The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 677, Heaven Dragon Soul


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A sharp whistling wind made itself known. The ten fused sword souls were as huge as a hill, pressing down on Zhuo Fan.


The thick aura made everything around Zhuo Fan quiver and crack the earth. Rocks split, and then the dust and rock fragments started floating upward.


It was not that the laws of physics were out of whack, but it was the earth’s reaction to being pushed. 


It was as if the sword’s gravity outweighed the earth’s.


Fiend Yang gasped in shock. The soul harmony of ten sword souls was beyond anything they had imagined.


What kind of power would require showing such a strong reaction?


It was this power that was bearing down on Zhuo Fan’s head. However, he was still the same, standing there in absolute calm.


Fiend Yang was sweating buckets. And it wasn’t Demon Scheming Sect’s venerables, but everyone else was getting nervous over Zhuo Fan’s fate.


Even the exalted showed serious looks. This move was a true combined team attack. Not one person here, not even among the superior three sects, could take such an attack head-on.


However, if one such person came out on top from the exchange, he would become a candidate for the best in western lands on the spot. He might even challenge Danqing Shen’s position in the future.


The two exalted watched Zhuo Fan’s figure with extreme seriousness and furrowed brows.


“Brother Zhuo, are you really not going to step away?” Seeing Zhuo facing this new sword soul’s power unflinching and undeterred, Wen Tao felt like he had to warn him again.


However, Zhuo Fan merely smiled and shook his head, “If I move, won’t that mean I admit defeat? Since you, brother Wen, have pushed on despite the obvious outcome, wouldn’t I be a coward if I acted otherwise?”


“A true man, I see. This fight, regardless of the outcome, I’ll remember it. And I’ll remember you!” With a shout, Wen Tao’s hand sign changed, and the huge sharp sword soul went right for Zhuo Fan.


The pressure increased manifold in an instant. If before, its drift downward only gave a heavy presence, this time, it was more like a hammer bashing into you until you were mush. Not even the ever dauntless Zhuo Fan could remain unphased under it, stalling his breath.


[So strong.]


Zhuo Fan had his own calculation of how strong this attack might be, but that did not mean he had to be careless, making signs himself now. 


Just as it was about to slam into him, everyone watched with bated breaths, watching as a startling draconic roar came from within his body.


Prismatic light drenched his surroundings as the mighty sword soul trembled and stopped. 


Sword God Sect’s ten disciples shivered, watching with incredulous eyes. Why would their invincible soul sword up and stall in mid-air? It was like something was holding it back.


The moment they saw what it was, their hearts cried out in shock as they gasped at the impossible sight!


Their awe-inspiring sword soul was in a sharp dragon claw, covered in prismatic light. Behind that claw was a hundred meters long dragon, circling Zhuo Fan and keeping him safe. The piercing and overbearing dragon eyes made all, even the audience, shudder inside, making them jump to their feet.


It was as if they were nothing but ants under those dragon eyes. This naked disregard was felt to their core.


“T-that’s…” Wu Qingqiu cried out.


Yan Mo was just as shocked, “Now I see why just half revealing his soul last time would display so much power. If memory serves, this must be the legendary heaven dragon soul. Across all the western lands, there are only the two Exalted that managed to form such a soul!”


Yan Mo turned around to glance at the exalted. The usually composed elders were now standing, shocked at this wonder that was Zhuo Fan.


Heaven dragon soul was the strongest in the world, and its forming was just as undertaking. But it went beyond their wildest imagination that a mere Radiant Stage imp would do it. Even Danqing Shen back then couldn’t!


The two exalted exchanged a glance and looked on.


The western lands finally had another mighty genius…


“I see, so that’s why you didn’t fear their united sword soul. So you formed the heaven dragon soul as well!” Ye Lin chuckled as he watched the mighty presence on the screen, “That’s for the best. It’s the least my fated rival should have. Wait, back up, won’t that make you the one my master told me about that stole the dragon power from the Dragon Tomb? Ha-ha-ha…”  


Wu Qingqiu jerked at his words, “Junior brother, what do you mean by Dragon Tomb?”


“Oh nothing, I’m just saying this guy is worthy of being my adversary, just by his courage alone, ha-ha-ha…” Ye Lin chuckled.


