The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 682, The Terrible Ye Lin


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“Universal Righteous Sect vs. Ultimate Clarity Sect’s second singles match. Disciples, on the stage!”


The judge looked at the two sides and shouted. The big guy from Universal Righteous Sect snickered as he strutted on the stage, brimming with ill-placed confidence.


Ye Lin was doing the same, sporting a wide grin, cheerfully walking up. Only his eyes were flashing with resolve. His fellow disciples noticed it and knew this opponent was a goner.


Yan Mo and Zhuo Fan stared intently now that he was fired up to figure him out and his strength. 




Looking at the two disciples, the judge shouted and jumped back to leave the playing field to them.


Laughing, the big guy cupped his hands in the cockiest attitude possible, “We may be on the righteous path and might come from the head of the nine sects, but all is free on the battlefield. Now that we are here, I will not hold back, ha-ha-ha…”




The audience looked at him with nothing but contempt, and their opinion of the Universal Righteous Sect fell lower. With their strongest backing out when the going went tough, then to see their next match acting all high and mighty against the weak, they criticized it harshly. 


[Is this the style of the Universal Righteous Sect?] 


[Thank you for opening our eyes, humph.]


Ye Lin sneered as well but kept his words to himself. He merely flicked his hand for the other guy to start. 


The big guy’s face fell seeing that Ye Lin couldn’t see his kindness. Of course he’d be pissed being looked down on like that. So he raved, “Don’t think you can act all high and mighty because you’re from Ultimate Clarity Sect. On this stage, no one will spare you!”


The big guy shouted and was instantly covered in an earthen glow. Around him formed the image of a huge mountain, making the air on the stage heavy, with the rock pieces falling to the ground. 


Even Ye Lin shook from the pressure and the multiplied weight. It felt like even moving his leg involved much greater effort.


“An elemental soul? Gravity?” Yan Mo frowned, nodding at the big guy. “While obnoxious, he at least has the strength to back it up. For him to have an elemental soul, that of gravity, he would be a strong character in the Ethereal Stage. He can now cripple Ye Lin’s speed with this power. However, is that guy’s speed the only thing weird about him?”


Yan Mo’s face was sure of it.


Wu Qingqiu looked on with some hatred left from the previous match. He mocked, “For one to take out their soul right at the start can mean two things. Either he’s going all out or confident of success. However, with Universal Righteous Sect’s rotten style, I bet it’s the latter. Too bad they miscalculated this time around. Taking out your soul before my junior brother is suicidal!”


Ultimate Clarity Sect’s other disciples were taken aback and shook their heads. It was the first time their senior brother spoke such rude comments. 


[He’s still pissed from before.]


It wasn’t their senior brother’s fault, but that Zhao Dezhu.


[If you want to quit, then don’t go on stage. The stage is for fighting. Senior brother is kind and would never take a life even in a life and death situation.]


[But you just flicked your hands a couple of times and hopped off stage? How much of a clown are you? No wonder senior brother is fuming.]


They moved on from Wu Qingqiu’s livid face and turned to Ye Lin’s fight.


Their senior brother was pissed, and none wanted to get burned from it.


Ye Lin’s mood wasn’t any better either. Seeing the big guy showing off his fangs, Ye Lin had only one thought.




The big guy saw Ye Lin standing there in silence and mistook it for fear, “Ha-ha-ha, can’t move, can you? You might be fast, but with me around, you’re finished. Beg, I might be kind enough to spare you, he-he-he…”


The big guy snickered. Universal Righteous Sect’s team did the same. They could practically feel the honor they lost in the last match returning…


“Die somewhere else, you waste! I’m not here for you!” Ye Lin shouted and pointed.




A golden flame appeared the size of a droplet. It shot for the big guy and entered his body before he could even react.


What followed was a bang. The golden flame broke out from the inside. The big guy was turned to ashes before he could wail in agony, now lost to the wind.


Even his soul faded away, gone all the same.


After the golden glow faded, the stage was empty, like the big guy was never there to begin with, erased from existence.




