The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 618, Demonic


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“I’ve wasted enough time on some old buzzards. I’d rather enjoy my spring around lovely ladies, ha-ha-ha…”


Flicking his sleeve, the redhead sported his same old lustful smile, “Now, who’s the next pretty? Ha-ha-ha…”


The women were fuming mad, their hearts in their throats.


The target of this sicko would lose her life and her innocence.


The redhead’s eyes slobbered all over Chu Qingcheng’s refined casing, “It’s the first time I, Yan Mo, saw such a pure woman. I can’t help myself and can’t wait to enjoy it.”


Chu Qingcheng had only a cold glare for him.


“A special woman, indeed, to not feel fear.” Yan Mo said.


She shook her head, “How can I when I know he’ll save me?”


“Who, that nobody? Just a 2nd layer Radiant Stage cultivator trapped in a dream? Give it up, ha-ha-ha…”Yan Mo laughed.


Chu Qingcheng had the same smile on her lips, “You don’t know him like I do. He never goes back on his word.”


Watching her pure smile from the heart mesmerized all present. Not even women could escape her charm. 


Xuan Shaoyu’s heart stirred, [Who is she talking about?]


Yan Mo licked her lips, “Angel face, you’re really amazing. I just can’t wait to have you. No, I won’t turn you into a husk like those other nobodies, I will have you forever at my side.”


“How dare you sully junior sister Qingcheng with your mouth…”




Yan Mo smacked Xuan Shaoyu in his place and into the wall. He crashed to the floor, bleeding from the mouth.


“Young master!” The women cried.


Yan Mo sneered, “Kid, I let you in on the fun, and now you grow an attitude to look at my woman? You can have anyone here, except her. You just don’t cut it! “


Xuan Shaoyu glared back.


Yan Mo ignored him and turned to Chu Qingcheng with the same sickening smile, “Darling, I won’t force you. Though I bet you’ll be begging me soon for it, hi-hi-hi…”


Yan Mo’s finger had a tongue of flame hovering on the tip, with cyan and scarlet intertwining within. The women shuddered as their bodies warmed up and their eyes softened.


Elder Yun shut his eyes, “Meditate on your inner piece, don’t let the flame control you. That’s the rarest demonic flame, Yin Yang Union Flame. It can control yin and yang, harmonize Dao and instill desire in one’s heart. He used this flame on young master to make him become demonic.”


The others shuddered and closed their eyes, though the pained expressions and the heavy sweat told a different story.


Yan Mo cackled at Chu Qingcheng, “Darling, see that? They’re so far, yet can’t help themselves. Yet you are right in front of the flame, your heart must be overwhelmed. Soon you will turn from a virtuous woman into a nympho. That’s our cue for a night of good time in perfect bliss, ha-ha-ha… “


“A shame that’s not gonna happen.”


Chu Qingcheng mocked him, sitting just as calm as before.


Yan Mo took back the flame and cried, “Y-you have the Empty Spirit Body!”


Chu Qingcheng gave him a cold smile.


“The Empty Spirit Body is said to be rarer than once a hundred thousand years. It can take all energies and null them. It is the best cauldron on earth! It can help others in practicing the most difficult dual cultivation arts by adjusting the yin and yang; a godlike dual dao companion!”


Yan Mo’s heart shook, then cackled, “I struck gold! I was only looking for a bit of fun and found the motherload. I’ll dual cultivate with you my entire life. You will help me improve my control of Yin Yang Union Flame to new heights and I can then fight Wu Qingqiu!”


Yan Mo threw himself at her.


Chu Qingcheng cried, “Damn vile swine, didn’t you say you won’t force me?”


“Time’s changed. I wanted your heart before but now I only want your body!” Yan Mo’s mouth split into a nasty grin.


Mystical Heaven Sect’s people were powerless to help, only watching in anger.


Chu Qingcheng was worried as well, [What the hell is taking that bastard Zhuo Fan so long?]




A sharp red glow shot for the deranged Yan Mo pouncing on Chu Qingcheng’s exquisite forms like a guillotine, throwing him into the wall. 


Yan Mo’s chest hurt, looking at Chu Qingcheng in shock, “Such a strong soul. It hurt my own, but I clearly sealed all your power. How did you muster so much strength still? “


“Sorry, that was me. You got to give credit to who it’s due.”


An easy voice came from behind Yan Mo.  Yan Mo jumped around to face Zhuo Fan a hundred meters away. He bore a smile of naked contempt and endless hatred.


“Zhuo Fan!”


“Steward Zhuo!”


“Brother Zhuo!”


“Took you long enough!”


All of them were overjoyed. Shui Ruohua and Mystical Heaven Sect’s disciples were happy as well; a ray of hope shone down on them.


[Our lord savior is here!]


Only the elder and Xuan Shaoyu looked on in doubt, [Who’s he supposed to be? Why do they take him as their savior?]


Then they saw Chu Qingcheng’s eyes filled with love.  Xuan Shaoyu gnashed his teeth.


[So it’s him.]


A flick of his finger called back the red glow from Chu Qingcheng and Blood Infant was back in his home.


“Ha-ha-ha, letting Blood Infant in Qingcheng and using her as bait paid off. Oh, did our lovey-dovey scene get on your nerves?” Zhuo Fan mocked Yan Mo.


Yan Mo squinted, “You did it just to spite me and force me into separating you so you could use your demonic creature in her to find me out and save them. As everyone I bring has their cultivation sealed.”


“Ha-ha-ha, we got a winner. We knew ages ago you liked to mess around so we laid a trap for you in the form of a play. I figured you don’t like killing much, but instead toying with others, especially with lovers, and then killing them. “


“Great minds think alike I see. No wonder you’re a demonic cultivator.”


Yan Mo smiled, “How did you know I’ll take the bait?”


Zhuo Fan rolled his eyes, “Are you stupid or blind? A glance at Qingcheng and all will be made clear. That lovely and beautiful complexion, who can resist it? Every man on this god’s green earth would blow a gasket seeing us. It goes double to a playful imp like you.”


Chu Qingcheng blushed and rolled her eyes, yet her heart was all warm and fuzzy.


Yan Mo gnashed his teeth, “Ha-ha-ha, nicely done, you’re among the rare few that got me. I admit it. Though one more thing I don’t understand, how did you escape the array?”


“Setting a 7th-grade array’s nothing to it and using sacred stones on it is the same.”


Zhuo Fan showed a stone practically oozing spiritual energy. Fiddling with it and throwing it around, “I can even set 10th-grade arrays. As for sacred stones, let’s just say you’re not the only moneybag. What’s so hard on using an array on array?”




It was the sound of eyeballs falling on the ground. The audience watched the sacred stone in Zhuo Fan’s hand with stupefaction, especially the Demon Scheming Sect’s group. They all knew Zhuo Fan was loaded, but this was ridiculous even for him. Now here he was flaunting the stuff on their way to Double Dragon Gathering to fight for it. Talk about cruel irony…



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