss out on your best years.” 


“What’s wrong with being a laborer? I’ve passed the test and now I’m an elite laborer!” The girl huffed and stuck out her quite modest chest.


The two laughed harder.


“What elite, you’re just a no good laborer. She must’ve lost it being in the Labor Office for all this time.”


“Once a laborer, always a cripple, yet still trying to cultivate. Does she think of herself as a phoenix rising from the ashes? Hi-hi-hi…”


“Junior sister, this girl must have a screw loose. Just ignore her.” The lady in purple jeered, then took out a jade sword with smugness, “Elder Huang just gave me this 3rd grade demonic treasure. What do you think?”


“Wow, 3rd grade demonic treasure?” The other looked in envy, “With so many outer disciples, getting one is so hard. Tell me, what deal did you struck with Elder Huang?”


The purple lady blushed and cursed, “Hey, I earned it with my talent. He’ll take me as a disciple once I enter the inner sect.”


“Really?” The green lady had starry eyes.


The purple lady blushed harder, but still stuck out her mighty fine chest, “Of course. What else is there?”




A huff entered their ears. The two looked back at the mocking laborer and snapped, “What the hell did you just say?”


“Skank. That’s what selling yourself for a measly 3rd grade demonic treasure would get you.” The girl’s honesty was devastating.


The two of them were fuming mad, “Humph, ignorant servant, I bet you’ve never seen a 3rd grade demonic treasure in your life…”




She ended up choking from the dazzling light show coming from the girl’s blade revealed in all its glory.


The sharp edge and its thick spiritual energy snuffed the purple lady’s treasure’s aura like a candle. 


“A-a 4th grade demonic treasure?!” The purple lady was tongue tied.


The green lady was dumbfounded as well, rooted in place with an empty head.


Only the girl wiped the shiny edge of the blade with her poor garb with pride.


The two outer disciples cried out, “D-did you just steal a 4th grade demonic treasure?”


“Idiot, if it were that easy, you think your senior sister would’ve sold herself over a measly 3rd grade demonic treasure?”


The girl kept her insults going while waving her blade around, “Almost all elite laborers have at least one of these by now. I’m still too weak to get a better weapon. Some senior brothers even have 5th, 6th or 7th grade. That’s why I’ve got to work hard to get Steward Zhuo’s reward. I don’t have time to waste on something as insipid as cleaning, or you.”


The girl left in a hurry and swaggered off with her big blade. The two ladies were too stunned to react.


When they did, they were overwhelmed.


“Elite Labor Office? What’s that, a place to train elite disciples?” The green lady asked.


The purple lady shook her head to gain some semblance of reasoning back, “I’ve never even heard of it. Or there wouldn’t be a Labor Office at the end.”


“Where else is one supposed to get a 4th grade demonic treasure when not even inner disciples can get one? Just hand one to a laborer?”


“Yeah, just what place is that?” The purple lady pondered, then grew anxious, “Junior sister, isn’t that rumor going around for a couple days now? The one saying that the Labor Office has a huge expert who has two disciples that crushed elite candidates in the inner competition. Yet even then, his disciples came back to the Labor Office. Is the Elite Labor Office where the expert stays?”


The green lady nodded, “Maybe, but let’s look into it to make sure. If he likes senior sister then we’ll strike gold! Didn’t you hear that girl? There’re 6th and 7th grade goodies as well!”


“Yeah, let’s go!” The purple lady nodded.


And off they went to their destination: Labor Office.


Similar cases popped up in many corners of the sect, all freakish. The despised laborers made a comeback the likes of which the entire sect had never seen, as they flaunted their stuff.


Showing off one’s bling wasn’t exactly a skill, but it had its uses, to make the inner and outer disciples’ eyes go red. What took the cake was their statement, ‘We’re from the Elite Labor Office, and all the wealth comes from our patron…’


With red eyes and thumping hearts, the disciples from all over the sect converged on the Labor Office to uncover the mystical identity of the super boss. If they got a reward while they were at it, even better.


[Being so liberal with some stinking laborers must mean he’ll be quite generous to the rest.]


All those disciples arrived with excitement, only to be barred at the gates.


The shabby fence of the Labor Office had a notice sign in front, ‘Elite Labor Office’, with Yue’er and Kui Gang standing on each side of it. 


Their Radiant Stage aura was obvious enough, but so were their high grade demonic treasures, blinding these disciples enticed by easy money. 


[Oh hell, the boss has to be in. His disciples are out front!]


More and more disciples flocked in, begging to see Zhuo Fan, yet Kui Gang and Yue’er never relented.


Kui Gang shouted, “Hold it! This is the Elite Labor Office where the master is resting. Who dares to disturb him?”




His shout rang heavy in the crowd’s ears, his aura pushing them all back.


[Yeah, a place is known for its local big shots, not the terrain! Just what kind of big boss came here to make it have such paramount importance? Anyone could come and go as they wanted to in the past.] 


While now, there were two Radiant Stage experts acting as guards.


“Senior sister, senior brother, could we just have a peek at the expert?” Some of them rubbed their hands.


Yue’er and Kui Gang had an insidious grin, “Of course you can, but he is the steward of the Elite Labor Office and only sees laborers. You may see him at your leisure when you become one.”


[Say what?!]


Become a laborer to see him? That was too steep a price!


Everyone frowned and they were all conflicted.


Tie Ying and Gui Hu carried two bruised and wounded laborers to the pair, “One passed the profound door, the other passed the earth one.”


“Eh? Someone passed the earth door like you, senior brother Tie Ying? Are you sure he’s not a cheat?” Kui Gang raised an eyebrow.


Tie Ying chuckled, “Who can cheat with me around? The earth door isn’t too hard though. I ended up like that because I’ve just gotten out of chains and was quite weak. Otherwise I would have barely gotten hurt.”


“Well, master did put you two to supervise the doors so we believe you.” Kui Gang chuckled and took out a 5th grade and a 6th grade demonic treasure.


The crowd’s eyes popped out.


Tie Ying looked at them with envy, “So many blessings upon Steward Zhuo’s disciples. He even has you holding all of them.”


“This? Master gave us 8th and 9th grade demonic treasures and you think we care about some baubles? Ever since we paid respects to our master, our horizon has broadened and we no longer find these trinkets valuable. I even have 30 of them in my ring, waiting for the others to pass the earth door.” Kui Gang shrugged.


The inner and outer disciples still around were shaking like leaves. [The big shot is loaded and is so generous too!]


[It might even be worth it to become a laborer. We would get far better treatment in here than in the inner sect or elite area!]


The hearts of these disciples thrummed with desire…


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