The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 615, Fiend Yang’s Demise

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The eerie fog swallowed the stiffies and their cries in a jiffy, now creeping in higher.


The others were panicky, looking at Zhuo Fan for a solution. Fiend Yang was sweating, “I just can’t tell what this thing is. Even Ethereal Stage experts will have a hard time passing through it.”


The people’s hearts thumped in their chests. [Where does that leave us, dead?]


“Calm down and watch.” Zhuo Fan pulled Chu Qingcheng higher. She followed him with a carefree smile, her eyes only seeing her man.


The fiends were annoyed, “Zhuo Fan, you threw ten disciples to the fog, yet you want more? We’ll all soon end up dead.”


“Take it easy, we didn’t hear anything when the fog took them because they’re caught. I’ll save you as soon as I figure out this process.” Zhuo Fan waved his hand.


The fiends were stumped, “U-us? What’s that supposed to mean?”


“Since I can’t tell what’s happening right now, I’ll need more live subjects until I do. You decide who gets to go. I’ll soon save you anyway.” Zhuo Fan raised an eyebrow.


The fiends’ faces twitched, cursing, “Why the hell don’t you try it yourself?”


“I could die, you know, rushing into the unknown.” Zhuo Fan taunted, “You take me for a fool? You should die first, humph!”




Chu Qingcheng giggled at the side. [You don’t want to go so you’re making others do it. Just like old times, you haven’t changed one bit.]


The fiends were dumbstruck, “And you’re saying we are the fools?”


“Of course not, just that among everyone here, I am the one with sharper eyes and can refine pills and raise barriers. What can you do? Only alive can I save you, while with me gone you’ll soon follow. That leaves the crucial mission of testing the fog to you. While I wait behind in safety.” Zhuo Fan showed his trademark evil smile with an exasperating raise of the eyebrow.


The trio nodded in the end.


[The damn kid is a pain, but why must he be so bloody right?]


Leaving this place alive would only be possible through him and his expansive wisdom. 


The trio resigned themselves. But they’d be damned if they’d be the first to take this retarded option of dying.


Their eyes swiveled to Mystical Heaven Sect, “With the fog creeping in and cutting our space, who’ll go first?”


They all gulped, shaking their heads like their lives depended on it. It made one wonder which was worse, the fog or the three venerables’ threat.


“Humph, you started this. Our disciples just fell victims and now you’re freaking grasping at straws? Get out there and test the fog!”


Fiend Yang shouted, “Either you do it or I make you!”


Fiend Yang’s aura exploded, flexing his 4th layer Ethereal Stage cultivation on these hapless Profound Heaven disciples.


[Is this demon taking his anger on us?]


They shook there in their corner, inching back as the fog grew closer while watching the venerables in fear.


They were stuck as to the ‘right’ course of action.


“Please don’t force them, seniors. I will go.” Shui Ruohua stepped out with dignity, glancing at Zhuo Fan with a plea, “We got into this mess and I thank you for coming to our rescue. I only hope my sacrifice will be of help to you and my fellow disciples in leaving here alive.” 


Zhuo Fan nodded and gave a cold wave of his hand to get to it already.


[Quit dawdling and die already. I’ll be sure to watch every second of it.]


Shui Ruohua lamented and sighed. [He’s so cold.] A sinking feeling took hold of her heart. 


Chu Qingcheng muttered, “Senior sister, should I go instead?”


“Whatever for?” Zhuo Fan frowned his grip harder on her hand.


Sensing his care, Chu Qingcheng’s heart grew fuzzy, “I’ve been under senior sister’s care ever since I came to Mystical Heaven Sect. Now it’s my turn to help.”


“Junior sister, it is my duty as the leader of Mystical Heaven Sect’s group. I have to do this.” Shui Ruohua spoke with conviction and pride.


Zhuo Fan’s eyes darted from her to Chu Qingcheng, and pointed at Fiend Yang, “Neither, you will go!”


“Screw you, you infatuated sap! Why should I go?” Fiend Yang exploded.


Zhuo Fan shrugged, “You’re the Ethereal Stage expert here. I feel like wanting to see the fog’s effect on one. Will it be the same as the rest or you’ll put up a fight? Is it toxic fumes or an array? Letting those weaklings go won’t get me any answers.”


Fiend Yang’s heart beat out of his chest, his face miserable, yet no way to retort.


Turning to Fiend Gui and Fiend Yin, they found the walls much more interesting than him.


“Mhm, the kid makes sense. You go.”


“Fiend Yang, your sacrifice is much needed to show us brothers the way.


The two sold him out and Fiend Yang was fuming, “You rotten piece of… You side with him and leave me to die? This is what I get for having you brothers for centuries.”


“Venerable Fiend Yang, you won’t be dying. Don’t you trust me?” Zhuo Fan beamed. 


Fiend Yang sighed, “Rather be safe than sorry, though it hardly makes a difference. If you can’t get anything out of my going, you’ll be following soon enough anyway. Besides, I survived Double Dragon Gathering so I can survive anything!”


Fiend Yang walked on with conviction.


The rest admired him. [These demonic cultivators are foul beyond reason, yet quite heroic when the need arises.]


Not like Mystical Heaven Sect’s disciples, all shying from danger, more scared than a woman.


It was the least respect they could give these foul miscreants.




Fiend Yang struck the fog with a palm attack.


The mighty blow boomed into the fog yet had no effect whatsoever.


Fiend Yang’s heart tensed, giving the fog enough time to grab him. Just a touch was all it needed and Fiend Yang cried, “Zhuo Fan, this is…” 




His voice was cut off, and his body was engulfed in front of the shocked audience.


“Fiend Yang!”


The other two fiends shouted. A powerful expert like Fiend Yang fell just like nothing.


[What the hell is this thing?]


Zhuo Fan’s brows were tight in thought, “This fog is not deadly by far, or it wouldn’t leave its victim to even make a peep. By the looks of it, Fiend Yang found something. Maybe this thing prevents any sounds from escaping, holding them in place for the mastermind to tie them up.”


“It’s certain that no one inside is dead, just frozen and unable to speak. What matters is how to go in and save them.” Fiend Yin continued.


The others rejoiced to learn the fog didn’t take lives, though vexed as to how to deal with it.


It all came down to how to cross it without falling prey.


Zhuo Fan’s gaze drifted, “Just what is this odd thing…”


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