The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 714, Open


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The Exalted Double Dragons were the strongest in western lands and no one could take a life around them unless they allowed it, not even Danqing Shen could do it. 


Evidently, this incident left everyone gasping, even the exalted.


Zhuo Fan, not even in the Ethereal Stage mind you, released some black snake that no matter how strong, Exalted Hei Ran still caught it. 


It was plain for all to see. Yet even so, when Exalted Hei Ran felt in control, the unexpected happened. His claw was overcome in the explosion and the one he was supposed to save got hit hard. It left the entire crowd picking their jaws off the floor.


“Zhuo Fan is a frickin’ savage. He actually got to hurt someone under the Exalted’s protection in front of everyone. This has never happened!”


Yan Mo chuckled, “The entire western lands are going to know him now. One day, he’ll even be the best in western lands as well.”


The crowd started talking to each other in hushed tones.


Mystical Heaven Sect’s girls were gesticulating and clamoring. Only Xuan Shaoyu went dark there, his heart consumed by rage. 


[This accursed bastard still got on top!]


The entire scene was noisy, all shocked by what they witnessed.


Exalted Bai Mei stood there for a moment, lost. Even he found it hard to believe even with that old timer’s intervention, it would still end up like this.


[I should’ve gone there as well!]


But then he shook his head, “Ha-ha-ha, hindsight truly is 20-20. With how fast it all happened, it wouldn’t make a difference if I went too. The one to blame is that weird thunder flame, able to destroy the claw. The question now though, is Ye Lin alive?”


Bai Mei looked on with worry, since this was his future disciple.


“Junior brother!”


Wu Qingqiu rushed as he saw Ye Lin collapsing and held him up. 


Exalted Hei Ran was still too out of it to react. Now, when he came to, he glanced at Zhuo Fan with utter disbelief.


[If he has the power to ruin my move now, what will his future hold?]


[A true battle of freaks…. with limitless potential…]




Zhuo Fan saw Ye Lin was going down and sported a most pleased smile. Then he puked blood and went down next to Qiao’er, feeble and pale.


The black thunder flame was damn strong, but to withstand its power, Zhuo Fan’s body had to pay the toll. He was only standing by sheer willpower and now that it was over, he fell down.


Exalted Hei Ran understood why as well. 


[Choosing to hurt himself if it meant taking down the enemy. Zhuo Fan may be just as wounded at Ye Lin because of it.]


[Oh, Ye Lin! Is he dead?]


Finally getting his wits about him, Exalted Hei Ran rushed over, “Wu Qingqiu, how’s your junior brother?”


“Thank you for your concern, Exalted. Junior brother is in a very critical state, but he still has a breath left. He should recover.” Wu Qingqiu bowed.


Exalted Hei Ran nodded and then heard Zhuo Fan sighing, “Humph, he still breathes after all. It’s all that damn old coot’s fault, ruining most of the thunder flame’s power and leaving just a sliver.”


“Hey, that old coot is right here! Don’t think I can’t hear just ’cause you’re mumbling. Are you trying to make me look even worse?”


Exalted Hei Ran glared at him then shook his head, “You and Ye Lin are rare talents in western lands. We don’t want to see any of you die. I might have come to Ye Lin’s rescue, but I would’ve done the same if it were you instead.”


Zhuo Fan simply lay there in silence.


He knew the instant the old guy showed up that getting revenge for Qiao’er and killing Ye Lin was almost impossible.


But even he didn’t think the thunder flame was so nifty it escaped Exalted Hei Ran’s control and struck that punk half-dead.


Now his anger was mostly abated. That left Qiao’er’s worst state as the problem.




The beam of light showed up once more in the valley. Exalted Hei Ran was the first to walk to it, “Time’s up. The fight’s verdict is up to the judge!”


Then he was gone.


Wu Qingqiu glanced at Zhuo Fan with a complex look. He just sighed and signaled for his team to retreat.


Demon Scheming Sect’s disciples rushed over for Zhuo Fan’s orders. After they got the Thunder Ring and put Qiao’er inside, someone helped him go through the light.


All soon left the valley, leaving only Danqing Shen hiding in a corner, “Kid, you’re the first in history to wound someone in front of Exalted Hei Ran, ha-ha-ha…”


Danqing Shen vanished from his spot as well…




When the teams were back, they were showered in applause. Ye Lin and Zhuo Fan’s fight had been an amazing display of power, the best of the best.


The people had also come to terms with who was the future best in western lands as well.


“Cough, cough, cough…”


The judge cleared his throat, looking from the unconscious Ye Lin on Wu Qingqiu’s back to the weary Zhuo Fan held by Kui Lang. “I have been a judge at Double Dragon Gathering for five times. I had seen my fair share of disciples, but only you filled me with hope for the western lands. You’ve done well, ha-ha-ha…”


The judge then turned serious, “It’s time to pass the verdict. In this Ultimate Clarity Sect versus Demon Scheming Sect challenge fight, Ultimate Clarity Sect came back with one wounded and Demon Scheming Sect came back with one wounded. The result is a draw!”




Wu Qingqiu cried out. They all watched as he looked at Zhuo Fan, “The team battle’s outcome is dependent on Ye Lin and Zhuo Fan’s fight. Junior brother will most likely not like it, but a loss is a loss. Ye Lin lost to Zhuo Fan and that means Ultimate Clarity Sect lost to Demon Scheming Sect.”


The judge froze then nodded. “Wu Qingqiu, the loss of a team battle affects the entire sect. Will your elders approve of this? As far as I know, you’re one of the few sects that did not come with a venerable. It shows how confident the sect is in you.”


“Ultimate Clarity Sect has always been carefree, not after fame and wealth. A loss is a loss. There’s nothing more to it. Twisting our path just for a bit of something goes against our sect’s teachings.” Wu Qingqiu held his head high as he declared, earning everyone’s admiration.


The judge nodded. “In that case, the first of the nine sects will be…”


The judge paused for effect, looking at Demon Scheming Sect. The fiends were overexcited now, never believing their eyes. They were at the top!


Then a cold voice came, “Wait!”


Now the eyes darted on Zhuo Fan.


“Ugh, now what?” The judge frowned.


Zhuo Fan said, “Nothing really, just that we can’t take the top position.”


“Brother Zhuo, it’s what you get for winning.”


Zhuo Fan waved his hand at Wu Qingqiu, “Brother Wu, since it’s a team battle, it is ten against ten. Ye Lin and my fight was just a single fight. If I still had some fight left afterwards, then I would’ve taken it of course, ha-ha-ha. However, you can all see my state. And the rest of our disciples are no match. This team battle is our loss. I may not be a nice guy, but I am open in my actions. I don’t take more than I deserve. I can’t take it or I’ll see it as charity and will be nothing more than an insult. “


Wu Qingqiu shook and cupped his hands. “Brother Zhuo, you may be a demonic cultivator, but you truly are a gentleman!”


“No, I just have a mean guy’s pride, ha-ha-ha…” Zhuo Fan chuckled…



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