The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 604, Target, Middle Three Sect


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A figure in fine clothes and bright colors got flung out of the hall with a bang, again. Blood flowed, and the body banged up and rolled three times on the ground, yes, but he was still alive at least.  


What faced him was a buffed man in gray robes with a snickering look sent at the rest of the disciples around, “Is Demon Scheming Sect’s elite area that shorthanded to have only your wastes?”


The disciples watched the 8th layer Radiant Stage thug with anger. But the sight of Sect Leader’s cold face had them bury it deep.


[For crying out loud. The elite area isn’t shorthanded, it’s that damn Labor Office taking everyone good from us. First was Third Young Master Han and now this cocky bastard. ]


[The only reason you’re still standing is because the Sect Leader doesn’t let us get Zhuo Fan, or even Qi Changlong could waste you, you pompous prick!]


Regardless of their thoughts, Xie Wuyue’s glare let them know not to do that.


A grizzled old man looked smug, “Sect Leader Xie, I hear the elite area has many fine geniuses. How come I don’t see them?”


“Elder Lu is too kind. What you see here is all my sect has in terms of elites for your disciple to spar with. Are you not satisfied?” Xie Wuyue faked anger.


The old guy admitted, “Sure you’re not hiding some?”


“My great sect has nothing to hide. Or is Elder Lu doubting my words?” Xie Wuyue slammed the table.


The elder’s eyes darted to and fro then nodded, “Ha-ha-ha, with Sect Leader Xie’s prestige, such a lie is beneath you. I of course believe you.”


Xie Wuyue spoke with a dark face.


“Then I shall no longer disturb you. Please forgive my presumptuous tone.” Elder Lu eyed Xie Wuyue one last time as he bowed and left.


He said to the thug on his way, “Hui Xiong, let’s go. We best not overstay our welcome. Thank you, Sect Leader Xie, for accommodating us and the sparring.”


“Thank you Sect Leader Xie for reading these punching bags. While useless, they did get me worked up. You’ve been far too kind.”


Hui Xiong cupped his hand with a snicker.


Xie Wuyue’s face was ghastly though no word slipped. Elder Lu grinned, throwing more biting remarks, “Hui Xiong, that’s no way to treat Sect Leader Xie. You can’t be so blunt about it no matter how true it is. They are going to fight in the Double Dragon Gathering and hold some flimsy hope still… “


“Good. Bye!”


Having enough theatrics for one day, Xie Wuyue shouted.


Elder Lu waved dismissively as he left with his grinning disciple.


They just cut the corner and Xie Wuyue in the hall showed a devious grin, “A bunch of ignorant fools, we’ll see who laughs last at the Double Dragon Gathering. “


The oldies joined him in rambunctious laughter. They were dying to see Zhuo Fan wiping that ridiculous grin off their faces, preferably with blood. That got them giddy. 


“Ha~, ha~…”


A mile off Demon Scheming Sect, second young master Han spat blood again, his face blanching. 


“Second brother, I told you we should’ve asked big brother, but you just wanted to show off. Now, look at what became of you. Both of us suffered from the same prick!” Third Young Master Han lamented his brother’s fate.


Second young master Han glared, “Quit it. How was I supposed to know that a nobody lower three sect would have such a sicko?”


“Based on his strength, no one in the Radiant Stage can take him on. Our only hope against him lies with the eldest young master in the Ethereal Stage. “


Elder Mo’s eyes flashed, “At least we made some use of this time, probing Demon Scheming Sect. It’s definitely aiming for middle three sect status. We have to keep our own position at all costs, come what may.”


The Han brothers nodded.


Two figures walked over, “He-he-he, master, now we can rest easy. The Demon Scheming Sect has nothing but punching bags. I’ll run through them in the Double Dragon Gathering to pay them back for the humiliation in Tianyu. I’ll make them stay in the lower three sects forever, ha-ha-ha…”


[What brash talk! We, Demon Soul Sect, are stressed out from that freak and you want to run him through? What are you a superior three sect?]


The Han brothers turned glum and Elder Mo flashed before the two figures piqued.


“Who’s there?”


Elder Lu and Hui Xiong jerked back, startled at the figure’s eerie vibe, “A-a demonic cultivator?”


“I come from Demon Soul Sect.”


Elder Mo nodded, “Who are you, and did you come from the Demon Scheming Sect?”


Elder Lu rushed to reply, “I am but an elder in the Beast Taming Sect. Here is Hui Xiong. As you said, we come from the Demon Scheming Sect.”


“Why did you go there?”


“Elder, I took my disciple to spar.”


“Spar?” Elder Mo sized Hui Xiong up and found him only in the 8th layer Radiant Stage, period; nothing else special. “Did it go that… easy?”


Master and disciple shared a most egotistical grin if the elder ever saw one. Hui Xiong even puffed up his chest in absolute pride, “Demon Scheming Sect is nothing. In less than ten moves, I wiped the floor with them. The Demon Scheming Sect is not worth the trouble in the Double Dragon Gathering. Our real opponent is Mystical Heaven Sect.” 


“Everyone? In ten moves? You?” Second young master Han glared. [I ended up sucking pavement from one hit and you think you can take that guy on?]


Third Young Master Han was puzzled. [Is this guy an even freakier monster?] and asked, “Which disciples did you defeat?”


“The strongest, the elites!” Hui Xiong stuck out his chest harder, if possible.


The Han brothers found one profound truth in his words, “Did you meet any laborer?”


“Laborer? Whatever for? What do the lowest of the low have to match my greatness?” Hui Xiong snorted.


The trio shared a knowing smile. [They’re the fools alright.]


“Uh, what’s wrong?” Elder Lu bowed.


Elder Mo deflected, “Nothing at all. Just thinking how such a genius from the Beast Taming Sect dealt with all elites from the Demon Scheming Sect, you truly are worthy of becoming the best among the lower three sects in the Double Dragon Gathering.”


“Naturally. Among the lower three sects, we are the best!” Hui Xiong hit his chest, feeling more pride swelling in his bloated head.


Elder Mo’s side laughed harder.


Hui Xiong took it as if they were laughing with him. While Elder Lu found it off, [Why does it sound condescending?]


Elder Mo gave a wave and they left, leaving the other elder stumped with his disciple.


Third Young Master Han mocked, “Those two are the biggest idiots I’ve ever seen. The Demon Scheming Sect left nothing out. They will suffer the most in the Double Dragon Gathering.”


“Xie Wuyue played them like a fiddle. No one will ever expect the strongest disciple of the Demon Scheming Sect to be coming from their lowest rung. The only reason we didn’t fall for it as well is because of forcing them to call Zhuo Fan over. The more reserved Xie Wuyue is, the more it shows his great ambition for the Double Dragon Gathering.”


Elder Mo scratched his beard in thought.


The Han brothers nodded.


The Demon Scheming Sect’s aim was clear, the middle three sect position. And the one to fall would be the lowest in the middle three sects…



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