The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 680, Sacred Beast Inheritor


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[Sacred beast… inheritor?]


Zhuo Fan’s eyes widened, and he stared blankly at Ye Lin. This was the first time the words sacred beast had been uttered in the mortal domain.


On top of that, this guy even said inheritor. The resonance he felt from the power within him with the ones coming from this guy proved it. He had obtained a sacred beast inheritance. 


[Or he’s a freakin’ sacred beast to begin with, like young Sanzi!]


Zhuo Fan’s expression became heavy. 


[If he’s a sacred beast inheritor, that would mean he is like me but still very much human.]


[But if he’s a darn sacred beast offspring, does that mean he’s a strength freak like young Sanzi?]


Zhuo Fan gulped, thinking of young Sanzi’s outrageous display of power.


“Eh, what’s up? Didn’t your master ever tell you? You and I are the same, and you shouldn’t fear me.” Ye Lin saw through his tense heart and chuckled.


Zhuo Fan’s eyes shook. 


[The same… that means he’s still human. This is good. At least he’s not outrageously strong.]


But the moment he noticed his cultivation, his heart sank.


“1st layer Ethereal Stage.”


If they were sacred beast inheritors, then the one stage difference in cultivation spelled awful news for him…


Frowning, Zhuo Fan remained silent, giving Ye Lin the time to smile, “Brother Zhuo, weren’t you awesome just now? Where has all your energy gone? Didn’t I tell you there’s no reason to fear me? It’s not logical. Beasts fight, so what is there for a sacred beast inheritor to fear? By the way, who is your master? I noticed you have the purple lightning. Maybe it’s…”   


Ye Lin’s tone was condescending to the extreme, but Zhuo Fan picked up on the guy’s attempt at sounding him out. So he shot back instead, “Then, brother Ye, who is your great master?”


“I asked you first. You answer me, and then I’ll answer you.” Ye Lin grinned.


Zhuo Fan shook his head, “I’ve been fighting for so many days, and yet you still can’t tell who he is?”


Ye Lin’s brow shook, looking at Zhuo Fan with a vague smile. 


Zhuo Fan had been fighting a lot and used plenty of ultimate skills. Ye Lin had a pretty good guess as to who Zhuo Fan’s master was, but then Zhuo Fan’s skills were also jumbled up. The more Ye Lin saw, the more shocked he was, confused, and got his heart pumping. 


[Just which sacred beast’s inheritance does this guy have? One time he used raw power to win, and the next was purple lightning. What’s with that space shaking anyway?]


[It’s not from the five sacred beasts, that’s for sure, nor in any of their teachings.]


Ye Lin was thrown in a loop, so he came to probe him. But it never occurred to him that Zhuo Fan would be so cautious to not leave any room for interpretation. Not even his constant taunts and pestering earned him anything worthwhile. He could only sigh. 


“Are all Ultimate Clarity Sect disciples present?”


The judge’s voice came from the arena. Wu Qingqiu cupped his hands, then looked around and saw Ye Lin next to Zhuo Fan. “Junior brother, we’re about to start. Hurry up and come back!”


Shrugging, Ye Lin’s face sank in disappointment. Then he gave one last smile to Zhuo Fan as his eyes flashed, “Brother Zhuo, it won’t matter if you try to hide it now. When we are trading blows, I will find out exactly who taught you. Also, just as you know alchemy and arrays, they come easy to me as well, ha-ha-ha…”


Ye Lin vanished and reappeared before Wu Qingqiu with a smile.


So fast!


Everyone who saw this felt their hearts shuddering in shock.


Even the exalted looked on in curiosity.


“Bai Mei, I fear the kid’s speed has exceeded the limits of Ethereal Stage!” Exalted Hei Ran spoke.


Exalted Bai Mei nodded, his eyes trailing to Zhuo Fan, “This Double Dragon Gathering sure has many seeds.”


“Wasn’t that our objective all along? Ha-ha-ha…” The two exalted exchanged a look and nodded.


Zhuo Fan followed Ye Lin’s figure with a solemn look. He wanted to see what this unknown sacred beast inheritor was capable of.


Was this why he had felt strange since he came to Double Dragon Manor? Because the sacred beast’s power made a connection with another?