The cocky Universal Righteous Sect now looked stumped and choking on their previous arrogance.


They looked on with empty gazes, still out of it.


The audience wasn’t fairing much better, gasping and frightened.


[What… just happened?]


In an instant, a 4th layer Ethereal Stage expert went from showboating to nothing at all. 


[Was he killed? That was too fast. I didn’t even see it!]


Hellion Flame’s team shivered at such a scene as well.


Yan Mo now saw this guy’s strength. He who only called Zhuo Fan his only true adversary.


“He’s a freak just like him!” Yan Mo’s face grew hard, looking over at Zhuo Fan, only to see him just as stunned.


No one here had expected the little guy’s strength. It was insane. Even the exalted thought so.


[This Double Dragon Gathering is freaking messed up. Now there are two monsters around…]


Yan Mo felt bitter as he shook his head…


Wu Qingqiu was lost as well at such a display. “Ever since junior brother entered Ethereal Stage, I never once saw him attack. Now that I do, I can barely recognize him. Just who in the nine sects can stand up to him in battle?”


Chance had it Wu Qingqiu looked at Zhuo Fan when he said it. He saw him shocked still and sighed, “Maybe not even this fated adversary can match junior brother…”


“Universal Righteous Sect vs. Ultimate Clarity Sect’s second match goes to Ultimate Clarity Sect!” The judge came out from his stupor and announced the results.


The audience gasped and cried in excitement. After Zhuo Fan, now western lands had another freak that entered their eyes.


[This shows the western lands will become stronger than ever!]


Ignoring the hubbub around him, Ye Lin walked down bored. He paused halfway, staring at Zhuo Fan and giving him a taunting gesture. He pointed at the stage and shouted, “I’ll be waiting for you right there!”




Everyone looked at Zhuo Fan, and their eyes lit up.


[Those monsters up and declared war! Who will the best in western lands belong to in the end, Zhuo Fan or Ye Lin?]


[Or they may as well become the next Exalted Double Dragons!]


The people were wild with excitement at the prospect of a good fight.


Even the Exalted Double Dragons were looking forward to it. After thousands of years, the western lands finally saw talents of Danqing Shen’s caliber. It was just out of their imagination. It was going to be two of them! 


These two old guys were getting interested as well. Bai Mei was excited. “Hei Ran, Zhuo Fan is a demonic cultivator. He’s yours. Ye Lin is a righteous cultivator, so I’ll take care of his training in turning him into something great!”


“When we taught Sheng, we almost got him jumbled up with righteous and demonic teachings. This time, we finally have a successor each.” Exalted Hei Ran felt at peace.


Bai Mei thought of something and said, “Old man, no matter who wins among these two kids’ fight, we will get them to fight once every year. This is the best way to see the fruits of our teachings. What do you say?”


“Even at your age, you’re still so obsessed with fighting?”


Exalted Hei Ran snickered, but then he nodded in interest, “Though I must admit, you came with a good proposal. When Sheng came, we had no way of knowing which of us taught him better. This time, we each get one, and we’ll see who’s better. But this way, even if they’ll be our disciples, how will we explain it to their sects?”


“What explaining? Other candidates stay in the Double Dragon Manor for some decades to train. Only those two will be having an indefinite stay. We’ll only let them go if their sects are in trouble. What can Ultimate Clarity Sect and Demon Scheming Sect dare ask of us?”


“Doing it like that sounds more like we’re stealing them. We are the leaders of western lands. We have never done something so vile!” Exalted Hei Ran chuckled.


Exalted Bai Mei mocked, “We haven’t because there never was a worthy seed. Now that we found two of them to boot, are you that willing to give up, Hei Ran?”


“Never!” Exalted Hei Ran shook his head.


The two exalted shared a look and burst out laughing.


The saints weren’t evil, just that they had yet to find something worthy to commit evil for. This is why the sayi goes: every man has the capacity for evil inside their being. 


Now, even the honorable and revered exalted would dare commit crimes just for the sake of two geniuses…



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