Wu Qingqiu muttered in doubt, “Junior brother, I know you’re amazing, but there are some things I don’t understand. Now that he took out the heaven dragon soul, yet you’re still saying he is the perfect adversary for you, does that mean you have a soul to match his?”


“That… is a secret, he-he-he. You’ll know soon enough.” Ye Lin had a mysterious smile. 


Wu Qingqiu’s doubts only increased but did not push the issue.


Only now did the rest of the crowd realize the implication of this soul, and they grew excited as they drowned the stands in a clamor.


[Heaven dragon soul, something only the Exalted Double Dragons have in the entire western lands! But how can the great Exalted just show their souls? I never thought it possible that today I’d be given such a treat. An average disciple actually formed the strongest soul!] 


It was breathtaking.


[It also lives up to its name, blocking the power of ten souls.]


Mystical Heaven Sect’s girls were overwhelmed, chattering in glee. The fiend venerables were so touched they were on the verge of tears.


[Since we have an ultimate genius with a heaven dragon soul in our sect, does that mean we can aim for Double Dragon Manor’s position?]


[Frickin’ hell, this windfall is just too sudden.] 


They were just some no-name lower three sect and now had the prospects of becoming the head of western lands!


“This damn brat, couldn’t he have told us the great news earlier? I was so scared my poor little heart was about to burst out of my chest!” Fiend Yang wiped his nose in tears of joy.


Some men’s joy was another men’s sorrow. Zhuo Fan’s display of the heaven dragon soul was unquestionably a moment of happiness for Demon Scheming Sect and his friends. However, for the superior three sects that were about to face his challenge, it was nothing short of a nightmare. 


Everyone paled on the spot, while the ten Sword God Sect disciples facing this monster were close to tears.


Wen Tao glanced at Zhuo Fan and the huge dragon above, then cursed, “Seriously, Zhuo Fan? Is this what you call cowardice? What pushing on despite obvious outcome? With the heaven dragon soul, there’s nothing you can’t do. What’s with all the posturing and playing the victim? You even made me believe it!”


“I did say that I would face you, but that did not refer to you. What are you getting all that excited about?”


Rolling his eyes, Zhuo Fan refused to admit his wrong, mocking, “Wanna continue? If not, throw in the towel.”


Staring at Zhuo Fan, Wen Tao snorted in anger, “Throw in the towel? No way! When our souls combine, we will draw blood!”


Wen Tao shouted, and the ten people made a new sign, their eyes burning with fighting spirit.


Everyone heard a sudden ear-piercing screeching as the sword soul in the heaven dragon soul claw scraped against its nails step by step, about to come out of its grasp.


Heaven dragon soul was strong, but ten sword souls combined was nothing to scoff at. The huge sword was now approaching Zhuo Fan, ready to smash him.


Zhuo Fan’s heart jumped and made hasty signs himself. The dragon claw upped its force by a third. The ten disciples shook as blood leaked from their mouths. But they still pressed on. The sword soul kept sliding off as the claw could no longer keep it locked.


“Wen Tao, are you that intent on risking everything? At this rate, this will only end with me being smashed by your sword soul or if I shatter your souls with my dragon claw. In my case, it will only be my body that perishes while your soul will be destroyed. Your price is so much steeper!” Zhuo Fan’s hands trembled in the sign he made. He looked at the incoming storm and warned the ten disciples.


Gnashing his teeth to the point of bleeding, Wen Tao shouted his last will, “Braving the dangers despite the obvious outcome, that’s the way of the sword! If we back down now, we’ll never live to accept this shame, and never would we reach the peak of swordsmanship. Death is a much better option!”


“Zhuo Fan, I used to be a martial fanatic, only knowing that strength is needed to win and not one’s path. Now that I’m in the Sword God Sect, I finally found my path. This fight, today, I do not fight you, only follow the path I chose without turning back!” Xie Tianshang shouted at the sky.


The rest of his fellow disciples echoed him, “Never turning back! Never turning back…”



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    1. They are basically taking themselves hostage: “You want to beat me? Well, you’ll have to kill all of us here first”. There’s no honour in it, only desperation.

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