However, the two Han brothers came to wake him up from his daydreaming with a bow, “Forgive us, brother Zhuo. As you heard, he had given us a pill already to heal our brother. We could only refuse you, so…”


“It’s fine. I understand. He was only taunting me by proving what I can do, so can he, but better, just like when two savage beasts face each other, they first bare their fangs in a show of strength. I don’t mind. Actually, brother Han, that 11th-grade pill would work much faster in healing your brother than my 10th. Everything will be perfect.” Zhuo Fan gave them a smile and a nod.


The two’s eyes lit up, and they thanked Zhuo Fan, “Brother Zhuo is a true man of virtue. You have our complete admiration and respect. We thought brother Zhuo could not help our brother, so we took someone else’s pill. Forgive us… “


“Brother Han, what matters is that he is alright. Appearances have little importance. I’m more than appeased as long as Yunfeng is back to normal. And speaking of respect, it is I who should respect brother Yunfeng’s perseverance and courage.” Zhuo Fan sighed as he spoke from his heart.


The Han brothers were touched. 


[Zhuo Fan is such an open-minded man, so understanding. He truly cares for brother, much more than those damn prancing hypocrites.]


They exchanged a couple more words of respect, then the brothers left.


Once they were gone, Zhuo Fan flicked his eyes back on Ye Lin with a sneer. 


[Little punk, you’re still naive if you think you can foil me with a measly pill.]


[Alchemy is but a skill, and with a bit of training, I can cook up 11th grades as well. To people, one’s conduct is what matters.]


[You gave them an 11th-grade pill and even set up a condition, making them see it as a trade. It’d be a wonder if they’ll ever remember you.]


[While I didn’t even give them anything, using just a couple of words to make Demon Soul Sect become friendlier. This is how one should be!]


[Doing it yet not saying it is dumb. Not doing it but saying it is hypocritical. While doing it and saying is the smart way to go.]


“Kid, you might have some sacred beast as a master, but at the end of it all, you’re just too naive, humph…”


Zhuo Fan looked at Ye Lin with sharp eyes and flicked the pill vial in his hand before it vanished, “Heh, you saved me a pill!” 




As the three sects’ teams in the arena were drawing lots, Ye Lin sneezed so hard he almost met the floor. He rubbed his nose, thinking. 


[Who’s talking behind my back?]


No matter how much he looked around but found nothing. Then he saw the big guy in front pointing at him and criticizing. 


Ye Lin’s face fell.


“Ultimate Clarity Sect disciple, your turn.” The judge reminded him.


Ye Lin nodded. He put his hand in the box and drew a slip, “Number two.”


“He’s my opponent. That’s practically a win!” A loud voice sounded, startling Ye Lin. Looking over, he saw that same big guy going wild with joy. 


Zhao Dezhu slapped him hard on the shoulder, laughing, “Junior brother, your luck is good, getting their weakest. This just assures us two more points.”


“Of course, I’m in the 4th layer of Ethereal Stage while he is still in the 1st. It makes no sense for me to lose, ha-ha-ha…” The big guy was immensely proud of himself.


Wu Qingqiu shook his head. 


[Ignorance sure is bliss, right before the end.]


If Zhuo Fan was Demon Scheming Sect’s freak, then Ye Lin was Ultimate Clarity Sect’s freak. What made it worse was their similar nature and their shared love for playing pretend.


It was the easiest way for the prey to take the bait…


Walking over to the big guy, Ye Lin spoke coldly, “Hey, did you just mock me?”


“What if I did? What’s with the grand Ultimate Clarity Sect, the best sect around, coming here with a fresh Ethereal Stage disciple? How is such a team worthy of their title of the strongest sect?” The big guy sneered.


Zhao Dezhu added oil to the fire, “Hey, you saw him just now, his speed. There’s at least something to him.”


“Senior brother, there’s barely any place to run on the small stage. No matter how fast he is, what good will that do?”


“Maybe he’ll show his mettle in the team battle?”


“Could be. If a little rat like him starts scurrying around the place, messing things, it will be bad news, ha-ha-ha…”



As the two talked with gross lack of respect for the third wheel, Ye Lin felt his face twitch, “In other words, you must’ve gotten the devil’s luck to have picked me for an opponent.”




“As you wish.” Ye Lin’s eyes flashed with bloodthirst, stomping away in anger.


Wu Qingqiu sighed.


[The kid is doomed…]



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